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May 26 2012 for some this year labels the beginning of the end building a zombie Preppers are prophesying the collapse of the world as we know it zombie apocalypse will happen preparation for the worse is needed on nightmare staggering out of fiction and into a frightening new reality that’s the stumbling ravenously hungry body their only purpose is to eat you didn’t stop until he was shot in the brain scientists have started to believe the unbelievable it’s almost certainly gonna be very very rapid in seven days everybody will be dead or a zombie the prepper is already I would not think twice about shooting the infected dead my daughter knows that we only shoot zombies in the thought are you for the zombie holocaust most of the world reviews a zombie apocalypse is pure fantasize it’s time to meet the people who believe it will soon be a reality the zombie Preppers some people sit around and think about what letter you win ten million dollars I still don’t think about what I do if the zombies tournament a zombie cataclysm happening is not a question of if it’s a question of when this is the beginning of the worst case scenario ever since mankind could write we’ve been foreshadow our own extinction the zombies are down there you can kind of play pick’m off some people’s epiphany is when they realize that the chap that lives on their block with all the artilleries and ammo isn’t crazy don’t believe them the zombie Preppers have technical backing doctoral biomathematics at the University of Ottawa dr.Robert Smith feels zombies are no longer science fiction and that they could soon be science detail is something that might arise this is something that’s plausible it’s something that at least in terms of spread is very likely we have a lot of human contact this means that a disease that works through just direct human contact are to be able spread remarkably efficiently zombies rising from the life-and-death is just for the movies but in reality there are scientific theories for how zombies could exist dr. Stephen Schlossman is assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School the most likely etiology for a zombie pandemic would be some kind of mutated contagion most probably a virus scientists formulated that a zombie pandemic would be as devastating and as deadly as any adversity movie everything genuinely depends on how fast the zombie virus takes to transform its martyrs it’s almost certainly going to be very very rapid maximum 24 hours that wants once you have a single zombie fouling a city of say half a million people in seven days everybody will be dead or a zombie dr. Smith estimates that in eight to nine periods zombies would overtake a city the size of New York May 26 2012 the day the world discovered that zombies could be four-wheel and his face by a naked lover when police arrived on this truly bizarre scene they say they were forced to open fire on the alleged attack an officer discharged his artillery is writing on Miami’s MacArthur Causeway Rudy Eugene attacked 65 year-old homeless human Ronald Poppo naked and growling Eugene chewed off clumps of Paco’s face before being shot to death by police sources say a single missile was not enough to stop the man from criticizing the others face they say the police had to fire several films to finally stop that man previously known as good-natured Eugene had no beliefs for brutality was not a hard drug user yet he was shot to death while rending the flesh off his martyrs face professor Daniel Dresner of Clump University author of theories of international politics and zombies believes this is more than just another viciou criticize well the news report suggested that someone in Miami seemed to be acting crazy started snacking the face off of another human being we’ve got someone who seems to pray human body and was not necessarily created down immediately by gunshots that sets off the zombie along though there’s something that we’re not entirely being told about the zombie affects specifically the one in Miami when a being turns and growlings at somebody who’s just shooting them and goes back to eating that’s a red flag for me and he didn’t stop until he was shot in the heading after the Miami incident outbreaks of flesh-eating attacks spiraled and suddenly zombies are on everyone’s radar even Harvard scientists in a very short space of time there’s been a number of very violent attacks examiners say 21 year old college student alexander kenya killed his roommate then ingest his heart and parts of his psyche in the press referred to them as zombie like strikes that’s because the behavior of these attacks reminded the reporters of the behaviour that we understand to be zombie behavior at least three cases of flesh eating across the southern United State reported cases of frenzied cannibalistic affects have now gone world-wide could it be a inscrutable beset spreading across the world from Miami to Canada from Sweden to China the preppers insure the attacks as an grim signed of impending doom they claimed they know what’s coming and are preparing for the apocalypse zombie prepper Matthew Oki is a handguns coach and lives with his wife and two babies in Homestead Florida I do believe there is a ever-growing concern that something is on the horizon something is coming something is building up well