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thank you for tuning in today for another episode of full-spectrum survival as always we admire your views and we looked forward to receiving your subscriptions if you experienced the contents that we provide today I wanted to go over a Altoids kit last week my brother did a video on the smudge jackpot to keep insects apart and during that video he mentioned a small Altoids kit that he was transport which is what he used to start the fire with and he received a couple private words about that equipment so we thought we’d go over and share with you what we found that works in the kit now by all means you might have a kid that’s completely different that works for you and maybe you could share that with the americans and perhaps you can get some thoughts for our boys so let me start off the first thing I like to say is is a lot of the ascribe has to go to my brother he’s the one who really experimented with and tried the different textiles which I was able to build my equipment with my kit was pretty basic when I started off the first thing is a cheap neoprene cell phone holder I found at the dollar store cultivates excellent on the back it has a nice secure clip which is important to carry this because it does get a little bit weighed down if you tried to stick it in your pocket and it has a flap with velcro on it the next thing you’ll see is is he did some experimentation in painting it I duplicated the same thing it was an excellent idea it prevents it from from from looks a lot like precisely an Altoid skate it could be interpreted as a cell phone in the holder and also I have it secured with with a ranger stripe we we agreed when we constructed them that you were able to hold it you were able to sit as much as you as it would contain as long as you could keep it slam with a razor fragment raid your band so I’ll pull that off and open up and support you the contents when I open it up you’re gonna see that some of the information contained actually connected to the lid of the Altoids kit and the above reasons being is is that what’s holding that is an EOD magnet that was procured a rare-earth magnet and my brother exited onward and found out which area when you stroked a needle would reflect true-life northern and the needle so when you positioned a sewing needle on top of a leaf in a small puddle of sea you could actually find some basic direction-finding capabilities with the needle off of the the magnet now you can pre magnetized them but after we started to experiment with and we realized that you could actually regard some of the pack together that reached the box able to close where it wouldn’t have if you didn’t have the magnet there so the first thing you’ll see is there’s a small keyring this can be used for a number of things we principally use them in our fish paraphernaliums the next the next component you’ll see is a country calm small-scale pry bar they can be used to pull hammers they can be used to hold open a simple door mechanism lock we’ve we found that it’s a great article of kit to have in there especially in your urban environment there’s a lot you can do with this and we’ll just leave it up to your imagination to find out all the needs and we pointed out that at country comm the next thing you’ll see here attached to the magnet is snare cable it’s I think it’s 28 measurement and we have about 10 feet here most of the time we’ve never sneered an animal with this particular type of snare wire but we have employed it in amending gear and some other different battleground implements we have a simple goodies powder it’s an aspirin and caffeine to be able to dull a headache when you’re when you’re out during the day and one comes on and that comes in a delightful airstrip now before we located the goodies powder and in a neat flat deprive which is really how we source the different pieces is what would fit in the tin we were taking and cutting out the plastic advil or aspirin and then placing those in the Tim but we experienced this works better you’ll too see here some children’s benadryl I’m an elegy sufferer and so is my brother so this comes in real handy and it the children’s quantities seemed to work out well there half of the adult dosage so you merely get 12 target five milligrams which allows you to still be functional if you feel sinus head incoming sinus headache coming on sinus headache coming on or you get stung by a bee or wasthat you feel you may have a more serious allergic reaction to the next thing you’ll see is just a small tiny hang-up about six hoofs of cordage they can be used for a number of things I’ve applied this primarily for reattaching gear onto my parcel you could also use it for for a trap for a very small one the next thing you’ll see here is a small piece of inner tubing it’s rubber in it it will help you in illuminating a volley in rain status we carry one small bit lighter for surefire one safety pin and I’m sure you’ve seen on YouTube all the uses you can use a safety pin for the safety pin can be used to actually close a weave if you had to it can also be used to pick out a fragment it can be used to repair gear or support gear together or harbour your drapes together the next piece you’ll see it’s a small Leatherman it is the scissors Leatherman really saves on having to having to cut when you have to do intricate slouse it also comes with a small pair of tweezers bottle opener a screwdriver a Philips screwdriver a small file and a small blade and the next thing you’ll see here is a small buck this is the 379 we were looking for something a little above your dime-store spears to lay in now something with some caliber we are also able hinder an periphery on to a scalp and animal or to do some basic work with this fits the bill well it’s well made and it fits in the tin the next thing you’ll see it’s a small photon beacon for disaster illuminating or signaling and then another land stopgap my brother showed me was the credit cards and this is a small piece of an unused credit card wrapped with about five hoofs of canal videotape and there’s a lot of uses for passage tape I’m sure you would you would find that in almost any kit that you have to made some of this in here whether it’s tough to make a field expedient bandage or to attach something very quickly you’ll find it useful then it’s the second fire starting mechanism we have and you can see this one’s very well utilized we have a fair cm rod attached to magnesium stick and the striker then now we have about 25 to 30 feet of spider cable and 50 pound assessment and this vanishes along with the fishing kit and in the fishing kit we have the sinkers that have masking strip on them as well as the needle that’s magnetized for north and then we also took mastic strip and developed in partnership different width hookings and a couple of swivels in a small assured blade now these entries in this kit have worked out well for us we’ve tried some other items and we find that other than the basic fishing kit most of the items get exploited awfully very regularly we don’t use as regularly the the needle to find our guidance or the fishing kit but all the other items we find you are well aware on a weekly basis that we’re using them so we hope that you were able to get some good opinions from this and build your own kit we encourage you to to do that it’s an important part of a self-reliance is to go through and look at the things that you need on a daily basis and not have to ask for outside assistance to to procure them and to be able to solve your own troubles expressed appreciation for very much for aria in today and again as ever please agree

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