Urban Altoids EDC Tin (v2.2) by TheUrbanPrepper

today I’d like to do a video on my urban Altoids EDC 10 edition 2.2 as with all of my Altoids kits this one’s just a timestamp of where it’s at today I imagine a month from now it will probably look a little bit different based off of situations that arise in my daytoday life and also located off of recommendations in the comment areas of these videos again this one’s designed for metropolitan EDC intents it’s not a existence adjust I travelled the Survival tin route for a pair years and I pointed out that I never exploited it so I wanted to have something that I would use most frequently to authorize carry it in on a daylight to daytime basis so there’s a lot to cover in this video so let’s get right to it again this is my urban Altoids EDC 10 version 2.2 as ever I’ve included a PDF document that you can download by tick the link in the description box below the PDF document has all sorts of information in it including an itemized roll of all the items that are included as part of this urban Altoids EDC 10 it’s organized by item cost type and then just my own personal observations of the reasons why I chose to include that item in here and whether its purpose was 4 so if you’re interested in any of the particular pieces that are included in this tin you can even click on the hyperlinks that are included on this section here and it’ll take you immediately to that make page of where I actually acquired it from so again make sure you download the PDF document that’s included in the description box below as “youre seeing” upon first glance it looks just like a standard Altoids 2 and there’s no videotape or anything like that to hold the lid slam even though it is does survive the upside down test you will notice on the back side though that’s been shined there’s no more labeling on it so this could be used as a mirror this is thanks to youtube or shadow 30 to whitey who is kind enough to send this particular tend to me with the sheen back on it so this helps for mere purposes it does have a little bit of wear and tear as it sits in your pocket though so let’s open it up and is starting so as with all of my Altoids tin I like having a family photo right in the front this is of Kidd prepper it’s local schools photo I think it’s a great morale item also god forbid for a missing person type thing this is a removable photo that you could use you’ll also noting that I have some repeats in here I liked having some inspirational quotes for kind of like tough time so you are well aware some of these coats are tough times never last but tough parties do if you aren’t in over your brain how do you know how tall you are the Joan cannot be polished without friction or somebody perfected without troubles with the Chinese proverb I merely various kinds of like having those over there merely kind of an brainchild type thing I find that I read them often on the buttock of the photo now I employed a little bit of the quake age-old putty down there the bottom no that’s not gum and then I have some emergency digits in the back there these are pretty standard ones that I have auto coverage a highway assistance triplea the lethal count nonemergency Red Cross earthquake emergency management and a taxi although I’ve been using uber a great deal lately but exactly in case I didn’t have a cell phone for example look at what’s called taxi so on the top here you’ll see that I have a only a standard cloth that’s used for wiping up grades as well as the camera lens for videos and then you’ll see a pair little toothpicks now because I use them daily so these are they’re called gum soft collects they’re various kinds of like having a tooth pick although as you can see it has like little teeth on there that helps grab food that’s in between your teeth I think they work a lot better than toothpicks just because that you could grab out those particles and remove them from in between your teeth so these are the gum soft fix the microfiber cloth too facilitates frustrate sounding from happening inside of the tin but when you remove it you encounter all the goodies see as you can see it’s a much different layout than my previous editions which I’m somewhat happy with but it still transfers the upside down test that’s because everything in here is magnetically attached as you see here with the tweezers so I’ve been using these they’re called mag plausible magnets are very tiny as you see here and a little bit of Gorilla Glue for magnetically organizing a lot of the items that you see inside of this tin so it’s not going to come open or anything like that it helps keep everything in place as well you don’t have to worry about the magnets feigning any type of electronics like the USB drive you don’t really have a problem with that if you happen to still have a you know floppy disc but the majority of members of us don’t have this any more flash doesn’t work like that anymore so let’s get right down to these implements so time this first one here as “youre seeing” the magnets fixed there on the end of it this is a sliver grippers so these are some real nice dedicated tweezers that i’ve been using a good deal lately it’s great for pulling out any kind of splinters for example likewise for a computer type stuff I like having tweezers with me and I like dedicated tweezers so these are Uncle Bill’s sliver grippers so we’re zoomed in here so you can see things in better detail let’s start off here on the top so the first item that I have here this is a little micro sized pen it’s made by zebra it’s the zebra SL F 1 mini ballpoint pen as you can see it comes out like that has really nice size if it writes extremely well as most zebra pens do and if it has a good width within the hand although it’s collapsible so it could fit inside of an Altoids tin I also use this one inside of my purse so again this is a zebra SL F 1 mini ballpoint pencil also