Are you looking for the best pump action shotgun in the world? These are some of the best pump action shotguns we found so far:

✅2. MOSSBERG 590
✅6. Browning BPS
✅7. FN P-12
✅8. Harrington And Richardson Honcho
✅9. Winchester Model 12
✅10. Mossberg 835 Ulti-Mag
A pump-action shotgun is a staple of the American gun owner’s arsenal. Let there be little doubt — the 12-gauge pump-action shotgun is probably the most recognizable firearm on the planet — both in terms of how it looks and that unforgettable sound of racking the slide.
That’s why many hunters have chosen a pump shotgun as their first shotgun, and it’s why many have chosen one as their last shotgun. A pump is simple, reliable, holds more shells than a break-action and can be had at a reasonable price.
A pump shotgun is like your old hunting truck. It might not be fancy. It might not have a lot of frills. But when you turn the key, it always gets the job done.
Pump shotguns are ambidextrous, comfortable, and feel intuitive thus making them easy to operate in any firing position. They are hugely popular for a variety of uses such as hunting, sport shooting, self-defense, law enforcement, and military combat.
Undeniably reliable and versatile, the pump-action shotgun is a must-have for any shooter. Here are 5 options worth adding to your gun safe.
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What is the number 1 shotgun?

What are the best selling pump shotguns?

REmington 870. The Remington 870 is a proven shotgun that was first released in 1950. With over 11 million units sold, it is the best-selling shotgun in history. Of these 11 million, 15 different variations of the Remington 870 were made.

What is the world’s fastest pump-action shotgun?

The Super X design lets you take the fastest shots on the go. No other pump offers the inertia-assisted gliding sensation that can deliver three strokes in half a second. The fastest rifle in the world.

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