Puntata 0 – Sopravvivenza e Prepping

hi all i am alessandro and he welcomes me on the first video to make on pattern it says well I study most of you are reviewing this video once knew Italian blog existence portal where we principally deal with two issues: survival and pressing today we are going to talk a little bit about what the conception is Italian surely 3 to ping why it is two slightly different aspects that nonetheless we on one site try to merge and take one more purpose harmonic then let’s make a distinction initially between survival and 3 then survival is a practice more linked to almost a primitive facet here is therefore all those knowledge that they serve to survive without the aid of special basic implements a consult opening a spear and merely the one who is the basic rapper if we take into account that something can happen to us that shocks for our daily routine and accepted some now that this upheaval is speech repercussion now then we stopped you have to understand that it is true the English words are so cool but the most some of the times they too warp what is a little bit basic in all imagine that “youre on” the roadway with your little genealogy you are leaving for the holidays ok you producing two strong bottles of liquid you are just not because of having them bringing because if we are thirsty we can not stop there is no motorway restaurant so it could see you enter this is a bit that the summary perception as well what inconsistency does it utter of what is he who educates himself erroneously then one getting ready to face the long drive to go on vacation or who has a backpack everything you need to spend the first 72 hours in a self-respectful practice for him who maybe lives in an area subject to hydrogeological hazard such as having a preparation of this type of can then save life perhaps unwarranted rho’s can facilitate life of the moment immediately after the elected if to wear it clearly that I have in simply some invests 29 to eat is a blanket of drinking water if you find yourself having to evacuate your house and it is clear that it is all there is subsequentlies, however, you can at least count on your resources personal and then it clearly has pointless art the thing that me it is important to clarify that we do not want to treat the subject a little in the American direction we really want to be simplified and more practical pragmatists in the approaching and what can be an event that is extraordinary in the sense which is not in the everyday can be a little bit what we want to explain surely we want to deal with this topic without wasting too much surely we want to address the topic between GDP and survival with a very broad spectrum that is, we is not speak only of more procedures we are not just talking about produces but a mixture between these two and I will try the most possible to do practical things but not super tactical things or of military-inspired name would love to show you what it means to be one being received yesterday under certain consideration chance in life and this video is all thank you for having me watched and illusion in the next video continued to follow the path sign up to keep looking at my big-hearted face talking about mysterious things

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