I’m just loading up all the stuff that I need when I go to the range to go and practice well self armours the consummation of everything we do I would have no penitence whatsoever to do whatever is necessary to protect myself or their own families in a zombie cataclysm of the future scientists foresee the first criticizes will be isolated the true seriousness of the threat is not recognized but as more and more fall victim panic spreads parties try to leave the cities numerous don’t make it out Patty Heffernan is committed to the prepper cause she believes the greatest threats to her family is a zombie apocalypse zombies utterly terrify me the anticipates that I have play in almost every part of my life yeah it played into the house that I bought with a view to ensuring that you know I have a I have a safe haven for my kids yeah even my daughter knows that we only shoot zombies in the brain the moment someone get bit then were to be infected I guess for me it will vary depending on who the person was if my husband were to be infected it would be really hard to deal with but I know you know as long as I have my girls I continued to go on I don’t have words to express what they mean to me car I certainly would detest to have to be the one to pull the trigger wherever it starts it’s going to spread exceedingly very quickly there is going to be probably an immediate government response but it’s not clear if that government response would be able to handle this sort of developing spread and before governments realize what’s happening zombies have gone global unless you destroy the intelligence the zombie Preppers repute an apocalypse is imminent and some scientists prophesy the zombie pathogen would spread like wildfire sickness keep moving awfully very rapidly thanks to our world-wide infrastructure autoes trains subways all the movement that we’re doing on an exceptional human scale when a zombie apocalypse happens zombie Preppers say they’ll shoot their way out duelling through hiv infected they predict those who aren’t ready won’t make it proper Sean Beatty from Wisconsin is a high school language teacher with a partner and two children he plans to use his intellect to survive he participates the Miami cannibal attack as a signaling of a proliferating zombie threat all of these cannibalistic attacks have been very zombie-like in nature and could be the start when it ten-strikes the supporter my goal is to do things outside the box a daytime for shoot grease-guns appear to have been the favourite pick for killing zombies but it seems like it’s kind of productive because you keep paint more to you because you keep stimulate noise why would he use a crossbow alright remit your target aim for the president it is to the right if you would like to smacked the ability it’s hushed it’s reusable and if I miss they won’t give him know where I’m at I also restrains me in check I won’t be overconfident when I know I have one shot to control a future pandemic scientists will need to understand Sambi neurology dr.Stephen Schlossman is a professor at Harvard Medical School zombie behavior is really characterized by three things this following this locking in on a target they pursue in order to feed and in order to better to feed they criticize in a future pandemic pathologists will examine casualties searching for a cause zombies cannot be destroyed unless you destroy the intelligence you can hack off a extremity you can hack off a thumb anything else the zombie will keep on coming only by destroy the ability does a zombie cease to exist the key to understanding zombie behavior is to think about the zombie brain in such cases the sheep’s brain the zombie intelligence has almost no activity in the frontal lobe the frontal lobe is what helps us to solve complex problems it’s called the executive functioning core so it allows you to do two three four things at the same time it also importantly allows you to distinguish between what’s the right thing to do and the wrong thing to do some people might even say it helps you to distinguish good from evil the cerebellum is the region of the brain that’s responsible for balance it’s a region of the brain that comes undone when we drink too much but in zombies it never gets better so we would have to say watching zombies ambulate from watching the way they move the highway they stumble about that this region of the brain the cerebellum is somehow not working right so they affect for menu that’s what they’re after they just want to satisfy that recommend to eat and there’s no frontal lobe to think it through that’s how you get from the human brain to a zombie intelligence prof of political science at Clump University Daniel Dresner has studied how the district and society would respond to a zombie contagion in the earliest stages of his aaahm be apocalyptic through Facebook through Twitter through YouTube human beings panic and society panics that’ll actually start a much greater loss of life than simply the zombies themselves if a zombie pandemic resulted the immediate stage just after it would be often there would be a breakdown of infrastructure we would have the most parties we’re supposed to help us themselves becoming sick medical doctors the policemen the burn officials and chaos one of the self-evident modes that you would deal with the zombie holocaust is to try to make sure that