Thrunite TC20 3800 Lumen Flashlight Review

Thrunite TC20 3800 Lumen Flashlight Review
Hey, everyone! In today’s video we’re going to take a look at the Thrunite TC20, an ultra-thrower flashlight.

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Today we are looking at the TC20, which is one Thrunite’s best-selling flashlights, and I am glad they were able to send it to me for review. This is a good general-purpose flashlight for non-pocket EDC uses, capable of producing 3800 lumens.
The TC20 has a space-efficient body that takes up as much space, as the light’s features require, and not more. It shares its general look with the T10 II and Neutron, oddly including the hex-shaped anti-roll area found on those lights, but in combination with a head that is wider so no anti-roll functionality is actually present. It feels good in the hand with sufficient, but not overly aggressive knurling.
The TC20 uses a Cree XHP70.2, part of Cree’s first high-power flip-chip line. The entire line is known for excess green in its tint and tint shift across the beam. The TC20 is no exception, but does mitigate the tint shift to a degree with a textured reflector to smooth out the beam. The reflector is deep and has a nice orange peel to it.
Personally I find the TC20 hits a real sweet spot in terms of size, ergonomics and output. It’s a complete package including the battery, light, and recharging cable along with holster and spares.
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How do you charge a Thrunite TC20?

The TC20 V2 also has a built-in charging function, which is done via USB-C. Thrunite includes a good cable that I recommend (over any random old cable you may have). USB-C is a nice upgrade over the previous generation. The charging port cover is exactly the same.

How big is Thrunite TC20?

Length: 4.69 inches. (119mm) Diameter: 1.65 (head); 1.32inch (body) (42mm/33.

How do you use a Thrunite flashlight?

How much does Thrunite tc20 weigh?

Weight: with 5000mAh 26650 battery: 242.6 grams / 8.55 oz. Without battery: 143.2 grams / 5.0 oz.

How do you put batteries in a Thrunite flashlight?

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