How To Start Prepping: Top Ten List

hey what’s up everybody good morning doing a morning video which is a little unusual for me I’m a beaker of chocolate now yom-yom going to do a video this morning on the top 10 things you can do to start prepping or the top 10 things you need to do to start prepping prepping is all about self-reliance and doing things yourself you know the business of prepping has exploded in the last ten years as more and more beings as a consequence of 9/11 and Katrina and the downturn of our economy and the future mentality of our monetary value and inflation that’s looming more and more beings are becoming concerned and one credit people are beginning to prep and as a result of industry has boomed over the last ten years all around prepping the report contains firms out there some of them are very good well-respected you know survival supply business that are out there to make a buck on you yeah they’re selling good quality material and and a good deal of Preppers out there love them and buy a great deal of their stuff sure but they’re too out there to make a buck off of you and to get started prepping doesn’t necessarily mean you just go to your you know one of these online companies and buy you know their five-year dehydrated food kit for $8,000 my opinion that’s kind of more of a consume of coin than anything else and in also in my opinion that kind of leads against the the the whole point of prepping which is to be self-sufficient so go out there do the stuff yourself get this stuff yourself start with the basics formerly you get these 10 things down you can expand from there and ripen however you want to grow okay if you want to buy 10 years worth of dehydrated bacon and eggs then by all means do if you want to store white rice and mylar handbags and Home Depot buckets go right on ahead but this is where you need to start before you do those things this is the stuff that it is required to do okay here’s our top ten list number one get yourself the best LED flashlight that you can afford if you want to go out and buy a $300 police tactical flashlight is moving forward and do it I think that’s kind of a little bit of overkill but if that’s what you can afford to go out and do it if you can’t afford some like that make buy a $15.00 Headed flashlight from from well that’s what you can afford okay if you can get an extra bulb go ahead and get one if you can’t perhap buy 2 of these undoubtedly you want to get as countless flashlights as you maybe can the more the merrier in my opinion but at the highly minimum you miss one good reliable LED flashlight okay so that’s number one number two is you want to get batteries a good deal of people how many batteries should I have well the two most popular ones that I’ve heard as far as how many artilleries you should have is you should have 10 batteries for every item that you have that uses that battery the other one I’ve heard is that you should have the 5025 thing you should have 50 of your more common artilleries like your doubled and your triple A’s and then “youve had” 25 of your your 9 volts your C’s and your DS that’s a good starting point clearly batteries impede for quite a while they can keep anywhere from 5 to 10 years will vary depending on how you storm so you know you have plenty of time to work through them and replenish them when you need to so don’t be afraid to buy a lot of batteries they’re a little expensive you know box like that it’s probably about 10 horses so you know they’re not the cheapest thing in the world countries so buy them you know get kind of your fundamentals down start ramping them up as you go so work emphatically batteries you want as countless batteries different ranges of batteries as you do the electronic designs that you have you know your your your battery powered radios battery powered lanterns your flashlights it’s anything that have already been that takes batteries you want to make sure you have backups for okay so that’s number two count three is a first-aid kit again I’m a big proponent of realizing your own first-aid kit I think that’s the only way that you’re going to get the best blow for your horse it’s not that expensive to oblige them you can go out there and buy these pre-made first-aid packages and spend a lot of money on of them in my opinion again likely kind of beginning prepper cartons you can get online it’s not the best bang for your horse you get a lot of stuff you don’t definitely need but you are well aware I’m not here to break down and tell you exactly what you need in a first-aid kit in this particular video again in my opinion you should do it yourself to make sure that you got all the things that you need you know everybody lives in a slightly different area in different cultures different climates have different health needs different sized houses different health needs within their families everybody’s a little bit different I think everybody should make their own firstly expedited pack but you know if you don’t want to take the time to do that at least extremely minimum go up by a good first-aid kit okay so number four is water you want to have a storage of ocean if you’re on the inexpensive if you’re on the budgetary resources go out to uh to Walmart buy some five gallon water receptacles creating them dwelling eliminating them up with water affix them in your basement or something you know every couple of weeks bring them back up dump the ocean out sterilize the the containers and and refill that’s a good way to start okay specifically if you’re on a budget the next thing you can do is begin to stockpile like bottled water cases of bottled water it’s a little more expensive to do it that way but clearly works well that’s easy because it’s a little easier to kind of go through it because it’s just in single serve single provide bottles so it’s a little easier to kind of rotate through what my family does is we have food or excuse me a water cooler in our kitchen one of those you are well aware five gallon you know water cooler the bruton kind of thing we have those we have extra water containers down in the basement we are therefore always have actually quite a bit of ocean on hand so that that’s a good thing to do – I’m a big fan of those morning chocolate very good in addition to the your ocean storage you want to likewise have to at least two ways to purify water the five ways to purify water and I’m kind of doing this off the top of my ability so you know if I’m missing something or if I’m getting something