Girl Survived 24-Hours in the Forest! | NO Food, NO Water, No Shelter ASMR (Silent)

I am trying to teach her to survive in the wilderness with minimal paraphernalium. This river will need to provide to us, all our nutrient resources. Clearing the floor to set up a make-shift shelter. My wife is mustering a ridge spar for the protect. A tarp is one of our very limited cloths for this challenge. This is a very simple structure that can be made in just a few minutes. I discovered a piece of cable to help tie the tarp down. I can use this to tie the poles together. A rock facilitates viewed the corners down. Let’s measure it out! A tight squeeze, but cozy. Now time to get some timber for a fuel. Looking for some food in the river. These are freshwater clams. These are hard to open, but is likely to be cracked. These can be eaten, but they likewise oblige enormous bait. Caught a little rock bass. Not huge eating, but better than nothing.Time to educate my bride how to clean them. A fork makes a great scaler. Lunch! Time to make a friction fire. I am squandering a cedar spindle and freighter council. Grass and other dehydrated cloths are in the tinder bundle. This water is required to be evaporated. Clams for an appetizer. Clams open once they are cooked. Do you think she is enjoying them? They are quite chewy. This is survival! The fish searches tastier. Sucking the eyeballs! Maybe we can catch something better! Oh, big fish !! This is a northern pike. Another good fish. This is a catfish, good eating.My wife’s turn! I’m a very good fisherman. Not awfully plush. Night fishing is a challenge since the mosquitoes came out really bad. Catfish bite all darknes! These fish will be for breakfast. Good morning! Last nighttime proved very successful. We will not go hungry! We need a bed of coals for cooking. The fish is cooked when it becomes flaky. Delicious !.

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