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today’s video is going to be about the modular armed sleep plan MSS for short-lived my name is Brian and you’re watching existence on purpose okay kinfolks well thanks for joining me again in existence on purpose today’s video like I said it’s going to be about this great sleep system that is designed for the US military and they called the MSS a modular sleep organization if you may have seen these but what they consist of they’re really four three four cases actually have a additional portion for this one’s a bedroll we’ll talk about that in a minute it comes with a gore-tex bivy which is what waterproof you can actually sleep in this instead of a tent and you can keep yourself dry and one comes with a patrol handbag and an intermediate cold weather bag and a material bag so I’m going to talk a little bit about each individual component and we’ll talk about the pros and cons and if you’ve been looking at one of these maybe this video will assist you even off your thinker okay well let’s talk for a minute about the individual components the woodland camo pieced on the right is a gore-tex bivvy it’s made out of nylon gore-tex is waterproof and humidity vapor permeable sings about 85 inches long and 28 to 35 inches wide those are the specs on it and it weighs somewhere in the neighborhood of three pounds I don’t have an exact fairly scale to bar but it’s through around three pounds the next bit is the lettuce garrison suitcase and this suitcase is rated at 30 grades to 50 positions Fahrenheit so it’s your basic all all-around mild weather bag it’s made out of water-resistant ripstop nylon has an adjustable hood and it is the fill in this bag is continuous filament polyester insulation so it drives pretty quickly and the value on this bag is somewhere around three to three-and-a-half pounds in that ballpark and this sizing is approximately 91 to 37 inches eventually the pitch-black container is the intermediate cold weather bag and this rated alone at 30 severities to minus 10 stages Fahrenheit it also is made of water-resistant ripstop nylon with a endless filament polyester installing also has an adjustable hood that’s 86 inches long about 35 inches wide and the force on this one is somewhere between three and four pounds the final constituent in the MSS is the black stuff sack this is a nylon coated water-resistant stuff sack 29 inches long by 13 inches in diameter it is claimed that this allows you to compress your total sleep plan down to 12 inches by 12 inches or one cubic foot this has a nylon drawstring and six compression leashes so the total weight of this entire system is about ten and a half to 11 pounds and altogether with proper clothe it allows you to stay comfy at minus 20 to minus 30 measures Fahrenheit okay so that’s some of the detailed rules and the specs on the system and this is my initial take over this I’ve not used this camping hitherto I just got it I’m just really excited to go ahead and make this video and establish you when I was looking around on the Internet you know there’s a lot of information that shows you the specs but and there’s a lot of recalls on it but there’s a lot of information I actually couldn’t find in details in that so I want to try to drawing some of those items to today something to look for when you’re buying military surplus is this label and this is actually manufactured by tenir industries and it shows their armed contract numeral now so they are definitely the military vendor or supplier and so starting with the pitch-black suitcase we’ll talk about that it gone on the inside so the three bits seam the pitch-black goes inside the light-green and the green goes inside the bivi but exactly want to show you some of the details in this thing I took a look at this it’s really high-quality and this one is a brand new bag brand-new system you can also find them in surplus use condition in numerous conditions for numerous tolls generally generally the brand-new ones expenditure more coin obviously and the better condition and more the money but Singh first of all zips up top here and it’s got a velcro to hold the zipper and keep it coming from coming on zip it’s got these snaps on it here that allow you to snap everything together and I’ll show you that when you zip it down you notice the zippers have stays here so you don’t get that you don’t get that nylon kitchen in your zipper looks just like you do on some some cheaper sleeping Baggs it’s got a a drag string inside and out this is just a really really smooth zipper and you can see that it is a why KK zipper and you see that hopefully you tell it sharpens yes so that’s just there like the top symbol in zippers so truly thick-skulled container you assure the slam stop on the fight nylon both inner and out this the reinforcing weaves copy has a little collar here tornado collar and a drawstring to assure it up around around your manager so that’s the pitch-black intermediate cold weather bag again this is good down to ten down to ten below by itself okay so this is the lettuce garrison bag and mostly it’s just a lighter version it’s got the same aspects except there is a except instead of being black then there dark-green has same zippers YKK zippers the one main difference is it does not have does