Prepper Basics: Tracking a Animal Using a GPS

you know the ability to have mapping has come so far to parties today you know wearing it on your watch having on your telephone having it on your hand it’s amazing information and communication technologies advanceds that are out there and it’s something that in a in a deer moving situation that is invaluable you know it’s everybody’s gonna mark a stand that’s using some of these and be able to understand where they’re out how to get to and from a orientation but being able to use it and take it a stair further you know analyzing the terrain understanding sunrise and sunset and all that data that you can framed there but after a shot is taking being able to mark blood roads being able to mark the last blood you know and going to go back to it but being able to analyze that data on locates that you’ve seemed and it’s it’s every hunters nightmare to take a shot and the blood purposes and you recognize it and then you go into that grid hunting that you hear about where four or five of your buddies are chipping backward and forward well if you’ll implementation a handheld GPS you can eliminate some of the areas and know that you’ve embraced them know that hey we got that quadrant but oh my goodness we missed this whole 200 300 gardens stretch right here and it will tell you where some of those things are so as you look at this little gave of black cables right here this is actually a move for a deer that was shot at in the night we took the shot route up now and you can see the lines ago there that’s the actual blood trail and that 0:03 digit is where I threw a waypoint where we lost lost blood about midnight on that particular deer right there as you zoom in and kind of scroll around you can see all of the tracking as we tried to find more blood we’re phoned in 120 feet of the of the spot right there and you can see all the lines and you are well aware and that’s just me looking around there’s three other parties out here now when you look at this and further analyze it you know this this direction here I never looked for blood and then when you go back up here I never looked for blood so as you break-dance that down that night after you go back and you’re getting ready to track the next morning you can begin to expand your searches to those areas of unknown because this is a known we didn’t find the blood right there let’s look in some of the areas of unknown and recognize what what we might be able to find now coming out of that type of a track at nighttime would we have managed to figure that out where we you know look and where we didn’t possibly but I guarantee you with a hand hampered like this whether it’s on your watch or right here we were able to know exactly the areas that we missed

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