Inside a $10K Luxury Survival Kit

Sometimes you don’t haveenough things where you are. You got to get out of town, get the hell out of Dodge. And so I’m here with the Preppipack people right now, and they about to tell ussome more about how to haveall the essentials you need to protect ya neck. We live in L.A ., and there was an earthquake. And we looked at each other, and we’re like, Nobody hasany of the right things. Wow. You know, if you’re in L.A ., you want to preparefor earthquakes. If you’re in Florida, you want to prepare for hurricanes.Hurricanes, gotcha. So we wantedto stir something that you actually kind ofwant to buy, like you would sunglassesor something on the weekend. So, you can be shopping andsee a pouch like this and be like, Hey, let’sbe prepared time in case. Whoa. Or an shake or … This is a fancy bag. This is very upscale. Yeah. So, we conclude everything ourselvesin downtown L.A. This is canvasthat’s waterproofcoated. Man! And all made by hand, So it’s kind of likeyou’re getting, like, a nice bagat Barneys, except we kept all this goodsurvival stuff in it, too. The first thing you needis food and ocean. It’s just not regular spray. It’s special survival sea. You have2 4 packs of spray that aretiny little pouches. Feels good, right? Kind of feelslike ribs, right? What else you got, crony? Food is kind ofthe same thing. Shrink down in these purses. You have the optionof the organic supplies.They still wantto eat healthy? Some parties do, but in caseyou simply want to survive, we also have these, which are called Datrex Bars, and this is, like, the militarygrade stuff, nuclearproof. They various kinds of tastelike coconut shortbread. You’ve already tried it? Yeah. Of trend. We try everything. You want to try one? Nah. A excellent carry for meis your loaf of bread, a little peanut butter. Is this the same soapthat they have at The London in New York, because this looks like … Yeah, Malin+ Goetz material. You know this stuff. Definitely need towash your mane if the worldis about to end. Oh! Bluetooth speaker. This is a radio that willalso charge your phone. It’s solarpowered. What’s that? So, it’s also cranked, so if it’s cloudy out right? you just go like this.[ Crank whining] For a couple minutes, and then you have the ability to charge your iPhoneor your iPad. This is a satellitecommunicator. So, this pairswith your phone. And then , no matterwhat’s going on, it has a satellite uplinkand you can send text messages.The material that you have herecould be very useful to the people on the islandsin Puerto Rico. A plenty of the people that weretweeting were use this … Really ?… to communicate, yeah. We have like five differentlevels of kit now, going from $ 95, now $10,000, so … $10,000? Yeah. We want to make sure everyoneis prepared, you know? Whether it’s, like, the schoolteacher, you can buy a $90 one, Or if you’re the type of personthat can afford a $10,000 suitcase, we got you coveredthere, extremely. What comesin the $10,000 handbag? Well, this is the modelthat we’re the Prepster Black what we’re looking at. This is the $ 10,000 pouch. I want I want a $10,000 pouch. I envisage, having a fashionable container gives you a higher levelof survival instinct.So, with everything going onin the world today, and with the politicalclimate that we have, have you seenan increase in marketings? Yes, we have. Yeah, something kind ofhappened around the election. And then, you are familiar with, there’sbeen some crazy forecast. These hurricaneshave been happening. Auctions have gone up because people are activelywanting to have, like, a little backup plan. We “ve got a lot” of, like, other crazy tech. It gets a little bitmore farcical. I see you gotthe orange gloves, along with the rope, in case we needto climb or something? Yeah. If you’re on the second storyand need to get down, and the door passagewayis blocked, you can rappel down. You shed the rope? Yeah, you do the little thinglike a parody, and then … Use your sex glovesto escape. Yep. Very sexy glovesright here. Man, this stufflooks like something I would wear in a video. I’m not gonna lie, this is some nice stuff. And merely in case? Giant chocolate. The most expensivest chocolatewe could find, yeah.Just in case you havea sweet tooth while you’re runningfrom zombies. That’s not the only barwe have in the bag. We also have a gold bar. You need somegold prohibits , now. Keep it in your walletall the time. A gold charge card? And it’s cool because thoselittle parts are there. Let’s say you had to buy gas, and they’re like, Oh, the creditcardmachine is down. You take one of thoselittle chips off, you go, Hey, dude, this is worth 50 bucks. You conclude peoplewill accept it? It’s unadulterated, solid gold.[ Wind whistling][ Horse snickers][ Harp music toy][ Buzzer] Aaah![ Zombies snarling] How many of thesehave you got? So, that’s that’sone, right there.That’s worth I know this is one. How many That’s $2,500 worth of golden. It’s $2,500? That’s $2,500. What you’ll takefor it?[ Chuckles ]$ 2,500, yeah. I need to getone of these pouches. Now, I don’t knowif they told you, or if you readthe fine print or even the backof the contract. It says, The host, 2 Chainz, which would be me …[ Laughs] is allowed to get one or twoitems of the product that he is promoting or he or she. Yeah, we take debit card, or cash is fine. Oh, my God. So … I want one of these people, precisely in case. You could just start tradingyour rings for us. Yeah, these costway more than $ 2,500. If you’re feeling reallysentimental about it, you are able to not want to…Let’s was apparent.