Are you looking for the most unusual, weird handguns in the world? These are some of the strangest pistols of all time we found so far:

✅6. Claridge Hi-Tech S9
✅7. Stevens Vest Pistol
✅8. Duck’s Foot Pistol
✅9. Type 94 Nambu
✅10. Calico Light Weapons System Pistol
Whether as a result of poor design, lack of materials, or sheer necessity, some firearms and guns are just weird looking. Many early weapons and pistols were designed without a complete understanding of what would work best, leading to strange and ugly guns that barely worked. Desperate times during World War II led to a need for cheap, easily made pistols. The result? Some of the weird looking handguns ever made.
But the fact is, some of these handguns made perfect sense at the time, although maybe things didn’t work out as planned. In any case, here are six of the strangest firearms ever put into production.
We did a little research and it turns out there have been a lot of strange handgun designs throughout the course of the history.
In fact, we found many ridiculous or experimental designs that are nothing short of downright hideous. Here are ten of the weirdest ones of the bunch.
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Sleeping Bags and Necessity Items For Camping

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Awning Or Not to Awning – That is the Question

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Marmot Down Sleeping Bag – The Backpacker’s Advantage

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10 Wet Weather Camping Tips

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What is the weirdest gun ever?

Strangest Weapons in History: Military Weapons
– The Krummlauf assault rifle (STG-44).
– The sharpness of the coffee grinder.
– The Plaza A. 577 T-Rex.
– The Velo Dog revolver.
– The 3 caliber furnace cannon.
– The Gyrojet rocket cannon.

What is the most badass pistol?

Top 4 tactical pistols
– Colt 1911: Best tactical 9mm pistol.
– Glock 19: best service pistol.
– FN 5.7: best light weapon.
– Sig Sauer M17: best combat pistol.

What is the most famous handgun of all time?

Arguably the most iconic pistol in existence, the Colt Single Action Army made fame in the holsters of Roosevelt’s Rough Riders and conquered the West in the hands of the likes of Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson.

What pistols do mafias use?

Top 5 Mafia Weapons
– The 1928 Thompson. The 1928 Tommy pistol.
– Smith and Wesson model 19. Smith and Wesson model 19.
-ColtM1911A1. ColtM1911A1.
– Remington model 870. Remington model 870.
– Molotow. molotow cocktail.

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