you’ve got enough resources so that you can stay and hide out and not have to deal with anyone else until likely the epidemic or the pandemic progress during a zombie cataclysm prepper patty Heffernan plans to stay put with her family in her Wisconsin home food clean water some kind of way to defend yourself doing that would potentially make it easier for governments to stop a true zombie apocalypse because if people bide shuttered inside they don’t leave then you’re basically removing beings that could then potentially become zombies and hopefully you could then to rebuff the zombies zombie Preppers share knowledge and marsh existence gratuities veteran prepper Sean baby tours patty to learn how she’s zombie proofed her home patty has three rules of survival one don’t stay on the first floor she being of the opinion that zombies are brain damaged so they won’t be able to climbing stairs these steep stairs which is somewhat of an advantage because when you get to the top it’s high up to find a good string of attack well here’s the balcony now so you know from up here this is a good like sniper arrange the zombies are down there you can kind of play pick them off it’s another way out if I can’t get out on my traditional roads you have a ladder or you even climb down the grate actually I have a rope ladder so I can take it with me oh there you go yeah all right sounds like you have lots of stuff once kind of ready to go Patty’s third govern stock up your cabinets some people applied their coin apart in savings account never expend it really hang on to it which is pointless to me I stock up on food because you cannot eat money the reason why I do all this is so that my family can endure I think it’s very plausible that some government agency could be testing some kind of new medication an impending zombie holocaust actuality or fiction our municipals local communities and dwellings overrun by The Walking Dead what could cause the outbreak an accomplishment of God and inadvertently exhausted virus or government conspiracy no one will rise from the mausoleums realistically it’s a biological viral or a man-made chemical that will cause this pandemic or be the start and mother nature will finish it off weapons teach Matthew Oki lives with his family only an hour’s drive from the site of the Miami zombie attack he’s determined to disclose the truth behind a flesh-eating nightmare seems like this would have been the perfect arrange to try it something and you know all hysteria interrupts loose and beings panic the week goes by very and nothing even talks about it anymore I think it’s very plausible that some government agency could be testing some kind of brand-new stimulant could be testing you know not certainly a virus but a drug a crazed scheme presumption not according to professor of political science Daniel Dresner one possible informant of a zombie outbreak would be if the government had in fact developed a drug that could in fact turn beings from living human beings into zombies the thing in Miami looks like one of those incidents that bubble up that the government didn’t intend to become public I conceive a few weeks after the Miami attack the phrase zombie cataclysm started spiking on Google and it got to be so bad that in fact the Center for Disease Control had to issue a public testimony saying we are not aware of any zombie epidemic at this time if it isn’t an epidemic then what is causing this waving of alleged cannibalistic onrushes there’s a new hazardous pharmaceutical with a harmless sounding name bath salts police agencies around this country are dealing with a spate of beings abusing the synthetic drug with scandalizing significances police say he’s under the influence of a inexpensive readily attainable dose known on the streets as bath salts it’s been suggested in the press that many of these attacks have been driven by the attackers ingesting bath salts now what are bathtub salts they’re not the things you put in your soap to have a perfumey experience they’re a street period for a group of illicit elements of drugs that parties take and create a sense of rage when you look at people who are high on bath salts they seem to be detached from the types of violence that they may be engaging in but then it is about to change that some of these attacks seem not to be associated with bath salts at all so it leaves us wondering what are other explanations for this behavior the history of zombie-ism could provide an answer the rights of Voodoo and the related customs of the Santeria faith have been linked to zombification my understanding is that a darknes priest is asked to do something to somebody else by administering to them sure-fire virus that is just coming up the puffer fish that slows down the heart rate slows down the breathing so that others think that they’re dead tetrodotoxin removed from the pufferfish is 1,200 times more potent than cyanide and could be the key ingredient to a potential zombie chemical concoction in Miami Matthews investigations head him to a Santeria priest these powders what they do is they don’t kill the person once the zombie has been resurrected that person is still alive there’s got to be a reason why you would do that to somebody to enslave the person be like mind-control say oh you can do anything no kid you can do anything you require with a zombie I get the colds