Budget Prepping: 2 Kershaw Speedsafe knives for under $20

would you like to know how to get to kershaw knives for under twenty dollars I’m about to tell you hi kinfolks Howard here for VP prepping and survival and as I said in the beginning of this video I’m going to tell you how to get to count them extremely kershaw knives for under twenty dollars these things are is with all Kershaw products exceptionally well compiled highly sharp-witted I want Kershaw it is tough to find a non tone kershaw bayonet they’re different types of knives different sizes and we’re going to talk about each one but I pick these up at a regional chain store they have those festivity terminate detonator spectacles where you can get different negotiation type things truly cheap and I was dazed usually you can find a kershaw knife in some inexpensive flashlight for twenty dollars well this year they had to count them to kershaw bayonets for under twenty dollars was 1988 I think was the plus excise you know it’ll vanish a bit over twenty clearly but precisely an astonishing bargain on these kershaw bayonet so let’s take a look at these individually both these bayonets that are going to show you are the Kershaw encouraged open race safe wording pierces now this one has a tan toe style blade as you can see it’s got a black oxide black wash finish here on the sword the blade itself is three and a half inches long and it’s got a glass replenished nylon handle and when it’s closed it’s four and threequarters inches long so you know you can’t go wrong with Kershaw these things I own a couple of Kershaw divulges besides these two bayonets and “ive had” 0 complaints about anything that I’ve ever done with any of those pierces and I was really excited to find these ones for only nineteen eighty eight pennies now let’s take a look at the other one as you can see this one is also the assisted open hurrying safe style spear it also has the black oxide blacknes moisten finish on now and it has the pitch-black oxide pitch-black cleanse on a sword treats not the glass crowded nylon but a sword manipulate both bayonets have a little clip on the back side by the way where you can clip these on to your throbs this is three and a one-quarter inches on the blade and it’s four and a half inches altogether when it’s closed time a real solid wellmade knife different style not the suntan very as “youre seeing” but really another wellmade product by Kershaw I’m telling you folks these are probably just old modelings things that Kershaw had laying around to realise the be addressed with the chain store that I picked him up at but if you haven’t figured out by the way watching my videos it was walmart I wasted a lot of time at Walmart this is the time to pick these up because they were set up on the endcap display at Walmart they’re not going to be around very much longer anybody who’s familiar with Walmart and how they do things they have these great prices on slope produces on kershaw concoctions buck knife products whatever you’re looking for on the end caps and sporting goods but only around the holidays and usually by early January they’re gone so if you’re looking to pick up to Kershaw knives for under twenty dollars a agreement you will probably not find again anywhere else get to walmart get to some other chain retailer if you want to and see if they they’re carrying them as well but don’t miss out in this chance because these are both fanciful pierces and to get them for ten dollars a piece is a real bargain in a real steel especially for the miser survivalist myself thank you so much for watching again i’m howard for vp prepping and survival you can also find me on facebook twitter pinterest instagram tumblr and of course right here on youtube if you want to check out my direct recollect kinfolks in any existence statu you don’t just want to survive you want to thrive happy shooting everybody

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