Weird Survival Tips From a Doomsday Prepper

Today, we are going to have a look at the prepper lifestyle. We’re going to foreman to central Texas, where a good friend of mine, John Stokes, a onetime technology writer, lives.He started a tech Web site announced ARS Technica. He now cures moved a Web site called Obviously, this virus has various kinds of turned all of us into preppers hoarding our nutrient and toilet paper and everything else. And so we’re going to get some tips-off from a pro on how to live like a prepper and how to deal with this virus top on. So off “theres going” accompany John Stokes. Hello. Hello, can you guys hear me? Yeah, humankind, I can hear you, but I can’t see your beautiful face. Started the video. There you are Got some Texas on the wall back there. Coming in sizzling soul coming in strong I like it. And also there’s this wall which has like axes and other implements on it. You guys going to be doing like video lessons and trash right? And so you’re gearing up to do some of that. Yeah, That’s the plan. We’re gonna time some, um, some lessons.That is tone. So, yeah. I’m John Stokes. I’m agent editor at And I was primarily more of like a classic Boy Scout. I was a life scout. I grew up in hurricane country, Gulf Coast, Louisiana. Knew what it was to bug out for a hurricane. Evacuate that kind of stuff. So I was more along that vein. We sold ARS Technica in 2008, in May of 2008. And then so I was kind of a recently minted investor, member states of the investing class. And then boom, Lehman happens in September, the kind of onetwo punch of the financial crisis and becoming a father. Those both tip-off me over into a serious prepper territory. And we see that a lot at the prepared. The first kid is a period when a lot of mothers get into this. I kind of became aware that, you are familiar with, hey, worker, the world sort of lopes on short term credit. And this is a weird vulnerability that I didn’t know existed. I didn’t know that if you couldn’t get short term credit, then there may not be groceries, there may not be clean-living district irrigate, material like this.And so then you start imagining, what are the other vulnerabilities? Only like with the Great Depression, there was a generation there that hoarded things. And that was, you know, it was thrifty. It’s going to leave its distinguish. How did you approach getting into this whole world? You know, I has already begun a outdoor Web site called all for a friend of mine who had a company and an ad network. And they’re like, we want to induce our own content area. So I started this area for them. Largely it was outdoor gear hunting, shooting, fishing, that kind of stuff. And so I started rolling in the preparedness stuff. And the public liked it.And I exactly started used to describe it and researching as I wrote about it, I was fortunate in that the same parties that owned that site likewise own survival survivalist And so I had a connection to the more traditional side of the survival community. There’s a little difference between survivalists and preppers. So I was a little more plugged into the survivalist side, but too some of the prepping substance that started too. Have you picture one tonne of parties, a lot more new people coming to the site? Yeah, there’s been a lot of interest.We’ve had a lot of new people sign up and affiliate and there’s still maybe some residual stigma around the word prepper. But in terms of the number of people that are engaging in, what we would recognize as now as prepper acts, that’s going to go through the roof and it’s going to stay promoted. This is the kind of medium term food supply. There’s some short term stop that’s that’s in the fridge downstairs. We bought an extra fridge. We got a lot of canned food. That’s a cask of rice. I got a cheese motor, actually got two cheese rotations and What genus did you get Dutch Gouda cheese wheel like a 20 pound wheel.And then I came like a sheep’s milk gash, goat’s milk mixture, cheese wheel. It’s protein and solid in there. And it prevents for like 25, 30 years. We’ve got batteries and a blame depot. So I done a lot of rechargeable batteries now. That’s kind of a little mini attic storage opening that with breath precondition. So that’s where there’s a lot of long term nutrient. And so this was a playroom that we was transformed into like a little mini classrooms for the babies because now they have to go from home.Bunch of competitions behind me. I’ve gotten into board games for this, you know. Can you prepare for a virus the same way as like a natural disaster or something like that? We tried to start with a baseline of. You don’t making such a assumptions. So when we look at the bug out bag, there’ll be a lot of stuff in there. That’s of the characteristics of, OK, I’m stuck out and there’s no assistances. I’ve got a clean canteen now. This is a single walled, clean canteen. It’s not the double walled because you can boil water in it. A tarp, bathroom tissue, headlamp, sleeping pad de trucks food block. This is a titanium pot. There’s a tinder filament in now so you can light a barrage with the stuff. Contractor crates, guard strips of hooks, Ive got a folding ensure. You want to start with a baseline of super core stuff.Having some illuminate having ability to make a fire or having liquid, having some nutrient, and then you nip up from there and prepare for certain other kinds of emergencies. I visualize the thing to do is, is to not get self-complacent and to be ready to take the next step. I actually have actually spent a lot of time the past two weeks repacking these bags and attaining sure that we’re actually ready to go. I’m looking into our home insurance. Are we insured? If I have to leave this property and come back and it’s junked Do I have everything documented? What What about papers? I’m getting those together. A will. So I am hoping for things to get better in the spring. I’m hoping for us to turn the corner and for us to go back to. To reopen society. But I don’t know what’s next. And so I’m expend my age as best I can. Preparing for an even worst case scenario.And they’d be my general recommendation is if youve went hour. Whatever you can do, you don’t have to do all the things. Maybe you’re just exercising. Maybe you’re going around your suite, your residence, and you’re looking for. OK. If I get up in the middle of the nighttime and I had to leave because it was unsafe or for whatever reason, what am I going to take? Put that substance together. Do it Now. You got a minute? You can do it now. The important thing is not to get too attached to any one thing. Not to get too attached to a piece of asset, to a piece of nonsense. You don’t want to have that vapour your assessment about what’s the safest for you. Hope for very good. Keep prepared for the worst.Well, gentleman, I acknowledge you investing the time and presenting us their recommendations. I’m sorry. It kind of made this thing for us to like investigate each other face to face again. We gotta do this under happier environments? Yeah, yeah, yeah Thank you so much better. All title. Thank you, people ..


What every doomsday prepper should have?

This is what you need:
– High quality and reliable flashlight. One of the most common emergencies is a power outage, so having a quality and reliable flashlight is a no-brainer.
– At least 10 liters of water per person.
– Canned and long-life foods.
– Durable backpack.
– Radio.
– Batteries.
– Loaded power banks.
– Swiss Army knife or multitool.

What should every survivalist have?

The 100 best emergency supplies to stock up on for survival
– Have you ever heard the term “predict a train wreck”? It’s the idea of ​​being overprepared for anything that might happen.
– Alternative energy source.
– Waterfall.
– water tank.
– Water filter/purifier.
– Dry wood.
– Propane heaters.
– Turn on.

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