YEA DAWGIES welcome back to another one!
In this video, i head out on a fishing mission chasing some deep water fish or what I like to call THE WORLDS BIGGEST GOLDFISH. The noodle rod got a flogging and I test out a new jigging rod which gets a workout… enjoy




Army Surplus Boots Can Be a Hiker’s Best Friend

When you’re investing a lot of time on your feet, the manner in which soldiers commonly do, your footwear has to be resilient and also protective in addition to comfortable. A great deal of engineering has gone into the layout of military boots because it’s crucial to keep feet comfortable, dry and also well sustained in order for soldiers to be at their greatest at all times. Treking fanatics desire that exact same kind of convenience and protection for their feet throughout lengthy treks on the path, which is why army excess boots are such a best-seller for walkers.

Camping at Lightening Lake – Manning Park, British Columbia

Among our favorite places for family members outdoor camping goes to Lightening Lake. The lake is terrific for fishing, swimming and boating and also there are many trails the entire household can enjoy hiking or biking on.

Army Surplus Headgear – For Practical Use and for Collectors

You can find almost anything at an army excess shop, from baseball caps and also balaclavas to real armed forces helmets as well as gas masks. Naturally never item has an useful application for the ordinary consumer, but enthusiasts love army surplus. Items such as caps put on by military as well as navy as component of formal gown are possibly not something an individual would endure a day-to-day basis, yet they’re terrific as authentic outfit accessories or as part of an armed forces memorabilia collection.

Army Surplus Jackets Do More Than Just Look Like The Real Thing

A great deal of people like the appearance of army design coats, but you can’t beat military surplus if you want coats that not just look like the actual point, they are the real point. The benefit to selecting real military surplus over retail knock-offs is the difference in high quality and also the focus to information.

Army Surplus Backpacks

If you intend to go treking or trekking out in the timbers, after that you will certainly need a backpack for your journey that will carry all the gear you need for your journey safely and easily. Military surplus stores lug a broad range of knapsacks to ensure that you can choose one that is most suitable for your requirements.

Army Surplus Clothing Is High Quality Functional Attire

Hunters and several various other outside fanatics flock to their neighborhood army surplus stores to buy all types of garments. Military surplus apparel as well as accessories are remarkably budget friendly in comparison to retail apparel, and also the quality merely can not be defeated.

Camping Essentials – Don’t Forget This Equipment Before You Arrive at Your Campsite

Going outdoor camping can be enjoyable, but neglecting to bring these outdoor camping fundamentals can turn things sour actually fast. Here’s a few of the top camping devices you’ll wish to keep in mind to bring before you get here at your camping site.

Helpful Hints for Choosing Outdoor Cookware

When camping, the kind of kitchenware you have can make a meal really enjoyable or it can make it a calamity. Comprehending the various kinds of cooking equipment benefits and negative aspects will certainly aid make your outdoor food preparation a remarkable experience instead of one to avoid.

Pros and Cons of Going Camping

Imagine going to a distant location for a camping trip with your family members. No electrical energy, no supermarket, no modern technology, no mobile phone signal. No benefits of having a metro or auto, it is only you as well as the nature. Backpacking is the only option therefore you carry just the many fundamental things that you would certainly require. You have to reside in camping tents for a few days. As opposed to a heating system, you need to establish your very own camp fire, obtain your very own water and also catch wild pets for food. Do you assume you can handle it?

How to Entertain Kids When on a Camping Trip

Going on an outdoor camping journey can certainly be an enjoyable method to invest time with your entire family members. It’s a wonderful way to bring everybody with each other in order to invest some high quality time with family as well as friends. However, so many children take pleasure in the luxuries of residence when it worries internet, phone, and television. So when taking place a camping journey, your kids might really feel a little homesick and also bored sometimes due to the fact that they are just not used to being away from that much convenience. So when on an outdoor camping journey, it’s an excellent concept to stir up the atmosphere a bit by having some excellent camping games that gets your kids moving as well as delighted.


Is the 67 pound goldfish real?

However, what Andy Hackett reported on November 3, 2022 was no ordinary “goldfish”. He weighed 30.6 kg (67.4 lbs), about the same as an adult Golden Retriever! The Briton came across the impressive creature at Bluewater Lakes, a private carp farm in France.

What is the largest goldfish ever caught?

The massive goldfish is a leather carp / koi carp hybrid. At 67 pounds, it broke all previous records and now holds the title of the world’s largest goldfish ever caught.

What is carrot the 67 pound goldfish?

A British fisherman in France has caught a unicorn’s equivalent, the goldfish known as carrots. The Carrot is over 20 years old and weighs 67 pounds 4 ounces, making it one of the largest goldfish in the world.

Is there a giant goldfish?

One of the largest goldfish in the world was caught weighing in at 67 lbs. 4 oz.! The giant specimen was found in a fishing ground in France by British fisherman Andy Hackett, who reportedly spent more than 25 minutes catching the fish, according to the Daily Mail.

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