Are you looking for the ugliest handguns in the world? These are some of the ugliest pistols of all time we found so far:

✅6. Claridge Hi-Tech S9
✅7. Stevens Vest Pistol
✅8. Duck’s Foot Pistol
✅9. Type 94 Nambu
✅10. Calico Light Weapons System Pistol
Whether as a result of poor design, lack of materials, or sheer necessity, some firearms and guns are just ugly. Many early automatic weapons and pistols were designed without a complete understanding of what would work best, leading to strange and ugly guns that barely worked. Desperate times during World War II led to a need for cheap, easily made pistols and rifles, and there wasn’t time to make them with clean lines and beauty. The result? Some of the ugliest guns and weapons ever made.
We did a little research and it turns out there have been a lot of ugly handguns throughout the course of the history.
In fact, we found many ridiculous or experimental designs that are nothing short of downright hideous. Here are ten of the ugliest ones of the bunch.
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