Micro Altoids Survival Kit Challenge

hey everyone been from let me survive today I got another stunning challenge video for you guys what can you fit in an Altoids small-time tin so if you missed my five pound existence package video make sure you go back a duo videos and check that one out Chris tan from trained 9-1-1 questioned a challenge what can you build in a existence equipment that weighs 5 pounds or less and it was a very fun challenge and a lot of people on YouTube and on social media made part in the challenge so today I’m going to show you what I put in my L toads small tin now this isn’t the regular sized Altoids tin this is the micro tin so it’s another challenge and I hope some of you guys take part so again your kit should complement what you carry in other places so I don’t need to have like a pierce in now although I do have a razor blade but on my keys I generally will ever have my keys with me and on my keys I have a pair of tweezers a USB device a little pry tool a Swiss Army knife which has scissors and a spear and then a flashlight so generally I’m never going to be without my keys so why reinvent the rotation although redundancy is good in existence again my teenagers are going to complement what I already carry in my purse for example I too have a backup knife and a pen so again I have redundancies in the things that I carry everyday regardles which “wouldve been” my keys my wallet and a paraphernalium like this so again what I put in my micro tin will complement what I carry in other sits so wrapped around the tin I have this piece of velcro which keeps the lid secure and it exactly continues it ensure onto this lanyard that I have I only have a keyring now and then some paracord I have the paracord doubled up and you can use this to adjust the span around your neck for example but it also allows you to carry more paracord in a smaller space and if I if I stiffen this all the way up it’s sort of doubled up paracord so as you guys all know you can use paracord for lots of different things generally maybe I’ll wear this around my cervix perhaps I’ll merely heave it in my pocket or maybe I’ll shy it around the mirror in the car for example so that it’s always within reach so let’s look at what’s in the actual L plaything tin we can open it up here and right off the top right on the top here I have some things in these little straws now I don’t have the sealed of course you can seal liquid in straws and that works really well but these are just straws to sort of simply plan things and nurse them into place so in this firstly tube here I have some jute knot now you guys know that jute twine is a very great tinder you can rough this up and expose a cluster of the surface area and then it’ll take a spark and you know it’ll help you get a fire established so there’s some jute knot then I too have a straw full of this hemp wax wick now I showed you guys this in one of my other existence 10 videos it’s basically simply this hemp wick and I can I generally wrap this around lighters or something like that but basically what this is is it’s a waxy wick that you can light on fire and it remains illuminated for quite a while so this stuff labors immense this timber you know work as a candle or you know you can certainly use it to help you get a fire lit maybe you strike a match and then you illuminated this up and this will previous for quite a while I likewise have various strike-anywhere competitions and then the striker for the accords I really use some cement cement poke and glued it onto the top of the Altoids tin there so I can only strike and light-colored a ardour you could also use some of this jute braid and rough it up and threw it in the lid and then that would help you get maybe some other paper or something like that started on fire so burn is pretty important to me and so I ever carry backup ways of coming a fervour started I precisely have a rubber band here rubber bands are useful containing things together and you could burn that as well I simply have a single advil here again you know I have first-aid and some of my other equipment but this being simply a small kit and something that I generally always have on me it’s good to have just a little bit of an advil here in case I get a headache or something like that I made that in there now I have some of this glow-in-the-dark duct tape this substance is really cool it brightens in the dark and so that would be handy for you are well aware commemorating tagging things at night you can use this to put you know on a plastic pocket for example and then you could you know draw sort of makeshift grommets that won’t rend and you could you know tie tie it up with the paracord or with safety pin that’s also in now and clear yourself you know a little hood or something like that to keep you out of these components I don’t have a plastic bag in now but plastic bags are pretty easy to find you know you can pick up a lot of garbage along the way especially in an urban environment so some glow-in-the-dark duct tape is very cool and also I have some cotton now which also is a great firestarter but principally what I have this in here for would be in place of band-aids I don’t have any band-aids in here but what you can do is you can just take some of this cotton and you are well aware gave it on a weave and then tape it up with the pipe strip so instead of having band-aids in here I use the the cotton and the passage videotape and that works huge as a improvised bandage I have a razor blade in here always handy to have a way to cut something and razor blades are nice and flat and they are integrated into a paraphernalium quite easily then below that I have a alcohol wipe exceedingly helpful for cleansing faces or if you do get a wound you can clean that wrap and then put some of the cotton on it and wrap it up with the passage videotape you could also use this as firestarter although I have enough different methods of starting fervor in now that I probably wouldn’t use just the way it is I have a water treatment tablet in here so great for considering some irrigate I could fill this little tin up and treat it that way again I don’t have container in here but you are well aware receptacles are pretty easy to find so I have a way to treat some spray if I came across a container I “ve got a little” fishing pack in now and in here has some spider cable this is great stuff it’s a 12 pound evaluation so it’s not very thick-skulled but it’s 24 pound as far as the concentration runs so you can use this as lashing you could use it as dental floss you know and then of course you could use it as fishing pipeline there’s 20 hoofs now so plenty of fish order to restrain to a lodge and then I have a snap swivel in there a couple heaviness and there’s a duet tiny hooks in there as well so here in Michigan there’s pools everywhere and so having a little kit like this and you know in all my adolescents it’s something that’s important to me and it forms it pretty easy to catch little fish that you could eat then on the bottom here I simply have a safety pin undoubtedly exceedingly handy you can clear you know makeshift hook out of this if you had to easy you know it’s great for pinning things together you know nursing things together so tons of uses for things like a safety pin then of course the do-it-all tool the paper clip there’s just tons and tons of different things you can use while with a paper clip you can use it as a poker you can you know patently deform the wire in all different ways to conduct electricity on tons of different things you can do with the paper clip and it’s super flat so it certainly should be you know one or two in every paraphernalium I have a little needle here now I could use this needle with the cotton to make a makeshift compass if I must be given to I could cut it down or flex it and then make a little compass with it so pretty handy to have a little needle likewise handy to get fragments out or something like that and then I merely have a sewing needle in the bottom now and sewing needles are pretty important I could use this again to come flakes out but I can also use it with the fishing line to sew things up sew a button back on and you are well aware exactly you know sold some fabric I might come across to originate robe or you know make a makeshift shelter so pretty important to have a needle so that’s pretty much it for what I put in one of these micro Altoids tins again it kind of complements the other gear that I carry as well as having you know some basics in here for flame backup you know something to cover a meander if I got one I do “ve got a little” fishing kit in there and then of course kind of the MacGyver positioned of implements here for chips and you know odds and ends and things like that so I think it’s a pretty well-rounded package for what you could fit in one of these tins but I look forward to seeing what everybody else frames in theirs again I carry things on my keys or in my pouch which are always with me regardless so I didn’t feel the need to applied a brightnes in here or you know a bigger knife or anything like that that I’ve seen in some other people’s girls so hope you guys experienced that video today take a look at what I put in some of my gears including in Altoids micro tin if you do a video let me know and I’m going to post all the videos on my gatherings at worldwide existence comm even if you don’t have youtube or don’t create a video you can still go over to the forums and announce photos or something like that up a gear if you choose to make one so again it’s another entertaining challenge and I hope a cluster of you choose to do it please give this video a big thumbs up for me make sure you leave me some comments below please share their standing your friends or home who might be interested on social media Google+ Facebook and Twitter if you guys want to follow me on Google+ Facebook or Twitter precisely sounds appearance more and you can see in the description all the links to give me a like or a follow if you guys want to check out the forums at worldwide existence com I’ll leant a link to that below as well as always guys if you haven’t agreed please click that red agree button for more videos


