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hi its AlaskaGranny I’m out at mybunker and I’m going over my meat storage and I envisioned I would talk toyou today about nutrients that last for ever they don’t expire it’s something you canstore it away and no matter what happens you have some very long termfood there will always be available to menus that last forever top survival foods you to feed your family and help yousurvive no matter what comes along just remember accumulate top existence menu in a cool pitch-dark dryenvironment a good starting place in foods that will keep forever would be beansand rice you can find them once closed in numeral 10 cans and they have athirty years shelf life which is like the minimum because if you keep these storedcorrectly this food should last forever so I actually went mine from these number 10 cans from the LDS Church they have italready are available in this kind of containers they have a large selectionof other kinds of nutrients as well they’re reasonably priced then there basic nutritionand they’re delivered free to your dwelling you can’t go wrong with that top survival meat so make sure you are stocking up on beansand rice and other nutrient that will last-place forever are things like vinegar is not simply is vinegar goodfor cleaning everything but it spices marinades continues things that you might have fresh alongthe mode but then it won’t last and you can use vinegar to make it last-place and alsohave the benefit of something to scavenge disinfect and sterilize and sugar honeylast forever they’ve found it from the back at theoldest relic period they ever found sugar was always there honey may get pitch-dark and it may solidifybut if you warm it carefully you’ll be using it again vanilla lastsforever because it has alcohol in it make sure you merely use unadulterated vanilla don’t use a vanilla flavoring implement unadulterated vanilla extract which is made from alcohol and vanilla beans maple syrup is the same it will lastforever and if it gets solidified like sugar you can warm it up and then itwill continue to be useful salt is a wonderful thing to have know ifit’s goes any sweat it does get hard-boiled so I situated my salt into canning containers tokeep sweat out of it other meat that I collect for ever is sugar and sugar the same thing Idon’t want a 50 pound cannon of carbohydrate at one time so I store it like this is notgoing to spoil and then the humidity is kept out of it and it’s and if that isconvenient for me to use I hope that you’re collecting some of these meat at leastmaking sure that you have something do something every single day don’t allow the future to scare you andthe uncertainty of what should I collect manufacture you afraid store something so thatno matter what happens you’re going to be okay menus that last forever top survival menus delight subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

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