Urban Altoids Survival Tin (v2.0) by TheUrbanPrepper

the second largest video I positioned on my youtube channel was up my city Altoid Survival tune it’s been a long time since announcing that video and this ten has gone through a lot of different revises so I thought it’d be a good time to do an updated video we’ll label this one city Altoid survival 10 explanation 2.0 in the previous video I talked about some of discrepancies between having an city Altoid survival 10 versus a urban outdoor existence 10 so this is more of a 10 that would be useful if you’re on the Amazon or out in the mad and you need some very specific items to survive with you’ll want to have items such as maybe a compass a flame steel for those rare eras you might find a can of chili while you’re in the Amazon you want to have a can opener and maybe some fishing line so all very helpful entries to have in that kind of survival situation but maybe not as useful if you’re in the city like me so you know I’m going to be closer to a Starbucks than I am going to be to a river so I wanted to have some very specific items in my city Altoid Survival tin so for this video let’s go through all the items that I have in version 2.0 of this 10 and I have also made a PDF document which you could download below in the description box which has a list of all the items that are included in this tin where I purchase them out the type of item that they are the quantity the value and the cost so let’s get started going through the urban Altoid survival – in explanation 2.0 before going through all the items in the metropolitan Altoid survival tin let’s do a immediate style in is how much it weighs let’s given it on the scale of assessments here so weighs 7.4 ounces which is 210 grams as you can see this is your standard peppermint Altoids tin it’s not anything like the County Compton which you see here which is actually a thicker tin and it’s quite distinct seeming I demanded something that was you know more discreet it would blended in a gather no one’s going to question you open it up at all towards tin so as “youre seeing” I do have some components in now but it doesn’t open up because of the items so to make it do that I actually attached a little bit of velcro now so I have a very little thin line of velcro with the lid to make it so it stays a little more so I was also pointed out that little peculiarity on here you know it’s not the best thing but it works for me so before actually reform and opening up I wanted to show you on the bottom of it I have a little design now so what I have is this is made by image reflector this is just a little wallet size credit card mirror and so I wanted to have a mirror with me just because I find that it’s quite useful to have in numerous places to have a manner if you wanted to you could I guess you could use this for signaling but for me it’s more for you know hygiene tighten reflects so I found that I always wanted to have a mirror with me and I have some little velcro very thin velcro here on the cornerstone of it so that’s just that’s the first item the portrait reflector credit card size mirror so let’s open up this tin and get started the first thing I see when I open up my existence tin is a picture of baby prepper they always talk about having the will obtain so in a existence statu for me the first thing I want to see is baby prepper there so kind of improves brighten your era so but seeming now on the top I likewise have some disaster amounts so in cases where my cellphone were to die I want to have some emergency digits helpful that I could use so what I have listed in mine this is attached consuming some doubled side videotape by the way I have my auto policy list the number two Highway assistance to triple-a to the Washington poison center the non-emergency number for the police bureau non-emergency number for the fire department of course I know that 911 is the emergency number the American Red Cross earthquake information hotline emergency management station for King County and then likewise the amount for FEMA so I has already been of those quantities are available on now and I have it for both the Seattle area code and then also for Tacoma area code so basically Western Washington so let’s continue going through the items that you see in the metropolitan altitudes revoltin when you are take out the photo of child prepper you have the major items of the urban Altoid Survival tin so let’s start going through all of them right now so the first thing you see here at the top I have two quarterss and just in case I need to have some quarters maybe for a parking rhythm for example and they’re wrapped in a little of gaffers videotape so speaking of gaffers tape I have 14 inches of gaffers tape wrap around this little cut-up piece of an age-old credit cards and I select gaffers tape over pipe videotape simply because it’s meant more for temporary you know taping of entries so it doesn’t leave any kind of gooey residue you on whatever you’re attaching it to I find that with Gorilla Tape with canal videotape you know when you articulated that trash on it’s going to be fastened on there it’s more of a permanent fix to something that interruption versus gaffers tape which is still quite strong but you could still remove it quite easily and it does leave any kind of stickiness to whatever you put it on so 14 inches of gaffers videotape next these I have a little determined of tweezers these are made by these are Uncle Bill’s sliver gripper tweezers you’ve seen these a good deal probably on YouTube on a us NER piers vacate project I think he includes these as well they’re very nice move of tweezers and I find it’s kind of weird but the older you get the more I find I have random “hairs-breadths” sounding up all over the place so whether that be nose fuzzs or ear “hairs-breadths” or you don’t want to know what else manes I want to have some tweezers on me at all times and I find that I use them quite a bit I do have some backup tweezers on now but these are a much more high quality mounted of tweezers that you could use for various things so some uncle invoices slipper gripper tweezers is moving forward forward let’s go now so I likewise have these are some hammer clippers these are the swilling J a hand writhes poor dwelling ultra-slim nail clippers they’re very cool motif male Clippers as “youre seeing” they crumble unusually they’re very thin very lightweight very unique design to them and so I like having some hammer clippers with me at all ages so those precisely keep going down in now I have one stick of Wrigley’s gum not much to say about that just how like having some gum with me keep the breath fresh let’s be moved down in here let’s see if I can get this out this is a USB thumb drive it’s a very small thumb drive it this is the verbatim 16 gigabyte tough and insignificant blink drive so it’s a USB 2.0 it’s there you go it’s very