at this moment there are people outside of that Haitian community that are doing that time to see what it does and they’re trying it out with maybe one or two parties and then construing how viral you can get but there might be some kind of government involvement in this kind of stuff some Preppers suspect US government tests on a voodoo based zombie dope are behind the curve of cannibal criticizes but what do scientists think there’s a relatively disturbing record of government’s using citizens or strangers as guinea pigs in its first year 1953 to 1973 there was thorough testing of the psychoactive narcotic LSD by the CIA many believed that a brand-new secret government experimentation could loose the zombie virus on the population to some the governmental zombie drug theory is forceful we neighbourhood damn on the Fox River and if any one or mom nature is gonna do something the best way to get it out would be to infect the water supply there’s no one guarding this it wouldn’t be that hard to drive up some night with a cannon or some sort of chemical or bacteria or viruses remove right in I’m surprised they haven’t done it it’d be the easiest way to affect the most people they would infect the fish which we’re in turn in fact all the fishermen and all the swine that feed off the fish not to mention anything that drinkings from the liquid which farmers are let their kine liberate and the passion is a stream graded in the middle their ardour their excitement the cows will get infected polluting the milk fouling the flesh so if you pollute the water supply you’ve affected the whole food chain you’ve debilitated the entire system of life but it’s not viable for a worldwide cataclysmic situation you can’t really have one or two beings become zombies you’ve got to have a large number of become them and the problem is is that if you tried to dump some kind of drug into the water supply or under the food supply you might be able to get a large number of people with become zombies but those people wouldn’t be able to then create more zombies and so inevitably that channel of creating zombies could eventually be contained so the most likely doctrine for a zombie pandemic would be a viral eruption a mutated contagion most probably a virus viruses are fascinating animals and they would be very effective at converting us into something approaching the zombies they mutate very quickly they have very short lifespans and most importantly they use the emcees to photocopy “theyre using” our DNA they rely on us to spread themselves so it fits right into the model of a zombie pandemic you get the virus you behave like a zombie you attack somebody else and spread that bug to the next person and then to the next party and so on until “youve had” pandemic amounts scientists and experts agree that the most likely and the most dangerous source of a zombie cataclysm is the emergence of a new infection in recent decades numerous brand-new viruses have sounded up you have Ebola you’ve got HIV swine flu avian there’s all kinds of different stuff out there are we just one collision one construction of fate away from a viral misfortune would most probably started in swine and make its way to humans widespread pandemics at the end of daytimes some scientists theorize a zombie virus could be virulent and deadly but how would this new disease first foul the human rights population experts agree on the most likely source all the recent infections have come from some mutation for numerous moles animals really at the place where cankers begin the next zombie pandemic is very very likely to come from an animal so if we were to think about the circumstances that would be necessary to create a zombie pandemic we would look for something like a large animal research facility being moved into a locate where whatever animals are being studied there would somehow be interrupted and let out into the public near a population center in an uncontrolled pattern they are unable to invade the food chain have become available to the general population that’s the kind of scenario that would create a zombie pandemic Preppers and scientists feel time one small-time mistake could unleash the zombie apocalypse if I believe a zombie holocaust is gonna happen it’s not gonna happen by intent it’s gonna happen by coincidence if we ignore the possibility that a mutated virus could turn into a haras we will have an cataclysmic situation on our hands killer infections terrorism menaces and secret authority investigate sounds like a blockbuster movie but it’s the storyline of a real place a lab run by the Department of Homeland Security and now it’s about to clear its last-place obstacle before coming to Kansas a brand-new high-security governmental bio research lab and animal testing center is relocating to the Midwest and it’s producing the neighbourhood story brand-new concerns are surfacing about a national bio and agro defense laboratory planned for Manhattan Kansas some say the government has underestimated the possibilities it’s a trade-off on the one entrust you plainly want to invest a carnival amount of research in terms of combating brand-new an opportunity of pathogens or scourges or bioterrorism on the other hand the more you invest in this stuff the more you increase the likelihood that there will be some kind of accident that could then without anyone