SSAT Prepper Dogs

hey guys it’s great what sir I was flying exercise one talk to you a little bit about hounds for your residence security and home protection what have you give me a little background on me yeah I’ve been a concept for 20 -plus times I’ve improved every pup for me Chihuahuas to Great Danes we instruct dogs for police work search and extricate dose design personal security work in obedience everybody’s got you know opinion but what what’s the best pup multiply is the best dog multiply is the dog breed that you like now we’ve got at home mr.Bellar we got it for two daughters and she we objective up accepting her in our home that was 4 pounds and she’s not gonna stop an attacker from getting to me but what she will let me know what she will do is let me know that someone is even about to knock on the door she is really highly sensitive and alert all the time if someone just comes on our foyer she is barking or less know someone’s out there so to me that’s as much there’s to me there’s more wield than that than a dog that will stand between me and somebody I guess you might say in that it gives me that additional time to be prepared everybody’s got their opinions about dog it’s only my opinion your opinion may be different and your mileage may diversify you don’t have to have a great large-hearted Great Dane German Shepherd Rottweiler whatever your produce of pick may be for home defense four-pound Chihuahua who will bark at any sound use duty enclose the beat you know she’s really cheap to feed she dines basically good-for-nothing she’s small we know she’s easily transported she’s easy to take care of because she is small so guys that see it time want to give me my opinion on on bird-dogs let me back up for our sound off let me also say that I’ve got a 44 pound mete collie crater polouse hound mix in the house too she is a much better watchdog than he is he is much more protective than genius he would buy someone she would not someone but he could buy someone new injure but to be honest with you from a residence insurance perspective she certainly “youre seeing” she snarling right now she’s ready to go she truly lets me know what’s going on before he does so chaps let’s see it again immense new dollar I was flying teach be safe thank you guys


What dog breeds would survive the apocalypse?

border collie

– Renowned for their energy, intelligence, and tenacity, they’re a race designed to survive whatever nature (or God’s wrath) throws at them. Name the Border Collie our Prototype Survivor and Prosperer of the Apocalypse.

Is Great Pyrenees a good family dog?

The Pyrenean Shepherd is a calm, well-mannered and serious dog known for his great devotion to the family, including well-behaved children. These dogs are generally dependable, affectionate and gentle, but will not hesitate to protect their family and territory if the need arises.

What is the best survival dog?

The best dog breeds for survival
– Rotweilers. The Rottweiler is a German-born dog that was bred to herd livestock and pull cartloads of farm produce, including meat, to the local store.
– Rhodesian Ridgebacks.
– Akitas.
– Alaskan Malamute.
– German shepherd dog.
– English mastiff.
– American pit bull.
-Jack Russell Terriers.

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