Top 10 Ultimate Survival Youtube Channels

hello and welcome to top X where we count down the imp bet that YouTube has to offer today we’re imagining world far removed from civilization as we count down our select for the top ten YouTube survivalist directs for this list we rank YouTube paths that provide help kids tips-off and training for any kind of survival situation we’re looking at channels that focus on wilderness survival and have a wide selection of videos to educate you how to be self-reliant and braced if some species of holocaust ever arrives he’s got he’s free he’s got his freezer he’s got his room up top he’s got everything you need you better believe she’s gonna run with a Grizz down number 10 organized head 101 everybody’s Kristen prepared my 101 out here with will from Manus outdoors we are doing a gauntlet refresh on the Deer Creek Forge American trade knife with the most vast majority of these video set in the great outdoors in the according to this channel trailer brutal Ohio landscape there’s a literal and figurative down-to-earth feel about trained sentiment 101 in these videos host Chris Tanner caters an in-depth easy-to-follow review of items that might come in handy if ever you’re stranded in the wilderness a PVC bow will last you a good time of use the large-scale the large-hearted thing though is when you’re not abusing it you just wanted to unstring it don’t leave it all strung up educated attention why no one’s most watched video is a 26 instant facet on flashlights not many directs could capture an public for that long on that subject but Kristen company can and they managed to keep it interesting this bad boy right here is only gonna cost you 75 horses and either one of the nighttime cords are gonna cost you a hundred digit 9 Sigma 3 survival clas we’re going to talk about primitively tapping a tree with nothing more than your pierce and you are well aware and a canteen to tie around the tree to you know hold the irrigate Sigma 3 sets out with the goals and targets of house a comprehensive video encyclopedia for survival and they attained exactly that if you can think of it these people have probably featured in Sigma videos vary in content and span and boast everything from fishing and hunting to a step-by-step tutorial on how to stew spray in the ground up in your cliffs in there until you can get it to a cook and then you take and take the cool ones out and slip the fresh sizzling ones in and continue rotating it out till you got a steady boil there isn’t an immediately noticeable format to them but they literally could save your life one day you can do a drawback not with with springs like this pretty easily there’s also some contentious Excerpts now which hand out medical admonition so if you have a squeamish stomach then prepare yourself before pressing participate so when you’re doing local anesthesia like this mm-hmm the slower you go the smaller the needle the little painful it should be number 8 wilderness Outfitters and I’m all about this trash not being anything fancy I’ll tell you I don’t think it needs to be “the worlds largest” subscribed channel to represent today’s countdown wilderness Outfitters passes with the tagline there is no substitute for having a plan in the event of the unexpected which this channel certainly lives up to it’s not too shabby I thoughts will definitely work precisely accurately the course it is right now may not be the most beautiful thing on the planet but I guarantee you it’ll turn some bacon about find out there are how to hunt and scalp and animal videos now which are clearly not for everyone but the no-nonsense approach is in general and encouraging and committing form we just have to walk around there and make sure that we got our slash the whole way through so we’ll only rend that down off the meat just like any other for like a critter this channel is evidence of what one man and his artilleries can achieve with the liberty develop just go through a few of these videos and you’ll be a self-sustaining mastermind in no time watch just a little bit tighter one more good whack on now numeral 7 the urban prepper and that concludes all the items included in my metropolitan Altoids a dc-1 0 explanation 2.1 the majority of the city Preppers videos is also intended to an everyday carry EDC audience uttering them tip-off ploys and general intuitions for daily life and I get with the grey because with the lily-white you could see through it a little bit it’s a little bit transparent so you can see how much oil you have left in it so I found that to be extremely handy this isn’t a channel for hardcore middle-of-nowhere strolls since this Seattle resident teaches you how to prepare in an urban environment it’s the direct neighbor so I have three people in my household so all of my preps for this particular scenario is going to be for three people so you could change this as needed for your particular environment the commodity reviews are informative and useful and the multitude is engaging which is a surefire combination for a successful survivalist channel it takes a slightly less straight based approaching while doing so making these videos helpful and all the more enjoyable to watch and I operated across a concoction that I was unfamiliar with and so I mulled I’d do a little review of it and it’s the blue can emergency drinking water and the thing that capture my gaze is that it says it has a 50 year shelf life quantity 6 designer 775 practical Preppers this is the water-wise 1600 non-electric our off-grid non distiller that can run basically on any hot source an engineer by appoint and an technologist by education as well the driving force behind our next canal applies his insight for a unique perspective and existence tips “youre supposed to” won’t encounter anywhere else if you’re in the voltage class – and you’re under 100 kPa you know you can use a little ad clinics everywhere nice path to light things the scope for engineer 775 is a little larger than some of today’s other channels especially as it takes in self sustainable living on a large scale including the generation and distribution of power that’s feeding out to the house okay and then this is to the house which is critical late in the house this is the breaker feeding the house and this is all on solar – there’s also a big focus on water how to get it how to cleanse it how to keep it as well as some super helpful nonsense on fuel come rainfall glint blizzard or sandstorm you should be all set but this is sufficient you know you do this for