[ Laughter] Look, thanks for coming, man. We went real golden in casethe apocalypse comes. We have chocolate, walkietalkies, Bluetooth. We have solarpoweredphone chargers. You know, there it is, adult. Get at these guys. I think they haveyour survival needs. And I’m your multitude, 2 Chainz, or as they announce meon the street, Deucey Baby. Most Expensivest 😛 rotect Ya Neck. Pow! Pow. was when somebody madeeye contact with them. Yo, yo, yo, what up? It’s your participate partnerchecking in 2 Chainz. And I’m here atWayne Newton’s own cot, his palace, his shovel. And he told mehe’s never had a problem. Me? I don’t believe that. I get people now that say, if there’s a problem go down, you got to be ready. Adventure Combat Ops, they gonnashow you the real getdown on how to get downif it go down.You mine? Hey, person, how “are you doin “?’ Sup, person? Good to see you. I accompanied Scarlett with mehere. Hey, Scarlett, how “are you doin “? Hi. Pleasure to meet you. I’m 2 Chainz. Tell me what y’allgot going on, lover. Biggest thing we got going on ismaking sure we’re always ready and preparingfor the inevitable. So, if I precisely, you know, you’ll be ready? Oh, yeah. Well, try to be ready. Okay. So So, what’s your background? I was in the Marine Corps. Back then, when I sufficed, women weren’t allowedto be in combat stances. Wow. So, when I deployed, they are necessary females to beout there to scour the women.So, I was one out of like 300 followers clearing mansions. How was that? I enjoy it. It was awesome. What’s up with you? Give me your background, bro. So, I started offin the Airborne Rangers, then from there, went onto Delta Force after that. So, youjumped out of planes? Once or twice. Yeah, my father did that. Did he? You got to kind of be I don’t know. Got to are happy to chasethe adrenaline. You got to have, like, real charity for adrenaline to be doing that.What are some of the tipsthat you guys could give me on enduring? A fortune of peoplekeep their head down when they’re walking around. Eye contact. Some of the most significant thingsthat offenders will tell you, that wastheir biggest discouraging is when somebody madeeye contact with them. What else? I always like to havea fallback plan. I’m always looking around. If something departs south, where am I gonna go and what am I gonna do? Okay. Never get relaxed. Alwaysbe prepared for whatever.I got you. Tell me, what you guys went? What are you selling? So, we make some ofour background with special functionings, jazz it up with a little bit of the Vegas apocalypsethat we moved. So, you guys have a facilitywhere people can go and actually playthis whole thing out? Yep, that we do. We mostly builta neighborhood indoors, threw all these specialeffects in there. And you get teamed upwith a real specialops hero, and you get to runa specialops mission. You get real handguns, real blowups, helicopters. You get to run a missionon an revolutionary training camp.We’ve got the zombies in there. Why? Because that’s allthe craze right now. That announces rad, buster. So, you gonna You say you’re gonnahave helicopters and nonsense blowing up? Won’t blow upthe helicopters, so we’ll make surewe keep those two separate. But we blow trash upand use helicopters. One of the things thatI’m most strange of is what a zombie apocalypsewould be like. I reckon probably the realworldscenario of zombie apocalypse is certainly exactly chaos and mayhemwhen it’s breaking out, when you’ve got total breakdownon law of the land. And you know, the zombie holocaust could potentially be real. The others thinkit’s just a analogy for Armageddonwhen it comes. Yeah, I recognize whereyou’re going with that. There’s some bad stuffbrewing.[ Zombies snarling][ Clank][ Growls][ Spectacular music gamblings][ Ting!] Scarlett: It’s not allgonna be military, so we need to havecivilians out there. We need to be able to help themand guide them and coach themand train them.We’ve actually made a bunchof whitecollar managers out in the desertfor three days, educated them everythingfrom existence to land navigationto marksmanship to fieldexpedient camping. You give themsurvival packs, or they just kind ofgot to wing it? How does that extend? Pretty scripted. People show up. It’s kind of like a piece of Universal Studios. Oh, male. So, they’re gonna get theequipment and get the weapons. We’ll give them a littletraining class on it. But it’s not real training.It’s all about humorous. So, what would this cost? It strays anywherefrom about $120 to $199. Okay. The biggest one thatwe have built, it’s so legit no kidding we had a young marry in their 20 spay over $11,000 to come out with us for the dayand experience this For the day? $11,000 for the working day? Just a duo, yeah. They must have had an awesometime on the crap counters in order to better do that, adult.[ Laughs] So, inspect, life, the whitecollar peoplegetting a headup on it. Y’all got to learnhow to survive, y’all got totake this serious. And let’s just pray that wedon’t have anything happen in the near future where we have to useany of this trash .[ Spectacular music comedies][ Fledglings chirping][ Siren roars][ Startling music movements][ Peacock calling] Ohhh[ Smack ][ Squawks][ Sighs][ Flames crackling ].

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