Prepper Paradise Package

this operator 775 at an undisclosed site I really found out that the homeowner who’s a prepper I’ve done a lot of work on this property found out that he wants to sell the place this neighbourhood is a preference paradise there is not only this 10,000 square paw enter home there are four other dimensions four other homes on the asset and so what I’m going to do is evidence you a little of this home letting you know there are four other functioning houses there’s a lot of things that they’ve done to make this neighbourhood functional and off the grid in terms of their water and exertion and their safe chambers there’s everything a good deal of parties are asking about in terms of a dimension we’re going to have to check the description I’m going to disable specific comments on this I’m if all if you’re interested if you’re seriously interested you exactly need to send this gentleman to come an email and that will be listed in the description but I’m going to show you a little of the owned show you some of my handiwork on it and he just wanted me to do a video I said sure I’ll do one and again in this field exactly won’t let you know there are a lot of beings that are like-minded the gentleman is just moving his family not too far away actually to another bit of quality where they’re building starting from scratch a prepper community so you know these people would continue to be the neighbor and I too is contributing to as having another like-minded prepper in the area so great immense point Western North Carolina you’re interested in dangerously interested so send them an email and only all I ask you cause them know that I sent you all right this is engineer 775 let’s show you the place okay I’m going to show you some some of the house it’s a beautiful home it is it comes fully furnished a fully furnished there is a five-year supply of nutrient with the house it will go with the house and so there’s probably over a hundred thousand dollars in food supplies for this location so this place is turnkey with a great deal of redundancies and backups there’s a outdoor fireplace and kitchen there’s just going to kind of pan around so you can see again it’s a beautiful home around 10,000 square feet I am not a realtor so if I’m not showing you something that you wanted to see then you’ll precisely have to forgive me on that I’m just doing this for a friend and so let me show you a little of the kitchen because the full 80 s don’t see the kitchen there will be questions so a nice cool cool counter some timber countertops and concede it so everything is top-of-the-line things plainly everything’s working laundry room mechanical area I’m going to go upstairs “its like” a this is like a hunting lodge the hunting is great I’m just talking to gentleman to somebody just shot a 13 -point buck off of his property not too happy about that so you have a lot of bedrooms throughout merely my little camera probably won’t do it justice when there’s critters in there what is that I don’t know uh regardles so a little wood stove backup firewood place some real heavy Timbers in this I think it’s master bedroom surmount bathroom again I’m just giving you a speedy walkthrough you might not so wishes all of this but here’s the idea from upstairs gaping down into the great room one of the cool things that I can’t really you can’t see when you look at the windows but every window in the house and there’s a knot has information materials on there and they can withstand 500 pounds impel per square inch so every space in the members of this house probably three to five thousand dollars worth of coverage on it can withstand a sledge mallet so no the windows can’t be broken the outer opening can but the inner opening is treated or covered with this laminate film so the part was done in it okay we’re in a basement now and it’s definitely a finished basement a lot of storage a lot of a lot of office one of the other cool things are there’s some genuinely heavy-duty screens these weren’t there you’d be sounding out into the beautiful lumbers but right now they’re the heavy-duty pressure gave screens that can open and embrace all the openings on this floor so that’s another pretty cool security feature I’m just going to walk around a little bit got a gym set up in pantries and food everywhere it’s endless room but I’m not showing you everything here’s one of the one of the menu storage rooms it’s not the only one so again this can and can go with with the purchase of this home okay one of the coolest features of this home is one that you don’t see it’s definitely not obvious and that’s on purpose and if you come to the bathroom in the vault this there’s a little trapdoor that’s been put in now and that gives you and causes you to the safe room which has some practice labor are in place to it this actually terminates up under the driveway and a heavy-duty metal door was made for this entryway but this is all hidden from from the from everyone it’s amply powered it has its own water separate water supply that I developed through sort of spring water gravity fit spring water to this room so check out this command and control center this is a room equipped bunk beds lots of food fully working kitchen the ability to cook sanitation on-demand water water heating there’s a lot of backups and again there’s nutrient everywhere in this house I find menu so this is a pretty cool safe room you can see the steel beams “they dont have” no areas trimmed when this thing was built this thing is this thing is a unusually stout it does have an exit a mode to get out of this building in case you needed to get out every every structure like this needs to do ways of egress and so this is how you get out of here I don’t know if I there’s a light on that yeah there’s the other heavy-duty steel door multiple locks and you can go out I don’t know if I can get out there right