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hey youtube I’m Jacob beach and I’m arriving and we’re here with the preppers bunker outdoors your original weekly alone commentary to talk to you about a lone season 2 chapter 1 abide aria and check it out you alright people so in this episode we got to see day one for Desmond Larry Mary and Tracy this chapter will be called Desmond’s episode because he’s the one who sounded so we’ll get to him last-place first let’s talk about Larry well Larry seemed like he had a hard time getting started he was ceased off in a sit with a beautiful freak or spring so we had a great water supply but he said he didn’t really have a whole lot of statu region and he had to do a lot of crazy climbing through actually steep area and I “re saying” at some target I would then be like and I guess he various kinds of did but he got really really exasperated but I would have been like okay this is just going to keep going uphill I’m going to turn around and im gonna travel another way so he had a little bit of a rough a listing every opponent is placed in an area that in one way or the other is equal to every other contestant but each one has its own challenges so obviously fresh water was very easy for Larry but he had very challenging terrain and so you are well aware I considered that what a lot of parties don’t realize is that getting there get being there on your first day it’s got to be very very stressful and it’s got to be very easy to get disheartened extremely being I grew up in that area I know it’s like to be wet to be tired to be stressed and to be fighting with some stupid bush it’s about sufficient to realise you lose your mind but I think that in general larry roberts is a quite levelheaded guy and i think that he’s going to get through this and do better in the future think you merely had a rough first day yeah and you know something else that i am like about him and that I noticed is it seems that he’s very honest to himself and he’s you know justice himself like okay I know that this Shelton was shitty or you know he’s willing to critique himself and I think that’s really yeah survival you know everybody says it that existence is all about is all mental and so being able to know that you did something wrong is very important but what’s more important is the ability to go back see that you did something wrong and fix it I remember Larry is going to be a very strong contender that you had a hard-bitten first day and I think that he’s going to do well alright guys so next we’re going to talk about Mary now he had it a little bit tough as well on her first day on the island she got wet off the bat they descended her off look like in the sea I’m just gonna say that would piss me off I would be so mad um I is undoubtedly say she said that she had a a sleeping bag that was down I certainly would not have chosen like that all efforts I would have brought with me would have been as waterproof and it was feasible to or ocean resistant but she got drenched basically and you know when you’re in a situation like that they were an environment like that where everything is so wet and so damn sure stuff may never baked properly you recollect back to season one with niche his gear started to get moldy so she could be looking at some issues similar to mention that really is a bummer that she her trash just got so from the beginning and then throughout the night and then all of the tinder that she had prepared the day before was also i would really try to set up a large shelter where I could have you know my grove on the inside a situate to sleep place for a flame and have a place that was dry like that and and I would definitely came looking for a region that you know had a it wasn’t a whole lot of brush where I wanted to set up kind of try to find a clear spot I know that can be you know game trails and nonsense but for me it’s almost you know work to have something that a discern where I feel comfortable and to baked a baked blot you know one thing was interesting she got awfully wet she mentioned that she was going to have to get a fire croaking and Larry got his fire vanishing but we didn’t see Mary get a fire travelling and that if if that tend continues will be something that gets very difficult we know in season one people didn’t get flamings exiting simply didn’t last very long so that’s something that I’m really hoping that she’s going to be able to accomplish and outdo at and hopefully get Oliver stuff dehydrated out that the down down is a great choice if you can stay dry because it’s such a good insulator I necessitate it’s incredible for its force for its length it’s really a good quality nonsense but you know and your first sanctuary the first night in my opinion is not that important you know my first night I wouldn’t be worried that much about shelter but the one thing that I’m always worried about is how the ocean is going to be moving beneath your awning because the water above your brain is easy the water came back around you looks challenging and I know from experience that waking up soaking wet is just the worst and you can see that on Mary you can see how much for toll that took I symbolize it’s merciless and it’s something that if you’re not be applicable to it even if you are used to it I convey it’s really hard so hopefully hopefully she’ll do that ardour going all right guys next up we have Tracy Tracy is a very interesting contender on this appearance because if you read a group of people who might be survivalists you wouldn’t site her out as somebody that you think is out there doing all this hiking or survival stuff but she is you know and I was very impressed with Tracy in this episode because of her recollection she seemed like she remained it together pretty good and she was thinking about stuff so far from this occurrence I know we didn’t get to meet everybody but still further I study Tracy is my favorite that I have that I fulfill or