expecting it lead to the spread of some kind of epidemic in the United State I have major questions about why the style the government decided to build that type of facility and why they decided to build it there Matthew is not the only one to feel threatened by the proposed bio research lab Alfredo Carbajal is founder and master of the Kansas anti-zombie militia five minutes away from where the proposed facility is there is a high possibility of having some kind of zombie outbreak with a bio laboratory that’s being moved in now we formed together to be a preparation group we are a group of individuals with various skills some of us ex-military police officers parties training in firefighting paramedics dwelling is supposed to be where you feel safe at I no longer feel safe knowing that something like this is coming near me a zombie virus mostly spreads by little bit an infected zombie chews a susceptible human changing that human into a zombie it’s quite terrifying there’s no reason why we should think that a virus that turns us into flesh-eating monsters is unrealistic pandemic at the end of epoches Matthew has traveled from Florida to meet with kansas-based prepper alfredo to share concerns about the proposed brand-new bio research facility alfredo are you sir Matthew nice to meet you hey don’t sir what you got for me gives people certain information I know they’re bring back some pretty bad viruses diseases to study on what would happen if an animal does loose from this equipment could be like a rat of course that’s being farmland it is possible to get into some of the particles and get in feedstock and the feedstock and it’ll pass to swine or even beings that eat the raise and when you look at the location just for the United Regime it’s literally smack dab in the middle of the United Country the heartland the heartland yes Kansas meant to be the middle of nowhere but of course if you think about Kansas Kansas was actually where the 1918 Spanish influenza outbreak started it started in army barracks in Kansas it was only called Spanish influenza because Spain was reporting it because of media blackouts in the First World War the pandemic went on to spread disease and death around the world major pandemics have about a 90 time cycle the Spanish influenza outbreak of 1918 killed a hundred million people that was an enormous proportion of the world at the time we have many more parties of course now if it kills about the same proportion we’re in big-hearted big trouble I know they’re returning pretty much everything that they’ve been working on at the Plum Island facility they’re bringing them all into the mainland and that’s what the main concern is especially being in a being Kansas it’s in the middle of Tornado Alley bring in a facility like that it just seems crazy if you look at the facts there has been eight presidential declared event of natural disasters in such areas alone Matthew and Alfredo visit the site of the facility so how did you understanding of this equipment actually one of the one of our followers from the website affixed up tie and that’s how I found out that this was actually a relocation to the Plum Island facility Wow you are familiar with so I didn’t even know I thought it was just a you know another chain State Research Center and it turns out it’s bigger than that and it’s owned by the Homeland Security it’s a shocker to me there’s a sign-in bathroom right there national bio and agro defense equipment authorized personnel use exclusively this is it huh yeah let’s see there’s cameras hotel from heartbeat yep seem you got cattle right here is that part of the column yes that’s part of the agricultural department the proposed national bio and agro security facility in Manhattan Kansas will study a range of infectious diseases Matthew and Alfredo who are concerned about its proximity to the local community we got retirement community to the east of now the feed rationing hub right here livestock to the north stadium stadium hospital was past the hospital there’s an elementary school there and actually inside a residential area we need to inform people that this is an actual danger this is not just you know something you are presented in movies are you read about this is actual this can be a reality the critical question is how quickly scientists can figure out how the zombie pandemic was spreading they’ve got to illustration that out immediately otherwise it’ll be too late a zombie apocalypse happening is not a question of if it’s a question of when the zombie holocaust would change everything you have to do what you have to do never you talk to you what are you doing zombies come along to this big storm in a gravel of menu and get all the drinks and that is what everyone else is thinking I’m going to avoid those places and find others that have the same resources but aren’t the first thing that spring to mind no one’s gonna come here no one thinks are going out for cat meat in emergency they want to go to the supermarket and get snacks and bottled water as you can see there’s tons of “cat-o-nine-tail” meat on both sides of the alleys it might not savor great but it’ll do the trick because the idea is survival not comfort why wouldn’t you come here in the event of a zombie viral outbreak some scientists theorized that hiv infected would alter from regular people into devouring viciou