now nah “youve got to” parcel but just know you can’t get in and out of that easily so anyway so elegant really cool place right here all right again and the nutrient that is furnished here is not this is top-of-the-line you examine the mountain house produces everywhere so there’s no just amazing prepper prepper palace for sure so we’re coming in running we’re going to leave the safe chamber again menu and spray everywhere turn off the lights let him jostle that up okay all right again overall there are seven seven bedrooms five and a half bathtubs and a 2,000 gallon implanted water tank up on the top of the mountain which leaves a very good water pressure to the entire home and that is completely does so with a mechanical structure I’m going to show you that but he also has a well that has a hand pump and the generator can also run the submersible gush so we’ll we’ll depict you some of those things when we go outside to look around okay the part home has been and can be easily heated with lumber there’s two grove heaters in the home the unlimited supply of timber on the property and you’ll find and verify stacks of it in various places once seasoned and ready to go hello max hi puppy don’t don’t don’t dine me max does not he does not when the purchase of this home I’m glad he’s in that cage it’s okay max that’s not okay yeah I’ll leave you seem we also have the ability to undoubtedly to raise chickens they’ve had chickens here for several years they’ve got goats I’ve got rabbits let me see if I can find the rabbits here it’s just shielded right now for winter and oh there’s some more girls over here we’ve got lots of chickens over there and there’s some bunnies across the way visualize the rabbits in there so goats chickens rabbits been raised here for various several years so that’s that’s already set up for you and that’s always very helpful to have your resupply strategy in place one of the many outbuildings on the owned a little just a little garage for four-wheelers ATVs storm feed and the rabbits and the chickens are on the side and the back of this structure but you can’t see it the water system is a trench through now that goes up to 2,000 gallon hid container and then it’s gravity fed down it is an all timber home and one of such concerns was the ability to be able to fight shells because you will be your own Fire Department EMS and so forth you can hook up you can dump that part 2,000 gallons of spray through this two-inch line on the members of this house or you can hook up a you know trash pump you know they’re reasonable to hook up to this and dump that entire cistern on the house you can fight your own fervors at this spot we’ve also done a site evaluation for the this home in terms of putting a solar battery backup system on it and we already SPECT it out to articulated a dirt mount it’s not here now clearly by the ground mount solar system could be placed on this bank to give all the power required for the critical tours in this home so it is possible that is facing south and you can get good production off of this slope okay beautiful time of year up here in Western North Carolina you realise the foliages are starting to change and they’ve done a lot of work on this mound drawing delightful superhighways there’s goats I think that’s where I’m heading now it’s down to the goat goat house okay in this area on the side of the house there are about 50 blueberry thickets that ought to have planted there’s all sorts of result trees and cherry trees the garden display a huge amount of broccoli asparagus for about ten people it doesn’t look that big-hearted but it it has displayed a lot of meat for this family so they’ve done it a lot they’ve seeded a lot a lot is here for your resupply proposal and here are the goats you got a great section of timbers down here where the goats are on dairy goats mixed with boar flesh goats and there’s a ton of wildlife around the property too there’s elk stand deer you referred it hogs there’s all sorts of wildlife but you likewise have a great place to you know here’s your resupply plant for flesh and dairy and they’re doing well they’ve had the goats set up here for I imagine three years now too so simply a great nobody even knows there’s any doctrine that these are here which is also awesome what do you think about that sir there’s a full-blooded boar billy goat was raised here on the quality and he’s pretty happy nice little hay barn all set to go here very good roof on it that’s arrangements immense for numerous many years there it’s starting to introduce sheep now that the goats have done their errand cleaning up it’s nice to have other types of livestock and that can kind of handle all the different for foragings because the goats normally won’t feed the grass so regardless this target is is just it’s ready to go get food stored you got your resupply schedule and everything else that you need to go along with it okay we were hoping to sneak up on some elk and register you some milk might still learn some I try to catch it on camera but you got a beautiful mountain Creek mount stream range through the property and the asset and I failed to mention to you is 16 acres but it is every bit of its beautiful hole implemented and let’s see if we can find some milk I didn’t know this was even here another resupply design you ascertain all that going in there insure what that is you probably can’t but that’s a beautiful trout in there yeah this is water drew from the fresh mountain torrent over to now so you got another resupply intention so if you need trout for dinner just come down and catch you a pair over here there they are so this little ponds furnish delicately with the Hat up to a hundred one thing they do contend with are the Bears and the winter coming to get a get a meal and so anyway that’s that’s just awesome from a practicality position electricity comes into the property enough