gotenna Grid Down Communications for Preppers! Really?

hello people survival techno it here there’s been a lot of talk about the arrive tenna product being a helpful invention for their existence or incomes parish we’re going to talk about that today now if you’re hoping that I’m gonna explosion this produce you’re going to be sadly disappointed I’m simply trying to alleviate much of the confusion that’s going around so my goal with this video is to understand whether or not ego tena is of any appraise to their survival or income local communities and with that let’s get started so the first question is what actually is a goat Anna a goat Anna is a very cleverly packed MERS radio it has some very clever software running on a microprocessor and a Bluetooth interface which allows your mobile phone or tablet to act as a user interface or remote control for the circulate tenon design so what is murders MERS stands for multi-use radio service MERS was established as an unlicensed radio service by the FCC of its first year 2000 it’s similar to FRS or CB radio but it’s limited to 2 watts this report is also meant to be implemented in Canada but those hopes were cancelled therefore worst and the goat Anna can only legally be sold in the United States what’s about the effective wander of the goat in M well I can frankly say the goat Anna will work much better than the bubble fold radios FRS radios or PMR radios you find in Walmart the simple truth is 2 watts through an wasteful feeler on a VHF band is not going to get much range in almost any event and now lies one of the first trouble with the goat Anna operating on the mers frequencies it’s still not a deal breaker moving on is it possible to increase the range of the goat Anna the best way to increase the range is to get line-of-sight with the person or group you want to communicate with there is no mechanical space to improve the antenna performance and range of the NGO tena nonetheless the lesson on the Left shows you the best case scenario for achieving maximum range with a know tena conserva stoom I disappear tena be shutdown remotely no not like cellular telephone and mobile phones as long as your maneuver has strength and you’re in assortment of the group user or your private structure which you want to communicate with no one can turn off or disable your pas tena nonetheless anyone who knows a surplus public service radio a bio Fang you v5r for any other radio which can broadcast high-pitched ability on MERS frequencies can block your get tena they can jam your communications absolutely now that might be a deal breaker still let’s move on so guild some abuse action patterns for the NGO tenant I thoughts realistically their own families or friends visiting Disneyland Knott’s Berry Farm Magic Mountain a parade a affirm to sit in concert where the family or group would want to maintain data communications in the form of verse messaging as well as orientation services being able to see your group on a map then I could see the usefulness of this design but abusing it for critical communications or in a life-threatening situation I genuinely don’t see it cuz there are some practical issues that come up the goat in is only handy if different groups using it is restricted or localise within the effective range of the design and that’s okay if you’re at a parade or a flea market or in a shopping mall for example but we can’t rely on this for any type of long-range communications that simply wouldn’t be realistic I don’t want to sound like I’m smash this commodity because actually I like it very much but I frankly believe that the company has all the best aims with that said if the company can find other revenue streams like incomes or existence communications it can reduce the premium and sell more of them this is certainly a good thing for the company but I’m not yet convinced that this is the right make for the survival community let’s take a look at some of the colorful market lingo used on the website and in their videos no service no problem turn your mobile phone and 2-way off great communication tool certainly this is true but there’s still the problem of a limited range and limited output superpower of the machine in regards to location sharing sharing sites depending on the built in GPS of your smartphone or tablet the NGO tenant by itself doesn’t furnish these services as with numerous GPS devices you’ll need a clear line of sight to the sky before you can save the current location or share your location with someone else so this doesn’t work in a structure does more colorful sell it runs anywhere on the planet well that’s absolutely true however it’s only law to use unlicensed in the United Regime there’s no other country on the planet which permits unlicensed consume of the mers frequencies a rugged design for off-grid adventure right this may very well be true nonetheless if they’re going to use rocky and adventure in the same sentence than they should probably publish an IP X rating for their product the whole point of IP X ratings are there to protect the consumer by identifying the design as a certain level of raincoat dustproof miss without an IP x rating the words rugged an adventurer nothing more than marketing talk and can’t be taken seriously by the consumer you’ll have to put your boots on for this colorful commerce people how extend tena diversifies our F to the mainstream and adds to every Hamm’s tool built this article really made me sad because it shows to what connections their market bureau will go to provide misinformation for the purpose of selling their product the author of the clause and an effort to get support from other amateur radio adventurers but he was licensed in September of 2014 12 periods before this article was written and I suppose he was only licensed as a technician to add credibility to the documentation and essays written and their blog and on their website in fact he goes on to say how the Goten is better in countless respects than amateur radio that’s fair enough so let’s keep it real these are the main problems with the goat in a– it’s got low-pitched influence no external antenna short range it simply works in Murs frequency can’t vary the channel no voice communications and it won’t work with age-old Android or iOS maneuvers I’d still like a pair though but not to oust or grow my amateur radio but simply because they’re cool and amusing final speculations when I started making this video I did so or started doing so with the aspirations of reacting lots of questions about the concoction and produce which I actually think it is now although for the last few minutes I’ve been very hard on this commodity all I want to do is keep them honest because I believe they have a brilliant commodity but the concoction is a victim of their own marketing crap and the NGO tena is nothing more than a walkie talkie that interacts with your smartphone sure it’s encrypted and comms are secure but it’s a really cool toy the type of toy that I would see in sharper portrait the type of toy that I would certainly buy but the questions we want to answer here or is this of any value to the survival community or to the incomes society and my answer is absolutely not and it doesn’t have to be because it’s very good at what it was initially designed for if the corporation is gets rid of the marketing people who are putting out all this shameles brouhaha they’ll probably have hundreds of thousands of happy clients make a European version and I’ll certainly be one of them ultimately guys I can say this the NGO tenant can augment your comms rig but it can’t replace it in the end the NGO tena has some very cool features but it’s still really a MERS radio alright chaps that’s it if you witnessed this video entertaining or instructive please give me a thumbs up it wasn’t easy making this video because I really really affection commodity but it’s important to let people know what it is that they’re getting and not just rely on marketing crap rock and roll glass thanks for watching ciao you

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