10 Uncommon Uses for Baking Soda

This is not a survival video, but is some information I found useful through my research. This video details 10 of the more uncommon uses for the household item we call Baking Soda. There are many uses for this item, but these are some of the ones I found that may not often be thought of.

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What are the rare uses of baking soda?

7 surprising uses for baking soda
– Make a mask. Yes, this is another DIY beauty with pantry clips, but hear us out.
– Own products.
– Freshens the air.
– Treats insect bites.
– Clean oil stains.
– Brush your teeth.
– Deodorize your carpet.

What are 15 uses for baking soda?

15 surprising uses for baking soda
– Neutralises cat odors. It’s not Fluffy’s fault that her kitty box smells.
– Test the acidity of the soil.
– Top up the oil.
– Treatment of insect bites and stings.
– Smells like a pet.
– Maintain the pH of the aquarium.
– Wash your clothes better.
– Eliminates sweat stains.

What are 25 uses of baking soda?

Over 25 practical uses of baking soda
– Renew the carpets. Sprinkle baking soda on carpets to absorb moisture and eliminate odors.
– Remove marks from painted surfaces.
– Refreshes smelly shoes.
– Avoid waste odors.
– Clean the joints.
– Gently exfoliates the skin.
– Prepare the baking soda.
– Relieves diaper rash.

What does baking soda do for finger nails?

Softer nails.

– “Combine three parts baking soda and one part water to create a gentle yet effective scrub for polishing and exfoliating nails,” says Julie Kandalec, creative director of Paintbox in New York. Gently rub your hands and fingers together in circular motions to seriously smooth the nail plate.

What is the benefit of putting baking soda in coffee?

The baking soda in the coffee neutralizes the acids naturally present in the drink. When used in budget coffee, it brings out sweeter flavors and reduces bitterness, resulting in a smoother, better tasting drink. Lower acidity also reduces the risk of heartburn, reflux and stomach pain.

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