Are you looking for the most powerful shotguns of 2022? These are some of the most extremely powerful shotguns we found so far:

✅1. AA-12 Tactical Shotgun
✅2. KEL TEC DP-12
✅3. VEPR 12 Shotgun
✅4. UTAS UTS15
✅5. IWI Tavor TS12
✅10. Benelli M2 Tactical
When it comes to absolute power not many weapons can overcome the incredible punch of a shotgun. Designed to fire outstanding lethal force with the greatest spread possible these guns range from comically large to compact and efficient.
The ability to project a devastating pattern of lead or steel shot to short ranges is also valuable in urban or jungle environments. This makes a properly fitted out shotgun an excellent weapon for close quarters combat.
We have compiled a list of the biggest, most powerful and most unique shotguns in existence. All of these weapons boast incredible range hitting force and mind-boggling potential in the field. Stay tuned to find out what other unique advantages they have to offer.
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What is the most powerful shotgun on the market?

1) Benelli M4

– The Benelli M4 is the proven queen of combat shotguns. This gasoline-operated semi-auto rifle was qualified by the Marine Corps in 1999 and joined the ranks shortly thereafter. The rapid-fire design makes follow-up shots quick and effective, making it an incredibly effective melee weapon.

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