not have a extra storm collar in here it does have the drawstring punk and again this is good for thirty to fifty magnitudes Fahrenheit and the pitch-black purse if you just wanted to get really cold goes inside this so let’s take a look at the Bibby you can see that on one side is it is woodland camo the other side is OD maybe desert tan I’m not real up on the military dyes but it’s ten tannish dark-green and normally that’s going to be your fanny this also has a drawstring hood same zippers YKK zippers snaps precisely unusually very well constructed and this again is made of gore-tex so it’s going to breathe but it’s going to be waterproof and you can you can essentially lock yourself up in this you can even velcro the top closed here like this leave yourself some area to breathe certainly and you’ll be a kind of a little self-contained waterproof cocoon so you don’t need a tent but you can keep yourself dry and this thing’s big enough for you can actually preserve you can wear your boots if you want to inside of it you can stay perfectly dressed and be in and keep cool so if you need to get out speedily you can okay last but not least is the stuff sack for information systems and I think there are two different versions of this thing from what I’ve speak some have six tighten straps and some have for one I have happens to have six also has a carry handle on the bottom of it what I like about this thing is I’ve got some other trash sackings that are kind of small-minded this actually allows you to get the entire thing in there before you start compressing so you’re not really have to fight too hard to get the bag in there and I’ll show you that in a minute okay so I want to give you a quick kind of little demo of how these things go together how easily and securely they fit so the first thing I’m going to do is unzip your lettuce garrison bag all the way to the bottom make sure you’ve got it in so that the hood is on the bottom make the pitch-black crate and just trash it in all the way in and formerly you kind of got it in in place okay and again you want to make sure your scarves on sole on that also obviously the zippers would be on the same side go ahead and unzip it also then on the inside under the mail clicks here are the female snaps and basically what you’re going to do is just go ahead and click top and fanny together like so same thing on the other side and really wreak your lane down everything ways up pretty well so shouldn’t be a problem these are also good solid metal cracks they’re not plastic so they click together very solder solidly and securely and precisely succeed your direction on down as you go these are kind of brand-new snaps so they are really close-fisted which is a good thing looking like it wants to start to rain on me now I’m trying to finish this so go ahead and get her done then you can zip up the pitch-black on the inside since that coming down okay sorry for the jump in the camera angle I had to kind of wrap everything up for a speedy it started flowed and all the bag is waterproofing place just see some water overpowering on it my camera is not so I’ve already lost one to the rain I didn’t lose another one anyway the sounds and have this one all the way get your kind of you so they’re kind of tight okay so you want to see you want to dip up the inner container go ahead a pup the outer luggage and for now and the actually the patrol bag has got also pretty big nylon webbing now to keep your zipper from getting caught which is just a great feature is nothing more forestalling than gear I can gather with all that mess on a sleeping bag push your zippers patrolman do the same thing with the gore-tex stand zip it all the way down settle the so pouch in it all the way down to the bottom and if you can’t really get it all the way down it’s not a huge deal because as you work your course up the crackings it’s going to get accomplished that regardles so you specifically find your first deep-seated of clicks on both parts and snap away and mosquitoes snack me up again once you click the two suitcases together then you have a storm flap you can snap over to really increase your climate tightness and I’ll show you that in just a second and so once you got all snaps up then zip up the outside you may ask well how am I supposed to do all this from inside the sleeping bag well plainly you’re going to zip you can work your practice up the zipper as you go and lean out and finish but then you actually have a storm flap that grabs over here so this thing becomes a really good little watertight carton mostly every other snap has a storm snap on it so you get it all done came tuck get your hood here your toast you warm in there you can actually even velcro that you got a nice little watertight BB I want to show you substance sack like I said I really like the stuff sack I think it’s big enough to get your stuff in without a lot of endeavor I’m not trying to articulated it in all a mark once like this I’ve always applied the three segments in separately but we’ll give it a shot now and just see how how well it wreaks should not be that difficult I’m right-handed so a lot easier for me to do it this acces nice once you get everything stuffed in there you can pull the I truly push it down it’s got a little flap here various kinds