A BETTER 9MM? Federal 30 Super Carry Caliber Cartrige Review!

A BETTER 9MM? Federal 30 Super Carry Caliber Cartrige Review!
Federal Premium created its all-new 30 Super Carry as a dedicated defensive round that’s designed to increase magazine capacity and provide potent stopping power in an all-new class of ammunition.
From an external and terminal ballistics standpoint, the 30 Super Carry will run right with the 9mm, but offers some advantages. It generates between 10 and 20 percent less recoil, for one thing. And maybe, more importantly, given magazines of the same size, it offers a higher capacity than the .380 Auto or 9mm Luger. How did Federal achieve this? They borrowed from what they learned in 2008 while developing the .327 Federal Magnum.
The 30 Super Carry could be considered a pistol version of the .327 Federal Magnum, in fact. both use a similar diameter bullet; the .327 uses a 0.312-inch slug and the Supper Carry a 0.313-inch. Both are loaded to 45,000 psi, which is 28 percent more pressure than the 9mm Luger or the .357 Magnum are loaded to. The fast, lightweight bullet delivers good terminal performance, with less recoil, even with the higher pressures. And because the diameter of the case is 11 percent less than the 9mm, a 30 Super Carry magazine will hold up to 20 percent more ammo.
Before anyone begins belittling this new cartridge because of its smaller-diameter bullet, consider this: Tested in Clear Ballistics against a 124-grain 9mm Luger Gold Dot load, the 115-grain 30 Super Carry Gold Dot load penetrated slightly deeper and created a slightly larger crush cavity. Similar performance, less recoil, more capacity. This is exactly what those who carry a concealed handgun for personal protection have been wanting.
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Is the 30 Super Carry good?

Well, if you’re looking for more capability in a small firearm, the Shield Plus at 30 Super Carry is a great option. Because it’s a shield, it’s reliable and durable, and it has loads of gear. It will work and do everything you would expect from a defensive weapon.

Is 30 Super Carry better than 9mm?

30 Super Carry HST propels its 100-grain bullet to velocities of 1,250 feet per second (fps), 100 fps faster than the 124-grain 9mm HST. This results in a faster and more reliable report. It also increases the cycle speed of the gun.

Will 30 Super Carry work in 9mm?

Federal’s new high-performance .30 Super Carry pistol cartridge packs a 9mm Luger output in a smaller case to provide big benefits for concealed carry.

What is a 30 Super Carry comparable to?

A 312-inch round, the 30 Super Carry has a slightly smaller bullet than the 9mm Luger round, perhaps the most popular armored round currently available. Cartridge capacity for the .30 Super Carry is one or two shots more than the 9mm Luger for comparable products.

How much does a 30 Super Carry cost?

Buy HST 30 Super Carry Personal Defense P30HST1S for $38.99 | federal ammunition.

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