thin as you can see you’re looking at it compared to the nail clippers that’s also at them so it’s just a very small lightweight thin USB thumb drive I like having a thumb drives with me at all seasons so have that included continue on this is made by true utility this is the true utility Telepan telescopic pencil so this pen it opening hours like that so you always have a pen with you I also carry a prime pencil in my pocket but just in case I don’t have that with me I have this backup pin so again this is made by true-life utility next I have a whistle and while I don’t use this too often it’s very small it’s the same whistle I have on my keychain this is the four sevens titanium whistle it’s over 100 decibels very loud with so I don’t want to blow it right now but very nice thin lightweight whistling next I was you for the situation I have some toothpicks so I have two toothpicks right here forward so I likewise carry the Leatherman micro multi-tool so I wanted to have some kind of multi tone instead of having the pliers I like having scissors with me I find that in a urban communities I use scissors much more often than I use pliers and there they have actually real nice set of scissors on these and it also comes with various other tools besides the tweezers that you see here “youve had” some different kind of fuckings flathead shafts you have a blade a very small blade is very thin thin fastened as well bottle opener think you have a file there’s the blade on there so it gives you a lot of different options the main thing that I like using with it is the scissors but this is the Leatherman micro multi-tool let’s continue its work this is a this is a little lighter this is the split-pea lighter it’s made by province comm it’s a very cool very small lightweight stainless steel portable lighter and it’s just very nice one to have so it’s made by County officers but P alright now what you see here no this is not silver bullion forbids or anything like that these are also made by County common these are the county comm mini tins and I actually have these has little real separate bays to some other parts so let’s cover some of those parts I haven’t labeled as well so I have a lozenges compartment this is I guess we’ll call it a a micro locker and then likewise a implements micro compartment so let’s go through some of its consideration of this agenda item that we here right now we’ll start off firstly with the pills let’s go through all the items that I carry in my little capsules micro section so opening it up have a few little pills in here let’s starting off I have six motrin capsules just for pain management so six of those next often goes in an urban environment the biggest emergency I’m ever going to run into is if you have a case of diarrhea so I wanted to have some anti diarrhea medication so this is imodium a-d and I carry three of them with me next you might notice a bit blue-blooded pill in now no it’s not that capsule that you’re thinking of this is for heartburn this is zantac 150 max so in cases where I happen to eat some deep-fried meat and try to go to bed excessively late at night you don’t want to have any kind of indigestion so have that and then too what I’m traveling sometimes I like having some Tylenol PM simply to help me sleep from was pushing it in a different time zone and then last-place I seen here are these square white lozenges I precisely carry three of the Altoid mini batches so these are not any kind of medication they’re just illusions that I have like to keep the breath fresh and those are all the items that I carry in my pills micro chamber let’s go through all the items that I carry and my little tools micro bay so let’s open it up now probably be easy is just to drop drop all these out on the table so thank you come out there so I don’t that you discover on the back here I have one razor blade I also have three accords you have to kind of chipped these up to make it fit into the mini ten and then the striker for those working accords I put one across the lid so three joins I too have one half of a q-tip and a half’s cut off as “youre seeing” I have two paper clip one large one tiny so if I could grab it two paper clip I likewise have two safety pins one massive one one tiny one I have two needles one pitch-black hairband one rubber band and then I have three of the refills for the true utility telescoping write and those are all the items that I carry in my little tools micro locker I’m moving forward with items in the main part of the tin I have one band-aid with me so I merely carry one because I frequently ever have a mini many with me as well but I don’t want to have one backup one just in case I’m also here come towards the bottom now I have three of these little sheets of right and rain paper and I have them on the bottom because I don’t often use them I have a notepad with me generally but in cases where I need to have some newspaper I have those stored at the bottom I likewise like having them there so when I open it up article doesn’t fly everybody when I open up the tin for the purposes of an urban communities I find that it’s always handy to have some cash with you I’ve tried doing in smaller denominations I really have one 20 with me I’d also tried exploiting something like the little $20 Visa gift posters I find that having a $ 20 bill is the most useful for my situations and then lastly I have actually have two more pieces in here its consideration of the sub-item that you see here kind of extends together with one of the items that I carry in my lozenges micro locker and that’s the anti-diarrhea medicine if you’re going to go into someone’s house and if you happen to have diarrhea a good thing to likewise have is just a little bit of scent with you extremely when you hold it in to the accords that I also have in the tools compartment you illuminated a competitor given a little bit of this incense what I could which I cut up so it would fit inside of the tin and you kind of you know help them and not have to endure too much of the diarrhea that you might have so one little poke of scent and then lastly I precisely had a little sewing needle in there with some Kevlar thread and I merely have two paws of it and I get that Kevlar thread it’s kind of hard to find you can’t find it at most accumulations but I have this from the discoverer Survival life merely a survival seaming and amend kit that I have so I have two paws of Kevlar thread that’s going to do it for this video featuring version 2.0 of my urban Altoid Survival tin I find that all the items that I carry with mine are quite handy for me to have in please feel free to leave any kind of observations below in the comments area and then likewise for those of you interested you could download the PDF document which is also available in the description box below talk to chaps later

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