of cover the hole up and precisely put your drawstring up certainly tight as you can get it got a toggle now I ever like to tuck the extra string in there and so you got a package about like this here’s where the wizard comes I time start working these six squeeze leashes around a little I journal II try to work them evenly I’d go down sleeping bag that has four multitudes up about this big but it’s also not nearly as warm as this just go around say I’m really impressed by the quality of every ingredient of this modular sleep method I certainly crank down on these compressing leashes we really have to if you’re going to try to get that 12 inch cube and I’ve got some some lower-priced stuff sackings and sleeping bags that if I were to do this on because I have and they come in hummed or violated this thing is really really really solid and actually this is about all I’m going to get out of it it’s not 1 hoof square it’s pretty small-time I’m going to show you that I so when I acquired mine this was included in the package and as part of the deal and it is a you know military issue sleeping pad field pad and it’s got these two nylon buckles on it which are secured and sewn to it here terribly securely so you don’t lose them and it wheels out and I want to show you okay well as you can see sleeping pad is about the length of the sleeping bag which is longer than I am towering and I’m five eight five nine so things about six hoofs actually dense sud it’s not really designed for ease as much as it is for that extra stratum of thermal insulation and thermal protection against the soil simply keep you that much warmer okay well that’s my initial take on the military modular sleep system this one’s from tenir industries I think is the main make for dealer for the military for this system now and let’s talk about my pros and cons pros I think it’s versatile it has a lot of different options you can go with the babe you can stay waterproof you can use a tent not use a tent because the baby a lot of different temperature ranges its roommate it is very very well uttered every ingredient on us I haven’t seen anything that is subpar on this at all the negatives really the only negative I can see is it’s pretty heavy it’s like 10 or 11 pounds for the whole thing now conceded it’s going to keep you heated down to you know below sub-zero temperatures anyway and you really won’t even need a tent if you want to use a baby so it’d continue you warm in the bivvy sub-zero temperatures so for 11 pounds you’ve actually got your shelter – although it’s not nearly as nice as a tent for a good deal of a great deal of applications so that’s the pros and cons of the modular sleep organization I’m going to do a follow-up on this video I’ll call this thing for die I’m going to use it the residual this year and through the winter so we’ll get some sink camping in and some winter camping in and I’ll get back with you in a few months and let you know how well it acted I do a good deal of sleeping in a hammock and so hammocks have their own challenges for especially for cold weather so I’m really looking forward to testing this thing out in the hammock in the cold weather and just seeing how much ease it gives me on those cold wintertime lights so if you’re interested in one of these or perhaps you’ve been looking at I’m kinda on the fence I think you could do a good deal worse again I bought a brand new one somewhere in a little north of 150 dollars you can buy absolute brand even with the latest model recent cloak patterns and all that first two three hundred dollars you can find used ones surplus for you know $ 50 to $100 depending on the quality and the condition that you’re looking for I just wanted to get a brand-new one so I can give it 100% best ultimate assessment and I have to worry about anything any expenses or somebody else had done to it I bought mine at army paraphernalium dotnet and I’ll set a join below they have really good expenditures I think they had the best prices I found on the brand-new simulation and they too shed in the sleeping pad with it which was part of it wasn’t like a surprise I intend it was part of the part of the package but the premium included the sleeping bag which is really good price and they’ve got a lot of other armies category armed surplus gear I only checked their side out it’s legion gear dotnet and I think you’ll like what you examine so I hope that’s been helpful if you’re looking at one of these things I hope this information it’s at least been a little bit of a benefit to you as always thanks for watching survival on purpose thanks for subscribing thanks for clicking the thumbs up below tell Google know you like this kind of video I genuinely appreciate your assistance if you’d like to support these new challenges check out the Amazon connects below once again my mention is Brian you’re watching existence on purpose remember survival is not an accident so be prepared see you next time


What sleeping bag does the military use?

The Modular Sleep System (MSS) is a modular sleeping bag used by the United States military. The MSS consists of a waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex camo bivouac, a light patrol sleeping bag and an intermediate cold weather bag.

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