killers to start with these brand-new zombies are vulnerable thinking about the zombie ability and we’re thinking that something has changed that psyche so that what used to be seeming more human now stumbles around can’t walking well doesn’t move well at this phase an eruption can be contained but for how long every human being is in laboratory the virus is changing a mutating inside every single one of us that means we’re all producing different sprains of the virus if we were going to imagine the evolution of the zombie brain it would become increasingly sophisticated when that zombie mentality evolves the zombie get sure-fire aspects that it didn’t have before that zombie can go up the stairs that zombie can turn the doorknob they can planned coordinated onslaughts if that zombie ability derived we’d be in hassle if zombies advanced some scientists predict the contagion would be unstoppable and panic would sweep through the society if governments don’t stop people from panicking then you’re gonna have social ill no matter what happens with respect to the zombies formerly the basic services started going away like formerly the power “re going away” or the internet hurtles or cadre towers was down then they start realizing it’s real then they become more hopeless if you believe that governments and emergency officials can repress a zombie uprising in let’s say one week or two weeks then things like stockpiling and you know defending yourself make a great deal of sense in fortifying wherever your position isn’t if however you don’t have faith that the government is gonna be able to do these things then you’ve got to start gather up a much longer-term plan that’s exactly what Alfredo and his Kansas anti-zombie militia have done the context of the preparations for the worse is needed nothing’s more worst-case situation than a zombie pandemic they are preparing for war a war against the go dead in a secret location the militia prepare for what they feel will be a fight for the survival of the human race we are people it’s our arsenal this is the beginning of the worst case scenario we have weapons for any kind of situation long-range combat short-range combat we have fuel a artillery is likely to be recharged propane it’s gonna be scarce spray we’re incessantly trying to figure out ways to find this is a filtration strong where you can dip this in anything and take some clean sea around we want to make sure we have plenty of non-perishable meat canned goods freeze-dried food recognitions as well so we’ve got some armed meals ready to go this is the most important equipment that we have available is personal protective gear we want to make sure everyone bides healthy and there is no spread of infection the Kansas anti-zombie militia practiced their response to the release of an airborne zombie virus these hazmat you can stop the pathogen from actually being to be subject to your figure we get needs by now all right chaps in about two minutes right now conceded it’s a little painful it’s it’s hot the same time you’re thinking oh you’re you’re risking convenience for health you look like survivors rifle practise involves employing pumpkins for zombies but Matthew wants to know how Alfredo’s militia will cope when it comes to shooting a real target what if it comes down to it’s only you and your loved ones and you catch out one of your loved ones is all of a sudden contracted this something that would be the worst thing that could possibly happen exactly have a loved one polluted there there is no choice you you have to do what you have to do we can’t enter into negotiations exactly shooting every zombie that we see we have to try to cure the zombie bug we can’t fight primitive with primitive we would have to use our higher intelligence science does a couple of things for us when we’re thinking about zombies it helps us to understand the behavior of zombies but it also gets us closer to how we would cure something of zombie ism everything is discernible if we study it carefully we can know how the disease cultivates how quickly it goes what are the chances of mutation and so on then we can try and measure this understand predict control think about past outbreaks like h1n1 or the SARS epidemic generally speaking governments were able to respond relatively quickly in terms of what beings should do to avoid getting it and relating the virus and finding ways to combat it you would hope that governments would be just as swift with regard to zombies in theory we can stop a zombie eruption but in practice we probably can’t it’s very very difficult to stop ailments no matter how quickly we behave unlike zombies human being are fantastically compliant and that’s our best weapon against them human beings have existed fights religious persecution pandemics they should be able to survive a zombie apocalypse it will bring us to the brink of extinction but I don’t think we’ll actually be extinct I recollect humans are so strong they’re so resilient that we will go on now admonition I would give to people during a zombie holocaust it’s overall be prepared you have to have a a mental preparedness as much as a physical preparedness there’s no doubt in my thought it will happen it’s a matter of win the scientists say it’s possible the Preppers say it’s coming they’re ready are you


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