Vigilance Elite – Spec Ops Dude’s Favorite Combat Rifle Zero

sup people we just talked to Matt Malekfor mallik precision about bullet trajectory and now I’m gonna talk aboutthe most popular zeros there are and the seven gardens and in okay so we’ll startwith seven gardens and n so mostly I have representation here so it’s seven yardsthen I like to shoot a otech it’s just personal predilection whether shooting youknow tech objective extent any of these holographic perceptions mostly seven yardsand end on an EOTech this underside six o’clock reticle now becomes your pointof aim point of bang okay so you’re gonna switching from the center dot to thesix o’clock hash mark okay if your shoot an aim point or something doesn’t havethe ring around the center scatter then you exactly want to kind of articulated the center dotat the top of the scalp for a head shot so come over on this feature so basicallywhy you do that why do you strive high-pitched well you purport highbecause here’s your line of vision up now here’s where the bullet comes outokay so if you actually look at this it’s uh you know line of sight righthere at the scalp missile “re coming” right here which employs you right here on thecredit card which is where all your vitals are if you were to take a headshot at seven gardens in it so exactly to prove it we’re gonna have Manny heretake a couple shots we’re at seven yards we’ll be going for this target righthere so go ahead low-grade to make ready all right vanish so just go ahead on mymark go ahead and grant us three three well neighbourhood rounds okayusing that six o’clock hash mark all right all rightshooter ready send it all right go ahead safe and cause her hang all right guyslet’s come down now okay so so we got three shots seven gardens and the headokay right in the credit card breaking the line here a little bit mani but sobasically his object of purpose if this was the EOTech reticle his hub dot isright here at the priorities in the scalp and the outer resounding goes down like this okayand that six o’clock hash mark is what his site of objective is okay again if you’reusing a Moines or any of these other sig whirl whatever these other reticles orholographic sights you’re just going to placed the cherry-red dot right at the scalp whichjust is happen to be two and a half inches above the kill region on a headshot okay so let’s go back over here and talk about the different zeros alrightso basically what I did here is I did the math on all the different the mostpopular zeros okay so right here we have a 25 -yard zero okay this is 36 fifty-yard zero and a hundred yard zero okay so my favorite zero for what I door what I did overseas and now at home is the 36 grounds and we’ll get to that ina minute but so 100 grounds or 25 yards zeroso mostly what we have here is about a ten inch spread okay from your zeroall the way out to three hundred so we take our 25 -yard shot point aim point ofimpact that necessitates where my reticle is is where the missiles gonna go okay righthere in the red so 25 grounds it’s object of objective top of significance okay if 50 yardsit’s not extent of target top of influence if I was aiming at this red dot and it wasat 50 yards my missile would actually impact right here okay if I was aimingat a hundred it would impact right here if I was at 200 it would be all the wayup here and then it starts to drop again here’s 250 300 so as you can see youreally have to know your excavations okay this again this is like a perfect world allright no human error no air no good-for-nothing all right so you got about a 10 inchspread so there’s a lot of seeing involved at unknown distance when you’reshooting a 25 ground zero okay so now we’re gonna move to 36 yards this is myfavorite one because it’s so tighten and it’s not really there’s not a whole lotof thinking all right you time kind of point aim point of impactso at 36 gardens station of object point of impactBAM okay we go if I’m shooting from 25 grounds it’s a little of a put okaymaybe about a half inch right here 50 yards a little less than a half inchhigh okay but that’s pretty tighten then we go to a hundred hundreds right uphere probably about two and a half inches 150 that’s going to be rightaround your meridian worth at its highest point then it drops to 200 now and thenthree hundred squad a drop down now but the good thing about this 36 yard zerois it’s about a five and a half inch spread precisely a little bit over a CD okayso if you are aiming at number in a perfect world or something okaythis is gonna be your impacts from 25 all the way out to 300 are gonna be justa little bit larger than a CD so there’s no thinking about holds when it comes tothe 36 -yard zero so then we move over to the 50 -yard zero 50 gardens zero isactually a little tighter until we punch 300 grounds okay so 50 yards spot of aimpoint of affect 25 about an inch low-grade then we go out to a hundred about aninch high 150 maybe an inch and a half high then we start dropping off again at200 250 and then 300 as you can see is all the way down here okay so weactually have a tighter group than we do at the 36 until we affect 300 and then wehave you know this is actually about a nine and a half inch spread okay so thenwe have this draws us to the hundred garden zero 100 yards zero super-tight youknow as “youre seeing” like on the sharpie what do “youre supposed to” about I don’t knowthree inches okay 100 -yard point of object stage of wallop 25 maybe an inch and ahalf two inches low-toned okay 50 we rise a little bit about an inch low-pitched then we gohundred again level a time of jolt 150 we’re throw again 250 and thenthree hundred behavior the hell down now alright so that’s about a 12 inch spreadokay again this is in a perfect world but as you can see there’s no you don’treally have to think about encumbers until you start punching out past 200 yardsalright again my favorite is the 36 -yard zero anything from 25 all the way out to3 00 is about a CD spread so what I did because that’s a non-traditional zerookay 36 grounds so I started ahead and I made a target you can download it on mywebsite it’s free printed out so basically how this target labor I’lllink it in in the specific characteristics here how this targetworks right here core mass okay where these bridges are that is going to beyour point of be targeted at 25 gardens so the reason I made this a 25 -yard 36 0 targetis because most indoor collections are 25 grounds okay so you can take your rifle toan indoor compas positioned the target at 25 grounds strive right here alright and thenyou’re gonna adjust your optic so that your bangs are going right here intothis yellow circle right here okay so once again aim in now centre massimpacts once the effects are right here your missile defects you’re good to go allright that would be a 36 garden zero we’ve tested this it’s good to go again I’lllink it in the vial so kind of a complicated topic not easy to explainbut hopefully you are familiar with hopefully this helps you guys out a little bit againhere’s their here’s your spreads okay 36 in my imagination my view is the best way togo if you are you know if you’re not looking for that real precise shot andyou just want to be able to realise impact on your threat if max interval after 300 delightful shots Manny I wanted to you

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