My Top 10 Survival/Prepping Gear List

hey folks country prepper now so there’s been this video going around about your top 10 survival reduce prepping components and I imagined I’d go ahead and move my hat in on it if you haven’t seen any of the other videos this was started by Canadian prepper and then devised mine 101 there was video on it and tactical so you got to go check out tak his was pretty somewhat entertaining so regardless I judged I’d like I said discard my intelligence in on give you my my top 10 index of survival prepping components so let’s get started so these are in no particular order these are just the top 10 entries that I would want to have with me if I are available on a existence situation that I can vouch for things that I’ve exerted quite a bit and I know that they’re going to hold up so with that said you guys might think that I have my brand-new CPS K with me but I don’t because I haven’t been out in the following areas with it I don’t have a lot of grunge season with it all I’ve done is just mess around around the house with it I haven’t it’s been sprinkling its obscure or breath so I haven’t been on the line with it or anything so with that said you saw this one in the last video it’s my condor crotalus I have used this pierce a ton and I affection it it’s it’s a really great option for a existence spear one of the reasons being has the cavern pins so you can lash it as a spear micarta handle so it’s not going to slip out of your hand convex edge is slew tough and you can do some dawn chopping with it things like that so it is a good choice for a survival spear it’s just like I said in that video it didn’t have everything that I missed in a existence knife so but this is my choice for right now because I can vouch for this bayonet so that’s about as far as that starts okay next up you’re gonna want something to carry your paraphernalium in so anytime I’m out hiking shooting videos things like that I have this with me and I’ve done a video on this this is the utg tactical multi-purpose whatever messenger bag it’s really great bag it’s held up I’ve been taking it out and using it for several months now and I have a had an issue with it more the zippers “re all in” immense appearance hemming isn’t coming apart it’s just a good a good messenger baggage if you didn’t want to carry a knapsack you know I’m not ever carrying a good deal of gear when I go to the lumbers like if I’m just south of here the course that I go to quite often I signify it’s only a duet maybe three miles around the trail so I don’t take a lot with me so that is something that I would want to have because I’d want to be able to travel any faster than I could with a backpack and next up is the bahco laplander you know it’s a tried and true about every bushcrafter out there has the saw I am going to be trying out some different encounters the only other one that I’ve employed so far is the fiskars and Wow it was actually a kind of a clone of of eskers rebranded whatever but that was one of the first first few evaluations I did on this path so but regardles that’s the only other one that I certainly have any experience with but I have the most experience with this one and it has held up I’ve had it for I don’t know a good year now so I take it with me each time I go to the lumbers and if “youre supposed to” shape certain kinds of a sanctuary or even merely to cut down dead standing trees to get a fire going things like that it’s really great substance of course you’re going to want to container with you have some irrigate with you and if you had to you know if you were poke out overnight or whatever you’d want to be able to or get even longer you’d want to be able to boil your ocean so this is the Nalgene 32 ounce campers simulate I believe it’s called backpackers pattern something like that so 32 ounces because usually in my first-aid kit I have a couple of water purification tablets and they work for one liter or 32 ounces so that’s why I select this one pretty simple I reflect these are about thirty bucks on Amazon so not in a not a awfully expensive stainless steel bottle but it’s a good select next up is something that I didn’t see in any of the other videos on this subject and that is some sort of sustenance and so I’m going with these the survival tabs I did a quick little over of you video of some sample bundles that I had gotten and about a year ago so I’ve been carrying these with me quite often if I’m going out for you are familiar with an overnighter or anything like that if I’m going out for a longer hike you know I frequently make these with me they don’t they don’t fill up your belly by any means but like Brian over at existence on purpose said in his remember there bettered eating imperfections so they do have a lot of nutrition price to them and that’s that’s one of the things that I like about them and they will take out the hunger soreness but like I said they ain’t gonna fill up your belly but it’s it’s definitely better than good-for-nothing okay I did an overnighter review of this an overnight assessment of the to go structures trifecta there is a new version of this coming out and I will be get my hands on that but for right now I know this one working well and I can vouch for it I bided out with a merely a fleece sleeping bag and this in about 40 unit forecast and and I was cozy heated with us so my back hurt from laying on the bare ground without anything under me but I wanted to give it a true-life