24 Easy Survival Hacks Everyone Should Know

Quick Video showcasing a few Life Hacks I feel everyone should know in case of an Emergency or In Home Quarantine

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What are some survival hacks?

Top 10 outdoor survival skills and tips
– Learn about local plants beforehand.
– Always have duct tape ready.
– Fold the backpack in any weather.
– Dry wet shoes with dirty clothes.
– Bring the birthday candles.
– Keep the mosquitoes away – of course.
– Learn survival strategy in quicksand.

How do I start survivalism?

How to become a better survivor
– Set the stage: learn the basics first.
-Don’t stop teaching yourself: he learns as much as you can.
– Use different media: reading, watching videos, listening to podcasts.
– Schedule regular hours to learn about survival.
– Practice practice practice!

What are the 8 survival tips?

8 essential survival skills you can learn in your own backyard
– To light the fire. A fire can keep you warm, repel predators, and provide heat for cooking.
– Creation of drinking water.
– Looking for food.
– Tie knot.
– Create a weapon.
– Build a shelter.
– Basic first aid.
– Fishing and catching.

What are 5 survival tips?

10 essential wilderness survival tips
– To light the fire.
– Build a short-term survival shelter.
– Establish a hierarchy of priorities.
– Find a source of clean water.
– Find a food source.
– Practice excellent hygiene.
– Keep calm and assess the situation.
– Inform nearby search and rescue teams.

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