energy was sized to keep 10 dwellings if needed on the owned and everything’s ranged subterranean so you don’t have a problem with undoubtedly with ice gales at least on this property so everything was trenched in we’re going to give you a really nice examine from below the house we’re down by the creek and glancing up at the house you can see the you are well aware three ranks and all the nice woodwork and sentries with Mount Laurel and really a beautiful record dwelling and time want to give you this this perspective of it here’s a 12 kV a on the backup generator automated transmit switch to run all the critical circuits in the home there is another generator sitting in a casket brand new if there’s any failure in this which usually with the Honda’s you’re not going to see that but I think this is been in for about three years and then the you just gather the other one out of the box it will hook up identical to this one so in case you did have any problems there’s backups to backups at this location and there are some creature comforts this is a steam room that is just about complete you have hot tub steam room big-hearted old porches around the firstly tier so I’ll present you all of them these are the wood screens I was showing you from the inside came heavy responsibility hinges you’re not just going to pluck these apart but there are at least some some good protection from breaking in on on the lower level this is the spot where we developed the springs actually settled two outpouring cartons in and they all tie into one row and they feed a pumping container for the hydraulic ram gush which gushes the irrigate up 120 130 feet into the two thousand gallon storage tank so the whole place can run off of ability no power applying a mechanical ram shoot and gravitation feeding spray to the home though the point “ve got a lot” of amenities and modern amenities there’s also some cool prep right UM’s on the belonging and this would you know I’m kind of part this “wouldve been” my favorite but this this little ramp pump will supply all the water that this location needs ram pump will flow 24/7 this is coming from a outpouring you can’t really see it because things have grown up since I did it but there’s a tank up there that rallies the spring water from across the fence there are two spring boxes which you precisely investigated and that liquid comes down through a line and it runs the ramp again we make the liquid up a hundred foot and altitudes of about 120 hoofs to a two thousand gallon barrel so believe it or not that little rim could supply all the water you need for your residence a safe area you go to chickens and numerous families and allow you to fight fire it does require a little bit of maintenance from time to time simply checking on it like we are only noticed as the Springboks was running out the overflow took two seconds to clean it out and the rams started flowing automatically so this is a great gizmo that doesn’t require any electricity supply all your irrigate needs here’s a little immersed vat for the RAM pump water coming in and this is an overflow back down to the creek when that Ram tank is full so great little system it is buried hasn’t frozen Morphy around there’s the point of the reservoir and we did too employed a hand pump in the hole and countless the resources necessary to too you have the ability not only to feed the members of this house but you can back feed and replenish the cistern I keep talking about you can’t see cuz interred so with a generator mitt spout ram pump you got three ways to employed water in that tank once the cisterns full you could live for a duet weeks readily as I mentioned the report contains four other residences on this property and this is one of the nice little neat little lieu right here so to make a good suite for the mother-in-law or whoever but let me show you so come down here there’s actually another home in the back perfectly furniture fully equipped so you have not another nice little home back here and on the other side of the owned have the mirror image of this there are two more residences so again “youve had” four five dwellings in total on the 16 acres so it makes a great huge location for a big family or if you have a prepper group looking for a location to to move to where there’s again like-minded folks everything set up for you check it out okay the last thing I’ll show you because we’re leaving is to put to show you the barrel and I don’t know if my camera will pick it up but I know some here liquid feeing but that is from the RAM pump I presented you and we’re we’re path road road the house is down there Ram spouts way below the house and Springs are level with the house so that ram gush mechanically pushes the ocean up into this tank and then this tank is used to water everybody goats chickens rabbits the house the safe room and also we drop the two in flying in so we could do some firefighting as well okay so if you’re seriously interested in contacting the homeowner on this prepper paradise and only send an email there’ll be an email address in the description please don’t send any sends to me on it because I don’t have time to field all them and I don’t want to miss someone that’s really serious about a piece of owned that’s turnkey ready to go with five residences on it and off the grid another thing I wanted to say a marry other things it is a gated – there’s a certificate door get into the location also up top there’s a nice little carport to put your bug out vehicle in and that’s what this prepper has done and so anyway there’s a lot of things other addeds that I haven’t don’t have time to get into right now so so if you’re looking for a prepper paradise in the mountains of Western North Carolina where there’s plenty of Natural Reserve wildlife liquid in wood then this might be your residence

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