Hygiene Module (Building a Bug Out Bag) by TheUrbanPrepper

hey guys today I’d like to go over the hygiene bay from my bugout bag as why do you know I’m doing a redesign on my current buckle baggage and I have everything organized into different bays so today I like to go over the hygiene bay I currently have a 1 pound hygiene compartment put it on the scale it’s just a little over 1 pound so and I too have some other items related to hygiene that are not included in this compartment but I wanted to talk about in this video as well so I’m just going to start digging into it this is an Eagle Creek packet system bag it’s reheated at REI so number one have some hand sanitizer or generic brand insect repellent I have a I employed some you accumulate in some it’s a daily moisturizer might I get my knuckles get awfully dehydrated especially in the summer time probably even interpret a little bit of Evan now so I wanted to have swiftnet dental floss I have a razor this one’s extremely light-colored it’s a throwaway one the toothbrush travel toothbrush here’s some sunblock here’s a half expended saloon soap I crave I didn’t want to situated a full sized one in there I exactly was it weighed more and I didn’t want to have one of those little dinky ones because I didn’t think it’d probably be good for one or two applications but I see I could get a few more usages out of this one here’s a pocket of qtips some Burt’s Bees chapstick here’s a little mini got some grooming scissors they’re pretty glowing and so I included it in their toothpaste deodorant I have a nail clippers I didn’t include the the sizing foot than one through your paw that the larger sized one because it weighs more and I actually prefer exploiting the smaller ones for both my hands and feet so I that’s what I included for it and then last-place I have some amber attachment this is I wanted to take good care of my feet because since I’m going to be lugging a lot of stuff I’m calling myself the family Sherpa because I have the most amount of gear and we’re going to be hold a baby with us so I wanted to have my foot make sure it’s a you know relieve any kind of itch on that and you know for other regions that might get a little bit of moisture and starting smelling bad so so that’s currently what I have in the hygiene section for my bugout bag a lot of this stuff is optional I wanted to have it for morale for overall cleanliness there are some items I didn’t it didn’t include I’m still trying to work out you probably noticed I didn’t have any scraping paste this is the smallest one I managed to find but it’s little too heavy I didn’t want to include it in there because it sets me over around one pound five ounces or so so I’ve been looking for the little ones that you get at a hotel it comes in like a kind of like a ketchup container but I haven’t been able to find any compute so if you know a good situate to get them I’d appreciate that I also didn’t include any kind of mouthwash you know if I have a toothbrush and flies I think that would be enough to get me by this is chipped more of a comfort item and since the fluid it weighs more so I primarily bought these ones to lay in it in into the hygiene compartment but I eventually abandoned them merely because the heaviness a little too much for me some other pieces that I didn’t include in this compartment but I’m going to be deport with me are one some some sodden ones I just say antibacterial mitt wipes that I’ll probably be carrying in another I have the purse I’m working is a 511 tactical graze 72 backpack and there’s a lot of different pockets so I’ll probably have this in one of those pockets next getting on to going going to the restroom number two so so what I have for that I have a this is a you diggit collapsible scoop two little mini ladle it doesn’t weigh too much it weighs a little bit more than those those plastic ones that you investigate at a Walmart or REI but it’s a lot more durable so I wanted to include it and it comes down with a little knife sheath so weighs six ounces I figured I’d have this attached to the AMA consuming the male webbing on my on my backpack but this is made of stainless steel what I got it because it time feels like it’s yeah good quality it’s that stainless steel figure it’s going to last-place a little bit longer and I is likely to be use it for other other things as well and it have it being a metal one I think it’d be easier to get into harder compacted dirt so there’s my folding spade and of course you’ll want to have some this is Walmart toilet paper I have three of them then another item I don’t see in a lot of bug out luggage but I wanted to include it in subconsciou was some way of doing laundry so I’m going to be depict this in a different different video but I have a newborn a oneyearold infant and in his bug out bag I’m calling it a baby Bob I do have some despo not I have disposable diapers and I have cloth napkins in them and for those cloth ones I’m going to need to bathe them at some stage so I wanted to include in my bugout bag a course of bathing some robes so I have these jaunt length bind and they’re meant for beings that go and you know go to different hotels and they soak their drapes in the submerge so since I don’t have a subside with me I decided to get one so I got the sea2summit it’s a kitchen sink I don’t want to take it out of now because it’s a go well actually I’ll take it out it’s a 10 liter sag which I could then use to wash not only uh diapers and others but likewise my robes and if I decided not to use it for a laundry laundry purposes simply they could obviously use it for ferrying water filter oceans and it’s fairly light-footed yes this is ten liters I could soap a different robes in there I think that would also help with you know after a few weeks of wearing the same robes for a period up today you’re going to start stinking and dilate maybe like a homeless person or like you’ve been in the trash barrel so you are well aware having my robes the a little bit cleaner would be a nice to have so also in regarding in that air topic I included this is a one ounce as a Nalgene it’s a little mini water bottle I have it filled with bleach so I wanted to have that since the cloth napkins are white and then also this bleach could be used for you know for purifying spray so I figured it was better way to have this than to have mouthwash which exclusively does one thing this to do various things so I could cleanse clean up the parts of equipment and clean that the nappies and then also refine irrigate if I wanted to and it only ways see it’s not too heavy good down zero yeah so one point eight ounces I figured it’s worth it to carry I’ll probably placed it in a plastic purse merely to protect a little bit more because I wouldn’t crave bleach spilling out into my bugout bag so that’s currently what I’m looking at for the hygiene locker I like to hear any kind of recommendations things you think might be skipped interesting thing I could supersede some of these parts with and any input you could provide to be greatly recognized talk to you guys later bye


What should be included in a hygiene kit?

Complete hygiene kit: shampoo, conditioner, lotion, soap, comb, pair of socks, toilet paper, toothbrush, toothpaste, first aid kit (bandage, antibiotic ointment, alcohol wipes), body towels, face mask face, cheer up.

How to make a hygiene kit?

Small Things Matter helps those in need with food, literacy and general support.

– – Regular size toothbrush.
– – Full size toothpaste.
– a full size bar of soap / a full size bottle of shower gel.
– – Full size shampoo.
– – Full size deodorant.
– – High quality comb/brush.

What is the purpose of a bug out bag?

In general, the emergency bag is a survival kit designed to help you overcome a bug situation and help you stay alive for at least 72 hours. The tools in your pocket are designed to give you an edge in the event of a disaster. A good bug bag will save you time when seconds count in those crucial moments.

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