Top 5 Best 380 Pistol For Concealed Carry 2020

Top 5 Best 380 Pistol For Concealed Carry 2020
Are you looking for the best .380 concealed carry pistols of 2020? These are some of the best .380 concealed carry pistols we found so far:

1. Springfield Armory 911 Compact Pistol
2. Smith & Wesson M&P 380 Shield Ez
3. Sig Sauer P238 Desert
4. Glock 42

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380 subcompacts or “pocket rockets” make up one of the most fun and cool sub-categories of pistols in today’s market. A typical .380 pistol generally weighs less than 20 ounces and can fit almost entirely in the palm of your hand. They also tend to be more affordable than larger framed pistols and feature some uniquely beautiful designs.
Before getting into our top picks, I want to point out that .380 pistols do have a couple of drawbacks, most notably that, given their size, they don’t pack as much stopping power as larger caliber pistols chambered in 9mm or .45ACP. Nevertheless, pocket rockets are becoming increasingly prominent in the concealed carry community.
And, it’s not hard to see the appeal; .380 pistols are ideal for those looking for a low profile firearm to comfortably carry in the lightest of clothing, and their practical use cases extend to both men and women.
However, choosing the best .380 pistol can be an overwhelming task. To help clear up the confusion, we have drafted this list with the best .380 pistols on the market.
If we left off your favorite or think there is a superior alternative to one in the list, please let us know in the comments below.
Again, don’t forget to maintain these guns properly. In critical situations, your life can only depend on your guns so you better manage them well.
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