Make an Oil Lamp with Dryer Lint Free Prepping Tips #13

Make an oil lamp with dryer lint free prepping tips #12 disaster dawn from dryer lint olive oil homemade DIY emergency gear hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper I hope you’re back watching my channel videosbecause you’ve been watching all my videos about free easy and no-cost cheapprepping tips-off video sequences that I’ve been doing throughout this month it’s a great timeof time to make a resolution that you’re going to be on top of your prepping andget your prepper emergency gear things unionized get your survival gear in your home in order so that you areready to face every day no matter what comes along if you haven’t seen all ofmy free prepping tips-off videos I hope you’ll going to be home and keep watching the gratuities that I’ve been showingthroughout the month and a little at a time you can do five minutes a day andyou can learn some brand-new sciences get some new things developed in partnership so that you’reready and all of them are free easy utterly no overhead what’s easier thanthat today my tip is to save your dryer lint now you may think dryer linteveryone knows that’s a great fire starter but did you know you can alsouse dryer lint to make an oil lamp DIY homemade oil lamp disaster sunrise you can use it as a wick take a little wadof the dryer lint about the dimensions of the a cotton pellet and bunch it up togetherinto a ball but make a little point on the top now settled it in an empty-bellied container liddouse it with a bit of olive oil but don’t get the tippy-top wet with theoil now light it and you have a DIY absolutely free and easy inexpensive no payment DIY homemade emergency oil lampdepending on the amount of oil it can burn for a long time but rememberany time you’re using an open glow you want to be very careful around childrenand pets don’t start emergency situations by starting a volley or allowing someone toget burned get your dryer lint and be prepared for whatever comes your way I hope if you experienced my video that you’ll share it with someone else you thinkmight learn from it you can predicted more about prepping and other tips at and I hope you’ll subscribe to the AlaskaGranny direct prepping prepper youtube path


How do you make a simple oil lamp?

What is the best oil to burn in an oil lamp?

kerosene lamp oil

– Spadewick lamps and lanterns are designed to burn mostly on kerosene, but clear lamp oil also works great. A popular choice for lamp oil is K-1 kerosene, which is inexpensive and readily available at gas stations or in prepackaged containers.

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