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hi kinfolks Canadian prepper here so it’s time for city survival approaches 2.0 and precisely a speedy reminder if you haven’t done so hitherto make sure you go get your name in for the draw for the Apollo tactical deepen kowtow system this is a very big giveaway so you’re unquestionably going to want to get your name into the Hat for this draw go check it out let’s get to it don’t forget that you can show your support for the after the clop streak by liking observing and sharing these videos on other social media stages experience the video now multitude six is using signage as a deterrent so I did a video recently where I talked about the potential of using different indicates like biohazard stickers to try to keep people out of certain places to scare parties from going in certain places even though there might be nothing of danger in there but if you wanted to keep them out of a certain place a simple sign can at least create indecisiveness within the person that will stimulate them less capable “when youre doing” ultimately have to encounter that person I convey simply putting up a signaling that says looters will be shot even if that’s not your planned could be a big deterrent for people you might even want to change that to looters will be sniped you know that might even invoke more paranoia and the person exactly there’s a word carped is scarier I judge for a lot of people because then you don’t know where it’s coming from shot seems like it’s going to be a direct meeting and you’re going to be kill but sniped means that you don’t know where that person might be it’s the whole don’t open dead inside principle of treading dead there’s a lot of different ways you can do this I’m sure there’s an infinite amount of ways that you could use signage as a discouraging but really that could be the first row of security that retain beings out of your general cavity and perhaps would deter them from continuing any further and encroaching on your immediate orders of justification one other thing you can do in a lot of cities and the city I live in there’s cell fortress and not just you know cell castles on top of tall structures I symbolize it candidly I would stay out of the downtown area if you’re talking about long-term urban survival perhaps you know going to do a scavenging led here and there in some of those part pillars because there’s definitely going to be equips everywhere as I’m going to talk about in a minute but I would venture steer clear those the thing with cadre towers is frequently they’re made to be the highest point wherever they are I live in a town where there’s not a lot of tall builds which is outside of a city and I know that there’s a lot of cell fortress that I could climb up with relative calmnes and I could see for miles and miles in all directions now bear in mind you’re also at risk of giving away your own location so whatever you can do to camouflage yourself course you’re up there or just understating your changes or whatnot would also be beneficial and of course if you’re a comms guy like survival teknorg you may have some practicality to use this for communication purposes setting up an antenna or a repeater or something like that because bear in mind if we’re talking about huge down apparently the cadre castle itself is not going to be operable I’m assuming lots of things you could probably do with cell pillars amount four is class universities and libraries in any bookstore might be a vital source of information now you got to keep in mind if we’re talking about the end of the world as we know it type situation grids gone down for a long period of time knowledge will be power man and if you can get into one of these libraries or bookstores and clean out mostly all of the information that you might need to rebuild your community that’s going to be vital source of information beings are going to be looking for how-to stuff when the internet goes down notebooks may well be one of the most vulnerable sought-after merchandises when you really think about the synergistic possible of having information that learns you how to do trash when the information medium that everybody’s dependent on right now is taken away from us we’re going to go back to the written word now universities and class are other hotspots for only all that is you could possibly imagine there’s a university near a town that I lives and it has all manner of greenhouses biotechnology substance mostly everything you can find in a university from cafeterias to vital resources of all motleys medical assets class are the same thing there’s probably going to be a cafeteria in local schools there’s going to be some measure of equips track toiletries and whatnot in all of those sits so stop those places in mind when the[ __] goes down number three is exercising swimming pools as information sources of drinking water now as self-evident as this might seem not a lot of beings are going to think about this at least not until everybody’s thinking about it so you have some time to go in and get some of that ocean while you still can and it’s already chlorinated for the most part of course you can you know use your filtration arrangement which you should have if you’re a prepper anyways to purify that sea it’s probably not a lot of particulate matter in it specially if it’s an indoor kitty so have outer you may also find some vital medical supplies in those sits as well reflecting outside the box in terms of what’s available in the seat that we are only amble by everyday and take for granted take for instance these automated external defibrillators now if we’re talking about grid down first aid and medical care is going to be of utmost concern for a lot of beings so this machine has the ability to bring beings back from the other side who have many cardiac questions so that’s going to be a major thing and I think these things are going to get scooped up quick there they’re few and far between out there in the city landscape so if you recognize one and you don’t think that other beings are going to suffer if you take it and that’s something you want to consider with all this material is you know that the cost-benefit analysis are you taking something which a greater community is going to be able to use and are you just going to hoard it for yourself that’s something you’re plainly going to want to make sure that you know there’s a moral ethical phase that you’re going to have to wrestle with that I can’t castigate you on there’s also things like ardor extinguishers that are abundant in all sorts of builds that that could be a vital resource even for bartering and whatnot even if you want to public washrooms there’s all manner of toiletries there’s soaps there’s toilet paper which is canape short supply in a lot of places you know a lot of people if the spray stops spurting and you’re traveling through an urban environment there’s going to be water in the backs of those toilet you know you get your three theatre water filtration arrangement you filter it out you suck it you’ll live other things you can use are those plastic trash bin you can use those for liquid storage or flood catchment arrangement or simply moving different things around the yard I mean you could use them for a lot of different things you could use fence announces throughout the city for firewood there’s going to be a lot of fuels in the city because a lot of parties are going to be trying to spawn barrages in their house and I’m not condoning this unless you’re doing it responsibly and I’ll leave that for you to decide but if you did run out of firewood apparently the fence berths are going to be the next thing to go I would imagine there’s a cafeteria approximately in every major office building that a lot of people aren’t going to be thinking about it was probably food back there their affords if you go further back into the public space you can explore those self-storage equipment but keep in mind that there’s probably not going to be a lot of stuff that you really need in there the here and now they may be good for general parish scavenging intents but you’re not going to find menu ocean and you’re probably not going to find a lot of weapons in there you might you might find some some weaponry or some self-defense implements it’s kind of a venture play and then you have to invest the time in going from one by one and of course I’m sure there’s going to be some security measures in those neighbourhoods because those places in themselves are actually quite well fort if you think about it you know they got barbed wire fences they got guard dogs typically they’re out in the industrial gap so something to consider anyways another thing you’re going to want to scavenge will they get as good is auto batteries because if you have some sort of renewable energy system you can daisy-chain those artilleries in order to accumulate the intensity that you might get from some other stuff you might find in the city that we’re going to talk about in a minute and number one is going in scavenging the renewable energy sources that are available in the public space and even perhaps in the private gap so I’m talking about these solar battery that you ensure on the two sides of the road and construction sites solar panels that you experience on street signalings lots of public buildings are outfitted with these to supplement the power supply and public structures in particular because of course it’s a PR thing you know and these are just available out there and honestly parties aren’t going to be thinking about this substance first and a lot of these boards are probably at least 40 watts or so and you get a few of those and you got yourself some some strength you know for something it’s not a lot but it’s enough to perhaps influence some of your smaller electronics that you might benefit from applying in a grid down statu so long as you had your Faraday cage in the speciman of an EMP so that’s what I got for metropolitan survival scavenging strategies I hope some of that you met useful today and by all means if you have any other things to add to the conversation feel free to do so in the comment section don’t forget to Like comment subscribe got a lot more videos coming like this getting back to talking about the raw nitty-gritty aspects of urban survival in a upright downfall environment so stay chanted and don’t forget to get your entry in for the Apollo tactical submit plan I will post a tie now and in the description thanks for watching Canadian prepper Oh check out the Canadian Preppers Network blog an excellent rich for survivalists and Preppers

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