with magnet attached to the bottom there the next component that you see here is really cool one this one is made by a toe arouse it’s a toe pique ratchet projectile light-headed tool this is actually a motorcycle tool it’s really helpful it’s a you know there’s some times that I found that I needed to have a screwdriver and other kind of flakes and forgetting to hardtoreach places where I wanted to have a ratchet and I precisely started to carry one as far as my EDC determinations now it’s part of this small bike paraphernalium that you see here which also includes out various bits but I’m carrying quarry inside of my kits 10 so again this is a topi crachit I’ll show you the fragments in a little next we have the multitool so this is the Leatherman style PS I chose this one over the Leatherman micro which has been my longtime a multitool because its TSA safe so I wanted to have all the items in here because TSA safe as possible so there’s no knife included with this multitool although it still has the pliers on here it also has scissors it has a bottle opener and a little nail file over here merely a lot of different you know tools that you use with it it also comes with a dedicated tweezers on now although I favor having the uncle legislations for the same reason that I like having a dedicated spear even if they are I have a knife on my multitool so again this is a Leatherman style p.s it is TSA safe continuing on here’s a little micro USB cable it’s extremely small-time it’s made by my cables to my cable portable micro USB keychain it’s actually a little keychain attachment the you touch this once you could carry it on you I like having them inside of my paraphernaliums now as a micro USB connection now and then I have attached a little magnet here so it doesn’t clang around so a little micro USB cable use that for a blaming you know my cell phone and other category devices next we have a little combo over here this is made by Kingston it’s the Kingston digital mobility kit 32 gigabit gigabyte a flash memory card reader so we have the little SD adapter now as you see here and then within this little USB drive here you also have a micro SD which is located in now so you could use this for USB connections and then when you don’t want if you need to have something for example in your camera you just take the micro SD card out and you’re going to gave it into the adapter here and then you have an SD card so again this is the Kingston digital mobility kit a flash memory card reader so a little combo kit really really cool panning out you’ll noting that I have these little micro bays inside of the city Altoid dec 10 and snug and they’re magnetically appended so you don’t have to worry about them falling out so let’s get right down to it you’ll see that they’re all labeled so you could see all the contents that are in them I’ll open it up just for the sake of the video so again these are magnetically mounted working the little magnets I see here so this is like my little pharmacy kit so as you can see you have something for allergy motor and aspirin and anti diarrhea for real shtf so I have these coordinated now I’ve earn these little kind of shelves in now exactly exerting some super glue and some kind of hard-bitten plastic so everything’s organized in their own little bays in now so they’re not touching one another so you have anti diarrhea aspirin motrin mr.Byrne prepper likes the motrin and then this is just kind of like a allergy form remedy even if they are I don’t really have allergies but I find that other parties do and they often ask me if I have anything so again this is my little pharmacy micro Tim here in the middle I have my micro locker for the flecks that be followed up by the toe peep ratchet a you’ve seen earlier so again these are all labeled on the outside I’ll open it up this is also magnetically organized on the inside so these flecks aren’t going to fall out when you tip it over so these are just flakes that I find that I use most often if you wanted to you could probably even use two Leatherman bit launch which is flat which you may be able to fit a few more inside of there I just don’t like breaking up bit rectifies if I don’t have to so I bought these ones individually so I various kinds of have the larger bits here on the top and then the accuracy bits on the bottom here let’s open it up really quick here’s a flathead chip and they see here too a little hex hex bit over here and then Phillips one they see here so again these go along with the tongue meridian ratchet that you see here so I is able to made those chips in and that I’ll be able to use the ratchet like that for that and get into tighten you know hard-bitten hard to reach recognizes so if I needed to get into someplace like that I could quite easily the ratchet you know it leads both actions and then you could also go attach it on here which is also magnet so it’s very exceedingly helpful little setup but I find for my purposes again let’s continue going on through these little bits over here so here are all my precision chips I have a precision flathead Phillips precision Phillips ooh over here and then I “ve got a little” t6 Torx that I use with my bayonet because that’s a type of a bit that I is essential for that so I wanted to have it as on me for EDC purposes and these all go along with the toe flower ratchet the next micro compartment I call my fire and implements set in such a way and they’re all labeled on the outside now let’s just open it up even though you can see all the leaving labeling of what’s inside of it magnetically attached so the first item that I have in here it’s a hairband and I find that they come in handy all the time this is actually miss urban Preppers it’s embezzle goods but for doing any kind of repair tasks I find that this works extremely well yeah I like it even better than rubber bands so let’s move on in the inside now so let’s