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you are going to utterly affection this property it’s got everything everybody asks for it’s got some woods about 25 or 30 percent wooded and it’s got large-hearted beautiful open provinces all stage it’s got a brook even got a small house now it’s not a thought live it’s two bedroom one tub it’s very basic but it will surprise you how nice it is inside it’s it’s compact but it’s clean it’s it starts over here on this side of the road I’ll show you the aerial so you can see what you’re looking at but the quality starts now all these fields now on the left and then here it starts with these groves here which are just spectacular look at this wait till you see this so there’s plenty of shadow for the cattle if you’ve got cow or mares there’s plenty of color there’s a creek down here ogle how moderately this is all inside there you can hear the cattle and you’ve got some lush big-hearted trees like this big oak now they grow cattle and forage now so it’s a big hay farm there’s a marry little barns and a couple really nice ponds here’s that little residence like I said it’s just basic but it’s it’s good it’s good income it’s a rental mansion now let me stop here and jump out and substantiate you the barn here’s the house right here and then we just come across this is where we just came up and then the barns are here klitz maple maples give the best colouring and the best shade – so you got a machine shed down now rig removed accumulate your tractors you got horse barn cattle barn whatever you want to use workshop whatever you want down there there’s doors everywhere like I said this is an operating cattle farm so it’s set up for your animals right now you couldn’t ask for a prettier or nicer sizing fishing pond heck you could throw a pier out there you could even “ve got a little” rowboat we’ve got a little rowboat it was you know $ 150 exploited aluminum you can just preserve an oar in and go out anytime you want that’s really nice got kids or grandkids good-for-nothing better than croaking net with them on the nappy in the views are beautiful the mountains in the background you see that just beautiful tons of artery frontage this is the road frontage farm right here see that house property line goes right up to that house and distant right there and I’ll take you up there and I’ll show you that road every what I was telling you about having some local farmers do this well there you go that action you can you can do all the work yourself or you don’t have to if you don’t want it that’s about a seven foot or eight foot push on and can you imagine phone your brass eight feet at a time and this is where that springtime here is feeding this pond now you can see it like you can see it I can see it within the thoughtfulnes with the Sun there but that’s what’s feeding this I’m sure there’s more than one as well this is Alexander Road got a lot of artery frontage on Alexander and then you got a lot of road frontage on Ocala Road tour path up to that house and all the way in the back of this beautiful hay field I want to stop to show you kind of an overview of the farm now it goes down here quite a bit I’m going to guess this Alexander Road is about half way it’s about half way cracks farm into I’ll place the plat now just so you can kind of realise what I’m talking about so that place is going to be to the west this area is going to be to the east of what we’re looking at there’s a little house there’s that great pond there’s another pond back in there a small pond but that’s a great pond there and it goes all the way on down this path to that mansion you’re about 20 minutes from browsing 30 minutes from a big shopping mall and then of course Lake Cumberland it’s right there so 20 30 instants to Lake Cumberland and you’ve got all these little country we just came down from Danville which is about 45 times or so an hour and we’re proceed all these little country stores these charming regions you know bream it’s Apple barn and the variety little variety store Smiths variety store and all that sort of thing there’s a lot of Amish and Mennonite in this community so there’s a lot of agrarian feel to this of course a lot of exchanging so you if you don’t have the equipment to take care of all this forage and the cow there’s it’s easy to find someone who you can who you can trust to positioned some cow on here to mow your forage on shares that sort of thing does that make sense that mode you can you can buy the farm you don’t have to buy the equipment and you are able get all the benefits without doing the cultivate either that’s my kind of business deal right there great we are back almost all the way to that house and it’s got some really good fencing here it looks a lot like fairly new barbed wire and there’s that little house and then you can see the barricade it goes back into the woods there’s a little bit of patch of woods there when you have ten acres of timbers or more which this does when you have ten acres of woods or more you’re going to have dead trees fallen