What is in an Altoids survival kit?

Ultimate Altoids Tin 30 Piece Urban Survival Kit (Includes Sunglasses, Deck of Cards & Ketchup)
– The 30 objects: – Getting dressed.
– Step 2: the mirror.
– Step 3: the straw.
– Step 4: the plastic bag.
– Step 5: pen and sunglasses.
– Step 6: masking tape and paper towel.
– Step 7: Pack the box.

What do you put in a mini survival kit?

The ultimate survival pack
– Tool. Swiss Army Knife / Military Survival. Pliers.
– Turn on. Tactical trainee. Two additional sets of batteries.
– Clean water. water treatment tablets.
– Rope and ribbon. Scotch tape.
– Fire starter kit. Firelighter in flint or magnesium.
– Stay warm. space coverage.
– First aid/basic medical kit.

How do you make a homemade survival kit?

Basic emergency supplies kit
– Water (one liter per person per day for several days, for drinking and sanitation)
– Food (at least a multi-day supply of food)
– Battery or hand crank radio and NOAA weather radio with audible alarm.
– Electric torch.
– First-aid kit.
– Additional batteries.
– Whistle (to signal for help)

What can you do with mini Altoid tins?

You can store bandages, tweezers and small travel ointments, as well as some neosporin, in the Altoid can and have a small portable first aid kit right away. If you’re into DIY, you can repurpose this jar to store everything you need for a small project.

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