wrong I’m sure people will tell me but the five ways to purify water are to boil it filter it treat it with substances solar purification with Sun or to collect water like Dew and rainwater and trash like so you want to have at least two of those in addition to your ocean storage so you are well aware undoubtedly you can boil water that’s an easy one you can if you have a propane grill out back that’s a good hot root for cook water if the supremacy moves out if you have a fireplace in your house and wood you know that’s a good place to cook irrigate if the influence travels out “if youre having” like a Coleman stove or a little camp stove those are also very good you know some direction in addition to your to your stave range in your room you want to have some other backup way to steam spray number two another really popular one is to get one of those spout liquid filters that you can buy it like tenting and hiking supply accumulations or online and things like that get one of those buy some additional filters so you have at least two ways to to purify spray and then too have your water storage to expand you can always bring in more ways to purify water but you at least have those two next is attack fervor was similar to water you want to have at least two ways to start fire that’s what I want by being similar to spray you demand have at least two ways to purify or excuse me to start fire pairs and lighters are of course probably two easiest whether it’s just lighting a candle or lighting your propane heater if the dominance croaks out or the heater exits out or something like that or lighting your hearth or illuminating your your your gas grill or whatever it’s not a bad hypothesi to have a couple of these on hand – these long kind of stick lighters neat thing about them is they’re you know you can get them down into propane heaters and stuff like that to glowing them if you need to they also are larger so you can hold more ga so they last longer those are good to have – so it’s not a bad idea – to have at least one sea proof procedure of starting burn whether it’s a you know flint and sword or whatever or you are well aware waterproof pairs or something like that some sort of waterproof road to stir flamings not a bad meaning they’d “re going to have to” but you miss at least two different ways okay number six list six is the big one number six is food so get out your pencils and paper I’m going to give you your basic grocery list to take to the grocery store right now and move buy food okay I leant this grocery list together so that it’s the easiest for you to precisely jot down it’s simple to understand it’s it’s easy to write down that you can go and you can get your basic meat storage started okay so here’s what you want to get this is it it’s real easy okay you want to get one 20 -pound bag of rice you can either get lily-white rice or brown rice white rice will restrain longer Brown white rice won’t deter as long but it has more nutritional quality so there’s your trade-off um you don’t need to do the mylar thing in the pail and all that kind of jazz produce it residence nutrient save it pitch it in the freezer it’ll is a good one for quite a while only make sure you rotate through it when it needs to be okay you don’t need to store stuff for 25 times all the time you know you can you can definitely expand out to start do that once you’ve accomplished this top 10 listing but you don’t need to do that at this pitch in time okay the large-hearted thing is just to have some of that nonsense on hand okay so 22 pound pocket of rice 120 pound pocket of dried beans whatever beans you like pinto beans or kidney nuts or black-eyed peas whatever whatever you want um then you want to go down to the can dial you want to get twenty cans of canned fruit mix it up whatever you like okay 20 cans of canned vegetables again mix it up whatever you like okay and then 20 cans of canned meat and don’t time get 20 cans of spam come some spam certainly spam is always good but get some other things to get some tuna come some canned chicken come some canned salmon if you never had something like you know like a canned salmon or something like that if you’ve never had it before you don’t know if you like it you are well aware buy a can of it accompanying it dwelling try it see if you like it if you like it go back buy it more if you don’t buy more or something else so again 20 of each of those canned fruit canned veggies and designed to meet 20 of each next thing you want to do is you want to get two large receptacles of peanut butter okay the largest container that you can get at the food market is batch large-hearted two large containers of peanut butter okay peanut butter is great source of protein savour good it’s very quenching it’s it’s a wonderful actually so get two receptacles of those get two great receptacles the largest that you can get of tang okay cup mixture tang is fortified with 100% of your daily intake of vitamin C so that’s good substance to have around it’s also go to route good to have a couple of get like two pack two boxes or containers whatever of a pulverized alcohol mixture like you know Crystal Light or kool-aid or what it is you like again part of which is just to kind of take the tedium out of water and part of which might be to cover up the experience of purification purification of liquid whether you’re kind of covered under a chemically kind of taste to it or sometimes even when you are treat it it’s not always still has a little bit of a little funk to it so you know it’s nice to be able to spice it with something I mean you want to get two bags of flour patently you can get more if you want to but you want to start out with at least two bags of flour then you want to get one baggage of sugar one bag of salt one handbag of oats preferably rolled oats and one gallon of olive oil you can freeze olive oil so you can keep it for a while so that’s your LAN or your your nutrient inventory so there you go go out get that inventory it’s going to cost you a little of fund but not too bad it’s definitely a lot cheaper than buying dehydrated eggs to last-place you you know six months or something like that it’s definitely cheaper than buying MREs um that’s a good inventory to have though that would definitely get you started from there you can expand on you can buy a couple actions MREs you can start to do your mylar you know bucket long-term food storage kind of thing you can grow from there but that’s definitely your fundamentals so you do