Mush in 5 years? Realities of Long term food storage, prepper, survivalist

okay continuing with some of the longterm food storage upshots type of and storage upshots over long term apparently this has not been stored in a very good location you can tell from the outside of the bucket we do store things at multiple locations you are familiar with not all your eggs in one basket all that good stuff as well this should be some of my earliest substance that was actually jam-pack in super pails this was home pax it will open this here and be seen to what extent it how it fared over let’s see 16 one more thing on this to take note of is this was done way back in the working day and in fact I worked an iron on it and actually had some videotape there as well so all the people that freaked about you know how is my food going to store being that it didn’t suction down like a you know brick of rice brick of chocolate nature thing let’s let’s see here how this is going to end up always seal near the top so you can trimmed near the top and look at that and it’s white rice looks beautiful 17 years old travels genuinely no oxidation compared to some of the other rice we have both we depicted before that you know was yellowed matte so we’ll concoct some up here in a bit and we’ll show you that as well and there’s some of that 16 year age-old rice packed properly and look at that they didn’t turn to mush or any other farcical things like that a little bit she spend on a mylar that you can reuse the only thing that’s really lost there is oxygen absorber and got a perfectly good product sixteen years later even under cruel unspeakable storage circumstances subsist report out and really to give you a comparing here again it was mid to late 90 s that oxygen absorbers and mylar started getting more cut in place on the open market where you could buy them here is some rice from nine one and that’s 1991 long long ago and it was backpack just like this this is a bucket we’ve been working through we do was put forward a exhibition quantity of food so it’s not that there there wasn’t any there but you can see that’s dark-brown and the other rice was white well they both went in as white rice so that’s the effects of oxygen oxygen and that’s why you use mylar and oxygen absorbers you

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