see let’s get this one out so I have a little bit of fire tinder here this is actually a the internal component of fuel rope so fuel cords kind of like a 550 paracord and it has a little fire tender on the inside now that they are able to light so I have three of these to go along with the three parallels that are included in there so I have just little three little short-lived ropes a flaming rope of the burn tender component of it next you’ll see a rubber band multiple exploits here’s the the striker that starts along with the accords trying to see if I can get this okay then I have a well this one wants to come out so I have a standard paperclip MacGyver his favorite tool so this that standard a entire bunch of various types of employs for this opening up cdrom drives all sorts of things and then I have various parallels in here it looks like I actually have four members of them such is waterproof pairs and I have them kind of clamped on here exploiting this small binder clip so the small binder clip comes in handy extremely like if you just wanted to reseal bags of chippings or anything actually kind of repair tasks with this one and the committee is also contains the pairs in place and those are all the items that are included in my volley and tools micro compartment merely a few more entries to get to so organized now on the bottom it’s magnetically prepared I have some dedicated tack clippers and I receive quite a lot of flack now on YouTube for having dedicated tack clippers I’m not really sure why as an urban commuter I is my finding that I use them often enough to warrant carrying them in this kind of a urban EDC tin so I kind of discussed the same way as yeah I know I have scissors included with this little multitool now but I recall dedicated nail clippers work better than you know the little combo scissors that you get here same thing goes with you know the tweezers and then the tweezers that included in the multitool and the same thing moves for you know when I have a you are well aware a multitool that happens to have a blade on it I still like having you know a real folding blade I is my finding that the dedicated tool toils better than the combo implement so that’s just how I analyse the nail clippers so again these ones I went back to my old-time standard one these are these ones are really awesome these are the swilling J a Henkels ultra slim nail clippers they’re very thin as you see here I’ve tried numerous other kind of nail clippers in that same assemble part I find that these ones cultivate the best so if I was set to grade them I would probably croak the Henckels ultra slim nail clippers followed by the pictur smacks and then the true utility is probably how I would do the standing of them they’re all very thin but the this one’s just a little bit thinner and it worked better for this ten so again some dedicated nail clippers okay continue along I have some backup of the the gum soft selects let’s see here kind of keep them they kind of hang out there on the side over here I likewise like having some extinguishes with me right now I think it I simply have one in here but I generally have two I is my finding that I randomly have to have stamps and parties ask me about them so I started carrying them into my 10 down now on the bottom you’ll see some cash so money was always good to have an emergency situation and I like having it on the very fanny so I don’t I’m not inclined to grab it all the time and to actually yeah actually use it so I want to have kind of set in and forget this cash well merely twenty dollars in the bottom here and then the very last item that you see here is just some scratch paper so I recall right now I only have one scratch sometimes I’ll have two to three only if required in order I find that most the time I ever have newspaper with me but just as a backup so those are all the items included in their urban Altoids EDC ten account 2.2 you may have noticed that there are a few common items that I decided to omit from this edition of the Altoids tin things such as a small little Extended flashlight or even a whistle I decided to remove those because I didn’t is my finding that I was using them enough to warrant including them inside of this tin if I’m carrying this tin I frequently ever have a dedicated flashlight something that’s much larger than this little LED flashlight and then I want to have the whistling more easily available such as on your keychain other components such as bandaids and things like that I’ve included in my pouch and also in my mini MIDI kits so this urban Altoids EDC tent is meant to complement my EDC and that’s why some of those items were omitted from this particular version I hope that you guys enjoyed watching this video peculiarity my city Altoids EDC 10 account 2.2 I’ve been really happy with the setup I find that the magnetic mount really helps everything abide organized and nothing’s going to fall out and cures everything going to be home into residence so again there’s magnetized mounting in various locations of this 10 you’ll see some here down here in the breast also in the micro compartments as well so I’ve been really happy with that kind of a little trick to keep everything into situate again I’ve included a PDF document that they are able to download in the description box below it has a list of everything that you’ve seen in this video so if I know I’ve been talking fast so if there’s anything that you wanted to find out more information on exactly click the PDF document it will make you immediately to the product page of all the items that are included here and you can find out a little bit more information so again please feel free to leave any kind of criticisms below in specific comments part and I hope you guys enjoyed watching this video peculiarity my urban Altoids EDC 10 version 2.2 see you guys

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