that you’ll be covered moving on number seven I have two different things number seven is a a corded phone you want to have some sort of corded phone an old-fashioned corded telephone a lot of us nowadays have cordless phones in our homes and also we have cell phones well cell phones is not what I consider to be a reliable source of communication patently if they drive after a rain or something like that that’s great but if they don’t you know if the pillars get smacked down or something like that you’re not going to have your phone also it’s very limited limited to battery life so you might not have it for very long before the supremacy leads out the battery dies so you know it’s not a bad feeling to have maybe a solar charger but that’s not your top ten list that’s going to come later on down kind of expanding your prep list but so you don’t want to rely on your cell phone if it’s there immense but not something I want to rely on it’s a good idea to have just a regular corded telephone that in case the dominance proceeds out you can plug it into your phone jack a good deal of periods even if they are the ability goes out the phone jack will still cultivate so have a regular old-fashioned basic corded telephone so you can still shape phone calls check on relatives material like that tell people you’re okay whatever you need to do have some sort of contact with the outside world if you have a situation where you don’t have a regular phone service for instance if you have one of these like all-inclusive digital phone package things like ATT u-verse or something like that those are going to be powered so if the dominance becomes out what’s going out irrespective of your phone so those will have some sort of powered module e they’re attached to the outside of your residence or down in the basement or something like that and if the ability leads out you’re going to lose your phone regardless of if you have a corded phone or not so in that case if you’re in that boat what I recommend is getting instead of get a corded telephone for amount seven get a hand cranked emergency radio so at least you have some channel to gather information again get some additional batteries for it if you can number eight our rule cloaks you want to get a wool blanket for at least everyone in the family and then probably a duo extras well coverings are nice because they’re naturally fire retardant and they will stop you warm even if they’re wet and they’re relatively inexpensive you can get brand new military-issue wool blankets for like thirty five horses you can get used ones for a great deal cheaper so get a couple of wool rugs the large-hearted thing is you require 100% fleece okay don’t get the nylon mingle ones or anything like that get a hundred percent woolen the military-issue ones are probably the best so count nine is you want to get supplements I didn’t leant this in the food section I’m position this in its own section you want to get vitamin supplements these one-a-day vitamins I required a is a brand name but these you know the kind of all-inclusive hundred-percent of everything kind of one-a-day vitamins that you want to get you want to get a couple bottles of them at least 400 lozenges you can buy bulk great you want to have that this would definitely going to be in a case if you are in an situation where your food intake is settlement you may be not getting full healthful banquets every day you know you can definitely supplement that with some vitamin adds-on it’s not going to save your but in the long run as far as abated food supply but certainly in the short term will help keep you you know all the vitamins and minerals flowing so it was a good thing to have list 10 again we’re presuppose you have a artillery crowd 10 is to buy ammunition for that weapon at least 250 rounds for your primary defensive dwelling defence weapon if you have more than one artillery you undoubtedly want to have make sure you have enough ammunition for everything 250 rounds is the basic is the basic amount of ammo you should have if you want to grow up from there undoubtedly that’s a good theme but at least 250 rounds and again if you have more than one artillery you want to make sure you have ammunition for all of them so that’s my top ten list in a very quick review number one LED flashlight number two batteries number three our first-aid kit number four water plus two ways to purify water crowd five is fire plus two ways to start shoot so basically it’s just two ways to start ardor six is nutrient and I give you a little grocery list seven is a corded phone or an emergency hand crank radio number eight is fleece cloaks quantity multitude nine is vitamin complements and digit 10 is ammunition so there you go there’s your top ten list go out you can take a weekend and a few hundred dollars go out and buy that roll get it together do it as soon as you can formerly you get that listing down you can start doing the Home Depot buckets with mylar suitcases and and the generators and the the food market in the cellar and all that kind of stuff and the in the wall a ar-1 5s whatever you want to do from there is moving forward and do but this where you want to start top 10 list hope you enjoyed take it easy


How do I start a prepping list?

So, let’s go over these 5 simple steps to start preparing.
– Build a food supply.
– Conserve enough water (in a good way)
– Make sure you can prepare the stored food.
– Establishment of an off-grid waste management system (garbage and sanitary waste)
– Have evacuation plans ready and lots of evacuation.

What is the first rule of prepping?

Preparers often have to explain their preparations to family and friends, but there’s a simple solution: stop explaining and keep your preparations a secret.

What do most preppers forget?

Legal documents and identity documents. Legal documents and ID cards are important, but they’re also fragile.
– Photos of family members (hard copies) This is important in case one of your family members goes missing.
– Species.
– Extra batteries or a solar charger.
– Toilet paper or towels.
– layers.
– Insect repellent.
– Radio.

How do I start disaster prepping?

A basic emergency supply kit may include the following recommended items:
– Water (one liter per person per day for several days, for drinking and sanitation)
– Food (at least a multi-day supply of food)
– Battery or hand crank radio and NOAA weather radio with audible alarm.
– Electric torch.
– First-aid kit.

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