a half hour and you’re mixing this if you mingle that with some cold water you’re in good shape but again this thing is spouting without superpower multitude five black Scouts are Bible this pocket is my if everything is gone sour and uh you know who knows what’s going to happen next that’s what this baggages for pitch-black scout is an ultra beneficial mixture of municipal survival with wilderness self-sufficiency some of the directs more popular videos bring us back to the basics with toils on how to select a hunting knife how to pick a fastening or how to hold a knot well what this does is you see it does various kinds of like a series and moves your line easier to manage nonetheless there are other less conventional training programs as well with subjects straddling from slingshots to chewing bugs to the opening of monthly due boxes and every apakah box should get a list you know con hence list picturing what items came in the box and description of the item the pitch-black scout survival caters to a wide variety of people with a variety of needs in a variety of situations then out sounds here is another zipper panel and this comes down and sees it into a smaller pack so it’s adjustable depending on what you want to do multitude four Alvie esthetics so the bitterness can be removed from the plant by scalding the roots and a couple of changes of sea easy cook easy life-time not all survivalist canals “ve got to be” unabashedly serious and if you understand that better than Alfea esthetics are available in the UK Alfie has allure by the handcrafted bucketload it’s gonna grind it down this lane this will take a while not looking forward to it take it very fringe this canal boasts a unique appearance form which will teach you something one second and see you laugh out loud the next what you know about dem leaves then moves flakes of lens explosion he also boasts some unconventional material such as videos on how to navigate without a compass with his find the Polar star of successions even if you didn’t think survivalist videos “re extremely” your sort of thing they could well be after you watch one or two of these times when you’re looking at the spot in the sky where the two arrows me you can’t mistake Polaris for anything else it will be right there staring you in the face so there you go you met North and the Polar star with Cassiopeia number three survival Lily hi guys I’m Lily and today I want to show you my pocket out tent bide aria another unique path in terms of presentation survival Lily likewise happens to be one of the most successful survivalist channels boasting a female precede the channel invoices itself as a learning process for Lily herself but it’s an even greater educational implement to its gathering so first I make this loop here and then I simply continue changing the grass and uh snap it over the other end one of the most impressive things about Lily’s videos is the sense that they’re all genuine that this is something she does on a regular basis you can follow her on her escapades with her original how to’s such as her video on how to make a torch with a red bull cam I think it’s just really awesome from the clothes she wears to the protects she improved it’s an easygoing unintimidating approach to wilderness existence the entrance of the refuge is at the south side and I through the door for the admittance so I can hinder my hound in if I just wanted to and secrete us out number two sensible prepper being prepared is a mindset being prepared is a lifestyle of self-reliance the sensible prepper is an all-encompassing channel designed to prepare its public for any contingency be it an environmental disaster man-made disaster or terrorist attack this is specifically what I call the anti-terrorist bag it is for your weapons and the things you need to defend and to take care of business there’s wilderness survival now urban hacks and a lot of weapons aspect if that’s your thing and so this knife is just a really quick beautiful little small-scale bayonet there are also various videos on bug out and how to best conduct them along with product recalls book reviews countdown stylists and unique tips on how to use household pieces for existence this too makes an excellent firestarter all in all it’s a systematic appropriately sensible approaching to prepping this is serious but it isn’t fairly scare tactics this is number two in importance many beings go ahead and go with food but we need to take care of water firstly again three days without water you need one gallon of water per day per person to survive before we bug out with our top pick here are a few honorable mentions number one ultimate survival tips this video I’ll evidence you how to use your package to get the ultimate bow drill fire come on let’s get started these survival tips-off actually are as ultimate as they claim to be in many ways they’re the symbol that countless entrants are aiming to be I’m expending the condor ocean sack just like the one I used in my recent survival water kit video it has a large main compartment that will hold our fix gear and emergency menu there’s a unmistakable format uninformed just the right amount of frightening presenter and there’s plenty of contraptions in gear you can grab a ready-to-go tubular slingshot circle with pouch for a few horses and improvise a slingshot in the backcountry this direct is deadly serious about survival to the point where when you watch this you really feel as if you’d have a one-up on everyone else in the event of doomsday your anti biotic cotton clods glowing was a spark and burn for two to three minutes giving you the time you need to build a sustainable shell plus your cotton lumps can be used to disinfect curves in the field if you got a bug out it’s better to bug out with the most wonderful of them and that’s what these people are okay now we’re ready to see if we can get an ember and make a fire again start with moderate pressure and accelerated gradually increasing your rate and pres and formerly you start seeing smoke hand it all you got maintaining a good speed well that’s it for today’s schedule we hope that now if the world does terminate or if you do find yourself stranded you’ll know what to do as ever be sure to check us out on Facebook Instagram and Twitter vote for upcoming directories on our suggestion page and for more huge top 10 s published every day be sure to subscribe to be strong is a matter of good spirit deity bless america long live the Republic you

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