How To Prep For A Quarantine According To The Head Of The NYC Preppers Network

so uh prepara someone who prepares for disasters disasters and pretty much you know pandemics like this we understand bad outcomes in the future and respond to it by preparing for that whatever it might be these are the things that we string ourselves up for so that we don’t get caught with our breathes down it’s like getting auto coverage you know you’re gonna get into an accident at some point in time so what do you do you get auto insurance depends on your construct organize for example my parents live in a 32 story house I think there’s something like 200 units in it right so what’s a build that large-hearted and that countless legions you’re running in too many transients plus you’re running into people who are call them that’s too much of an showing when you get home you gotta wash your hands a dozen period you gotta disinfect the doorknobs and make sure you know that you didn’t infected so that there’s there’s too many variables with constructs that large-hearted it’s why my mothers left the city and went to PA if “youre living in” a residence you’re in the best case scenario because it’s your home you know who is coming in and out you know that once you wipe down the surfaces you find so I intend listen for a two-week lockdown the essentials are food and sea I mean you know and your own personal medical renders that’s all you’re gonna need and you should only buy foods you’re gonna eat like time because spams on sale doesn’t mean you should buy that idiocy in my pantry I have a lot of canned goods I have Chef Boyardee which I grew up on it’s the only reason why I still eat it tuna fish corned beef hash can be a tomato sauce to oblige you know like pasta and and red sauce of stuff dried cereal and fleshes that are in the freezer but I vacuum-clean seal the meats so they last longer you get probably almost a year of a lot of it if you vacuum-clean seal it “if youre having” kids make sure you have an abundant amount of snacks so that they can eat three times a day so when you calculate how much meat you should have you should calculate three meals a day for 15 eras and then you take and me personally you take one meal out so now your snack you’re increasing your 15 dates to something like I don’t know wha 22 dates isn’t like that so you should ration off your menu but you shouldn’t rationale if your water rationing off spray is bad because you could put yourself in a dehydrated commonwealth everyone should have two gallons of water per person per era because one of those gallons are gonna be used to keeping yourself scavenged the other gallons for you to join if you have domesticateds and you have to prepare for a lockdown for example with my bird-dog I’m buying bags of food each week – 50 pounds of baggage but he should be good a month aback so I’m gonna buy you two more containers and hopefully this thing transfers in in three if not he’s gonna be eating human food and not humen but like you know how our material “were having” collected away there’s no such thing as going overboard with stocking your pantry right so you can I don’t know you can go bananas all you miss but it also assistances because if wishes to you know give your neighbor food or something like that you can’t[ Music] the feeling of going sick the feeling of staying in your apartment for daylights on end you could break down and not me what you know entertaining this is not 1918 right this is 2020 so we have technology to keep us busy we have Netflix and the rest of those to keep us busy if the influence proceeds out that’s a different ball game altogether the father I would dare to say buy a couple board games you know just in case you get tired of TV and then talking “if youre having” someone to talk to you live alone I don’t know suck a face on a wall talk to that but you know if you live alone then you’re gonna have to time a lot of texting and phone calls if not then talk to whoever you sounds in the hospital that helps do some workouts push-ups air squats if you have a pull-up bar do that mount tether if you have one you have a yoga mat do some yoga um I don’t do that poop and I examine drives as far as my home gym bells I don’t have one what I do have is I obtain planneds online to do residence exercisings she could use a spray containers cuz they’re eight pounds right so you introduced them on a lasso on a stay you could bend that you know there’s different little crude things you can do a lockdown is important in this situation because of how fast the virus spreads but if you go against the quarantine powers or the lockdown powers you’re helping the virus spread all right so you’re taking a person who’s sick introducing into someone health and coming them sick for what if you don’t personal additions or whatever it is history has taught us that quarantine projects[ Music][ Music]


What do preppers believe is going to happen?

Most preparers are normal, ordinary people who believe in preparing for unforeseen natural disasters, war, famine, economic collapse, extended power outages, and other possible scenarios.

How to prepare to be a Prepper?

20 steps: the definitive guide for the trainer
– Take baby steps.
– Start slowly.
– Plan for a power outage.
– Determine the most likely natural event in your area.
– Create an emergency contact list.
– Keep as much water as possible and learn how to purify the rest.
– Collect important documents.
– Development of a communication and transport plan.

How long do preppers plan for?

2. Preparation for 30 days. A readiness level that lasts 30 days is generally how most people begin to define “done.”

What do most preppers forget?

Legal documents and identity documents. Legal documents and ID cards are important, but they’re also fragile.
– Photos of family members (hard copies) This is important in case one of your family members goes missing.
– Species.
– Extra batteries or a solar charger.
– Toilet paper or towels.
– layers.
– Insect repellent.
– Radio.

What should a prepper buy first?

Prep Checklist for Beginners: The Essentials
– Waterfall. Always keep a supply of water on hand.
– Eat. New trainers shouldn’t start feedings for more than 30 days.
– First aid and personal hygiene. It goes without saying that you should always have a first aid kit on hand.
– shelter.
– Other important things.

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