measure and so that’s why this one I unquestionably would want to have this with me this also operates as a refuge and I have some cordage in here in the bag with it if you want to go check out those critiques I’ll leave links to those videos in the description as far as fire-starting proceeds nothing special I mean you don’t have to buy this substance but you can if you don’t have pine in your expanse I propose going to see for directions bushcraft calm and getting you some neat fee overweight wood this is some of the best stuff I’ve ever seen it’s a lot better than anything I’ve meet around here because while are we don’t have a lot of pine trees for one but when I do find one usually I can’t find anything precisely real great it has a little bit of resin in it but nothing like this so you know that that’s the really really good stuff so that’s my choice when it comes to a firestarter now when it comes to an ignition generator or combustion root ever since I got my hand on one of these feral perches it’s all I carry I do have the beacon my fire horde 2.0 I have the fervour steel on my let’s see I think it’s on my BK 16 sheath but it sits like a backup it’s an emergency you know last last-ditch try so one of these this was on the one of the best barrel poles you were able to buy a video it propels some hellish activates so I’ll leave a link to that on eBay that’s the only place you can get these so they are definitely importance their weight in gold peculiarly if you were in a existence statu okay so I kind of had to count this because I ever have it with me anyway and even daily carry I have it with me every day like I said but I would want to have it in a survival place and of course depending on the situation you know you might have to do a bit hunting with it or of course you’re not gonna take down any tiny activity with that it did kind of blow them apart it’s 40 stature Smith& Wesson M& P SHIELD so this is my favorite firearm right at the moment my HR 15 is almost done so I got one a duo more constituents coming and I’ll have that video for you guys but still this is lighter and I can I can carry it in my baggage with me or you know well if I have a knife on my trendy I carry it in my baggage if I don’t I carry it you know concealed so that is definitely something I would want to have with me alright last-place but not least I would want to have this with me because I haven’t discussed this yet this is going to be coming up next so this is the Phoenix PD 35 tech this came out last year this thing is stupid stupid radiant I exactly I love it it’s got a ton of modes on it it has an 18 650 now I’m not going to give everything away because like I said doing its consideration of the item on this next but it’s a really awesome flashlight I highly recommend it I’ve been using it for I review I got it in late December early January something like that and I’ve been using I’ve worked it all the time ever since it’s it’s a little large-scale for EDC but it’s great for position in you know like like the purse that I was carrying so that’s usually where it stands and like I said I use it all the time so really great flash all right well that’s it for today guys if you if you’d like to you’d go ahead and leave me a comment and tell me what your top 10 roll “wouldve been” or if you induce videos go ahead and and make a video send me a tie-up and because I’d love to see what what else parties has come forward with so I think this is a pretty good list that was I’ve thought about this for a couple of weeks I’ve been wanting to do this video so I situated some hope into it and one of the things something I want to mention about the survival tabs that is something I’ll is being done I mentioned this in a video before but for anybody who’s new to my path I’m going to be going out hopefully very soon for a at least two nights stay bug out bag test type of thing and all I’m going to eat is your the emergency survival type of food I’m hoping I can get by with only the survival tabs but I’m too going to take the what are they ust emergency food foods the like cake rails they glance they fit they perceive like apple cinnamon but they’re like crumbly actually dense dense dense cake so they don’t taste too bad if I need it I’ll have those with me only in case so yeah anyhow I’ll quit wandering on and thanks for watching guys make sure you check out all the links in the description box below with the trifecta you’ll have to get that it to go systems and he is taking fiats on the account two I think he might have just gotten a batch of them in so go check that out and you won’t be sorry yeah I have a couple Poncho’s coming up to review for them too so thanks for watching people told you next time


What prepper items should I stock up on?

Choose foods that don’t need refrigeration and that don’t contain a lot of salt. Your stash should also include flashlights, a manual can opener, radio, batteries, and copies of important documents. Depending on your family’s needs, you may also need medical supplies, pet food, contact lens solution, or diapers.

What should I stockpile for doomsday?

Check out our recommendations below.
– protein. These foods are high in protein and have a long shelf life.
– Canned products. Canned products are preferred by traders.
– Drinks. Water is child’s play.
– Flavors. You may not think about it when you put it away.
– Invoices.
– Something sweet.
– Different.

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