that we got to see on the register I when I experience like her having to say goodbye to family and then to her puppy I merely I got a little bit feelings because you know apparently I have pups that that I affection and that I’m unusually is connected to and that would be hard to to leave your family and then a pup like this it’s her best good friend so that that’s that would be really really difficult so not crazy but she did a little bit but she seemed like she directed everything really well I liked the way she prepare her shelter I really like that she placed a tarp underneath right off the back I guess it was I don’t know not last september’s newborn satisfy a little bit before that we were filming for season one and I speak to like our bug out experience and that was my first time sleeping on the ground like with nothing underneath me and I felt extremely extremely so I emphatically envisage for me having something at the bottom would just automatically draw me more comfy it can induce more baked so I had clearly something that I would would want to have something underneath there experience what else is she well one thing that she did that I think was peculiar was she was looking at the trees around her vancouver island can be a particularly stormy locate the brave can get really crazy and so she’s thinking onward she’s looking above where she wants to do her sanctuary in my opinion for our first night like like Mariah said I think that she had the best shelter and she she mentioned that she would have difficulty passing and she’s already thinking about it you know it’s already in her psyche she’s thinking ahead and that’s very important ah so yeah for me surely Tracy was a very impressive person and you know if all I discovered wasn’t a lone poster with everybody from there she would have not looked like she fit with everybody else but I’m watching the first episode you ensure a little of who she is and that she really does fit in surely um I want to say one more thing she actually treated the night really well with all the seems that she sounded I’m not gonna lie that would probably certainly emphasized me out here you scare me I I don’t like to be alone I certainly don’t especially in the dark soho she she really administered it well you know here all those different sounds and being able to sleep and not being intimidated I was really impressed with her yeah so that was really great all right guys lastly this is Desmond’s episode and Desmond did tap before the nighttime came you know I don’t think Desmond what he was you know he talked a lot about not being afraid of accepts and even dressed bears I imply I know he was joking but he still didn’t seem like he was intimidated by that but in reality he was very terrified by it and I think that it cost him being there yes I think it was the Bears and he merely he didn’t really know what well that’s the thing is that i’m sure that Desmond was capable of staying there what uh yeah he might not have had that suffer before but he could have stayed there Desmond’s a big person he knows a lot of stuff and if he had to if his family was on the line if his life was on the line whatever the case may be he could have done it but he didn’t have that suffer and I think he cause himself talk himself out of it now you know Desmond’s going to get a bad rap and especially from people who don’t know anything about his situation about the situation on a lend or anything about survival because to someone who doesn’t know it’s all easy in your brain you think magic I could do that whatever and that might be a little bit of what was happening with Desmond before he got there with the Countenances and everything else watching season one you might have been like yeah it’s no big deal and then it was a different occasion but the biggest thing we keep talking about survival from a mental characteristic and I think what happened to Desmond is that he caused himself talk himself out of it you know it’s a pretty crazy situation and not many parties are putting themselves out there and survival scenarios yeah you are well aware I I make love somewhat often and it first it was crazy for me too but it’s something that I’ve become more accustomed to but with that tell me anything introduced me in a brand-new environment the new situate new people new challenges it’s still going to be traumatic people need to realize that so it’s a bummer to see him vanish I would have liked to have seen what Desmond had to offer but you are well aware hopefully he can take his experience on a credit and use it to better himself better his family betters parish and the biggest thing when you disappoint at something like this in life is learning from it and used to identify how you’re going to make it work for you that’s where the paste rises to the top and you know another thing I’m season one we never genuinely had anybody mentioned the money and the motivation you know what maybe use it for and Desmond you know did mention that and that’s what I was just thinking about if I were out there you know by myself I that would be a huge reason for me like you know what my husband and I could do with money like that and set up our off the grid are that’s how be you would do with it but it’s gonna be interesting to see who else you know produces up fund as a motive I think there’s nothing wrong with that it’ll time be interesting you know season one we didn’t well as we said we’re the original weekly narration that means that a lot of the chaps from the prove will probably end up construe and maybe even commenting on our videos so go ahead hit up the comments maybe you’ll get a chance to talk with one of them tell us what 10 things you would bring what you would do different how you would survive and we’ll have a nice little discussion I looked forward to receiving it and I hope to see you guys next week expressed appreciation for very much

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