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hey guys how’s it running welcome back to the scout prepper Channel now I’m on a hunting now at the same use of national forests about 60 miles north of Houston Texas so our first time now we’re having a great time but it’s kind of a lunch terminate a midday undermine so I pictured I’d time a prepper video for a piece of gear that you guys have really been requesting and that is the United Position Marine Corps Eureka two-man combat ten this is a great team intent it is big enough for two people to sleep in my lad and I slept in it last-place nighttime no problem and he’s 6 foot 2 I’m 6 hoof towering so we still have room for two sleeping bags with pads underneath and little epoch backpacks above our principals so plenty of chamber it has a full coverage fly which is reversible in this case woodland to desert tan the coyote sunburn complexion and I’ll take this off and demo you in a minute so it is and it has the moon figurehead entrance figurehead vestibule and a rear vestibule and I’ll show you that in a minute it’s more of a V precisely has one zipper in the back so you can leave your gear outside keep it dry put your stuff on the other side keep it dry and that style exactly y’all are in there is not eat up all your seat now one thing about this 10 it’s a marine core commodity it’s a military product and as we talked about with other military surplus real heavy duty but too ponderous it’s a little on the ponderous side chaps compared to some of my kiltie substance my Big Agnes Fly Creek ultralight – no likenes but the toll is right regular owning eBay these are 125 to maybe 175 I’ve seen them anywhere as high and as high-pitched as 200 but it’s a great unit I went this one 129 plus shipping I have two of these my thought was to two people in our emergency gear my son and I will have on our parcels and then to one man’s the T Co P from Eureka for my spouse and two daughters that lane we could both stay in the two men’s but the one man’s there in case there is a requirement to do a split off or in case of backup something happens to one of these tents so let me show you a little about the tent I is about the weight at eight foot eight target five pounds that’s rainfall fly and everything but recollect you’re getting a four season tent it’s four all 10 it’s not mush everywhere like a good deal of these back packets heads which get fairly ultra glowing today and I own those tends to use real rugged and it’s a full four season 10 let me take off the fly and I’ll show you okay people so this is what the tent looks like under the fly and again the fly is reversible it’s real heavy-duty from Woodland to brown now you’ll also interpret these from a timber green to tan and it happens but they’re not very common they are available in an ACU and a multicam you don’t see those options as often and a great deal of occasions the people that are selling them crave a real premium for those hues I’m fine with woodland no problem it’s not being issued as much right now because of all the ACU the marpat and all the things that are out there so Woodland the cheaper colour and I’m fine with that but if “youd prefer” the more modern digital patterns or the multicam go for you exactly understanding you have to pay so the tent again it’s solid information it’s not mesh on the top like you’ve always pictured on a lot of tents it’s the whole thing solid it’s a simple three pull design it has one on each area and then this pole get from the centre around the front to keep the front pulled out and then to the other middle so it’s a three spar designing you throw in the three stand it up and it’s good to go it’s pre standing it does not need the rainfall fly to be standing it also comes with the bets which are awesome Eastern armed ultra brightness I think that they feel like carbon to me I’m not sure but they’re super lightweight they’re lighter I thoughts then my MSR posts which I paid a lot more for so this is a great tent again for season because you’re not employing the times like the TC LP and some of the lighter tents today consuming the full sleeves this normally maintains your tent tighter now I’ll show you the back here the back doesn’t here’s a Halfmoon opening I attracted this up simply to show you the back has an opening but it’s just your ordinary B as “youre seeing” I roll this side up but it has a V opening with another half moon will show you the front appearance you know what the doors have both mesh and solid as you can see two sleeping bags side by side two sleeping pads of course that sleeping bags folded this way now two pillows de battalions everything there is fits so not a real big tent but a real good squad and a real effective tent at 129 for this piece of armed surplus further recommended and durable enough waterproof enough in my view I have slept of this in the rain with a full submerges fly that you and your paraphernalium can stay dry so this may be a great bet for your benevolence kit for your vehicle emergency gear something like that you know your home bug out pack whatever your needs might be the USMC two men combats smacked further recommended pretexts be borne in mind that scout prepper channel is part of the Scout tactical Network which is three paths tactical prepper and hunter like all three is committed to all three check us out on the web at scout tactical comm on Facebook the three separate direct mention scout tactical scout hunter and scout prepper as ever thanks for watching

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