forks fallen trees that sort of thing enough to keep you in firewood indefinitely okay so I exactly turned back down here on Alexander and I’m going to turn in by the little house let me show you what’s going on we’re going to drive back in that field that’s how nice the fields are easy to drive in if there’s cattle out there it can be rough and it could be a little washboard II but it’s not the case now so what are you gonna do at this little house well first line-up professions you may move in it you may live in that you may use it as a locate for in addition you might gave a big addition on it or you might rent it out these folks don’t have a are necessary to it they live out of town and they lease it out so that might be something you would do brings in about $400 $ 450 a month and there’s a couple in it right now if you were going to rent it out and you’re going to build a house there are dozens of elegant house locates on this farm this is that little pond there and yeah that’s just a little bullfrog pond and certainly has a bunch of Springs on it which is what preserves it full was a lot of water on this farm not to mention the borough ocean you’ve got natural liquid you’ve got the brook you’ve got ponds you got Springs or several Outpourings the people tell me there’s various Springs that feed that large-hearted pond that big fishing pond so everything you see here that is a hay field where the fodder bales are is all part of it and then we’ll go over to this field over here and substantiate you all that I think you’ll find that interesting you know you don’t get very many flat farms in this part of Kentucky but this one’s pretty level this one’s pretty rank you can use pretty much all of it of course down by the creek in the woods you can’t stretch any crops down there but you can certainly use it for firewood and and escapades and hunting and that sort of thing whatever you like I’m going to show you inside the house I’m just going to go on in here’s the here’s the kitchen like I said it’s compact it’s a it was built in the 80 s late 80 s and tells me or the marketer told us and so it’s you know it’s constructed well it’s got a little gas fireplace there that may be the hot I’m not sure you got one bedroom now you’ve got another bedroom now and the shower that’s it there you go nice neat any fishing that’s about all from here what more can I tell you it’s absolutely delightful 108 acres more or less it’s got the little live it’s got the barns it’s all set up for cattle it’s got the stream it’s got the groves and you’re only 20 minutes to town that’s how far it is for Cindy and me it’s only about 20 minutes to town I like it just fine get out here relax there’s no illuminated pollution from the city you can see all the stars you’re living in the country anyway get on our exclusive customers register if you want to be two to three days ahead of anyone else when these qualities go on the market only fill that in right there and thanks so much for watching “weve been” appreciate it dance multitudes now give him a call he can help you out he knows more about raising and agriculture than than most people I entail he’s got two stages in agriculture and I was just telling a female now he has no pastimes this is his hobby he adores real estate he adoration Ag he can tell you all about it he can tell you what this area wants he can tell you what germinates best over in that field he can tell you why the fodder isn’t proliferating over there and why this forage is so so bountiful now he knows everything give him a call he can help you out thank you again for watching ciao for now and then that other road I can’t think of it but I can’t think of the epithet of it and why this forage is so so abundant now very healthy night was so bountiful now you


How much is an acre of land worth in Kentucky?

Median home value in Kentucky was $3,920 per acre, an increase of 2.6% from the previous year. Kentucky farmland values ​​averaged $4,400/acre, an increase of 2.3%, and pasture values ​​averaged $3,060/acre, an increase of 0.7% over the previous year. 2019.

What is a prepper property?

It can be an off-the-beaten-path luxury home or a totally out-of-the-box rustic estate for someone looking to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

Is there farm land in Kentucky?

Unsurprisingly, farms are the most common type of land for sale in Kentucky.

Who is the largest land owner in Kentucky?

Meet the 4 largest landowners in Kentucky.

– Read on to find out!
– Federal Government – 1.1 million acres.
– Brad Kelley – 500,000 acres.
– Land Funds – 52,891 acres.
– Kentucky State Forest Program – 48,829 acres.

How much land is considered a farm in KY?

Kentucky Revised Statute 132.010 (9, 10, 11) defines arable land as any parcel, including all income-producing improvements, of at least 10 contiguous acres in an area used for the production of livestock, agricultural produce, livestock, poultry, poultry products and/or tobacco cultivation and/or crops, inclusive

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