Prepping/survival items part 1

hello youtube fez ufo here uh some of you may know some of you are not able i’ve actually been starting to prep over the last uh couple of weeks or so got myself a delightful few little bits i’m going to show you exactly what’s in these two cans now um one of which i’m probably taking the car with me this one because it’s got genuinely all the basics that you you need to survive if you break down or anything this one is probably more of a backpack um paraphernalium anyway i’ll appearance you the items first that i’ve got okay we have a little wind-up torch now uh surely uh a plus in my bible i would have thought it’s a gale hold on the bucky if i can pull it out for you yeah it can stand up like this or you can carry it but uh a wind-up torch definitely worth its weight in gold um use anywhere turn any turn on any time uh one and a half liter water bottle water canteen really plastic a little leaky but i certainly do the job if he’s stranded or he’s stuck in the car unlike little jackpot staves which are made out of there’s a kind of soup you learn the label off the label still on it i got this in the pound shop uh called a big soup um great use of the tin actually introduced a little handle on from a court hanger that i’ve cleared dads in the side there if we take the lid off simply all cleaned out and everything i’ve actually bent the sides in so there’s no rough borders and propagandize them in so the lid can flip over and actually be participating in the top there relatively comfortably so inside we have the standard boil pot a little uh paraffin or uh mess stave hobo stave whatever you want to call it i’ve got a couple of these in here i got this stuck on the handle it’s very knotty to do with one hand there we go and another little uh fiction sentiment for when it’s windy outside and you have to get your flared going in these there you go you can still start the flame the pre-burner before the jet-blacks start and all it is is ta-da bursting with flavor i’m gonna support you who it is but you know what the uh can is cut down about four inches sits perfectly on there i’ve tried it last darknes and it wreaks amazingly well so that’s that another spare stove and they all merely slit together quite nicely pop back in the tin i’ve actually got the lid off to that so obstructs everything together exactly sounds it back in the tin there we go provided the gauntlets which you will need also from the pawn browse uh delightful ponderou function things stops me going burnt on this a few epoches so we’ll move over this is the stuff that i would like to take in the car simply basic i have been only prepping for a couple of weeks so bear with me i’ll establish you a little of what’s in here this is a pretty pretty good emergency kit okay comfortable oh my god i’m still painful right there we go okay a little tin there reasonably light-headed not too heavy first off multi-function torch ultraviolet light ordinary lamp and laser pointer there’s a distinguish terribly helpful four quid off a little very nice three eight air batteries in that so there’s that there next thing is my couple of hair parties there a bit you need them for anything ever come in handy next bit of kit is this the um digital compass on barometer it’s got the time temperature there turn the compass on sorry about the blue screen but it does actually drive highly highly very well terribly very well uh quite a bit of coin but you know it’s uh something that can get you out of trouble the time at the top there press it and the time comes back on uh temperature in the reces altimeter sorry barometer and altimeter but the alternative doesn’t seem to work too well maybe that’s just outside it’s also got a little um level spirit level on bubble there very nice bit of kit quite expensive about 20 pound but uh sling it around your neck easy go easy done right here standard little multi implement uh i really need to show you what’s in it it’s got a little torch in a screwdriver a blade all that kind of thing great bit of paraphernalium it’s very very small as you can see size with me entrust i’ve got another one that’s a bit bigger and obsessed got my foot on something right what else we’ve got bandana band on it can be used for a lot of different things very cheap to pick up you can use them as a bandage plainly brain paraphernalium you can use them to tie nonsense to your tarpaulins you know if the cords not long enough you can actually loop those together uh to create a longer bit of line particularly handy chip of nonsense can come in handy for anything you could even rend it up and start a fire if you need to electrical tape always helpful big pen pierce really nice sharp blade on this and that’s the only knife i really need not sure how legal this is in england but you know it’s always there inspection camera dispute i are caught up lovely colour isn’t it simply a quid and “ive had”[ __] open it up with one hand all sorts of stuff in now basically for starting flamings i think i think that’s what’s in it then gave this box together yesterday yeah we have some uh toilet roll wedding uh shut purse with um apparently a lighter in uh parcelling of articles cigarette articles i do smoke but these can come in handy for anything join them upright themes on them use them as tinder uh there’s a few different ways you could use sticky one sticky article there’s a little keyring inside there it’s got a click like a little crocodile clip can come in handy so that’s that in there there’s a flask of other corridor as well rosaline set round the uh there or cotton lump missiles start to fire almost immediately even in windy states okay quick look now uh wire a draw formulate wire that uh came with the pack in the pound shop with a load of uh steals uh stopped the wire great for snail while that it’s actually ridged if you can see that it’s actually ridged a bit but uh delightful and light-headed good stuff another flake of cordage gave around your cervix necktie your knots um hog-tie camo to a stay or whatever ever handy one other thing the lanyard doubled run now got another little torch pound torch this this can be a flasher so you can sos little button on the top there helpful compass another compass and the snap pinnacle thing uh i think i’ve got i’ve got it down where i got it out of a christmas cracker i think uh how do you open it press the button nothing it’s very hard with one handwriting exactly fling never extend yeah uh it is pretty accurate it is pretty accurate uh not too bad for a little compass across the lanyard push it around your neck i’ve got a fire steel and a whistling coming which is also going to go on that so next component duo of entrust warmers hotties only if you’re stuck in the you know in the snow or whatever in the car warm your hands up positioned mini mitts oh i’m gonna “re going to have to” do another video i think a couple of elastic bands here ever handy some carbohydrate uh that i are caught up in the service station some chocolate dirt this is a very nice piece of kit okay and now we have a oh damn i’m gonna have to leant the camera down i think anyway if you can see that right here we go yeah magnifying glass cheap off a bit does the job awfully is a good one apparently you can uh use the sun’s rays create fire there with that and this one and get wise out yeah signaling reflect little signaling mirror there also you can track the car headlights attract person with a ignite notice uh flush it with a plane if you’re absolutely put uh good trash there and this one is a multi-tool a little multi-tool in now and it’s got a little blade there or a couple of blades tin opener at the top a really sharp-worded blade there you can see that really sharp there’s a ruler edge uh god is well known that’s for that’s a thing “its for” nuts now different width nuts um that’s a lanyard around your cervix there’s a few rationales a few cases things this could come in handy for plainly the bottle opener there standard bottle opener uh yeah only a pound something like that very good so that’s what’s in the first tin i’m gonna have to make it another video because this has gone on far too long but there’s some prep little prep bits uh so i’ve got attack came friendlines um lanyards elementaries you know torches things like that so not bad okay i’ll see you in part two


What should I buy first for prepping?

Prep Checklist for Beginners: The Essentials
– Waterfall. Always keep a supply of water on hand.
– Eat. New trainers shouldn’t start feedings for more than 30 days.
– First aid and personal hygiene. It goes without saying that you should always have a first aid kit on hand.
– shelter.
– Other important things.

What is the first rule of prepping?

Preparers often have to explain their preparations to family and friends, but there’s a simple solution: stop explaining and keep your preparations a secret.

How do I start prepping for survival?

The beginner’s checklist for preparation.

– Prepare your home for two weeks of autonomy. Being able to leave the house in an instant (“bug out bag list”). Prepare for emergencies that occur when you are not at home (“take your bags home” and carry them every day). Learn basic survival skills and practice with your squad.

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