Are you looking for the best camping axe and hatchets of 2020? These is some of the coolest camping axe and hatchets we found so far!
You can find this camping axes and hatchets on Amazon. links below:

✅1. Fiskars X7 camping hatchet
✅2. Schrade SCAXE10 Camp Hatchet
✅3. Estwing Sportsmans Camping Axe
✅4. CRKT Birler Axe
✅5. Gerber Pack Hatchet Camping Axe
✅6. Hults Bruk Tibro Carpenter’s Axe
✅7. Schrade SCAXE9 Locking Saw Axe
✅8.Estwing Camper’s Axe
✅9. Cold Steel All-Purpose Axe with Hickory Handle, Great for Camping, Survival, Outdoors, Wood Cutting and Splitting
✅10. Estwing Special Edition Fireside Friend Axe
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Even the most peace-loving and placid amongst us love a little bit of axe-work, right? Whether it’s the image of the wild outdoorsperson or just the satisfying crunch of steel on wood, getting your hands on the best camping axes and hatchets appeals to some primal urge and sensibility that, ultimately, just feels a little bit cool.
Whether it’s gathering kindling, splitting firewood for a campfire, or clearing low branches from a path, an axe can come in handy. The versatility of it makes it an indispensable tool in the wild. Some might argue bringing an axe to a camping trip is overkill, but it never hurts to be prepared. You might encounter a whole host of different situations.
When it comes to choosing an axe, however, the number of options available makes decision-making harder than trying to chop down a giant sequoia with a butter knife. Finding the best camping axe for your needs mostly depends on where you’re planning to camp, your intended activities, the length of your trip, and the handle type you prefer. The size, weight, affordability, and portability aspects of it also needs to be taken into account.
If you find yourself in need of such a tool, we’ve gone to the trouble of rounding up some of the best camping axes available on the market today.
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What’s the best hatchet for camping?

Overall winner: Hults Bruk Kisa.
– Ideal for splitting: Fiskars X11 splitting axe.
– Best budget axe: Husqvarna Axe.
– Best Value: Council Tool’s 28-inch Kids Axe.
– More resistant: Estwing Camper axe.
– Ideal for crafting and carving: Hults Bruk Almike Hatchet.
– Best Lightweight: Gransfors Bruk Wildlife Hatchet.

What are good hatchet brands?

Here are the best camping axes:
– Estwing hunter’s ax.
– Fiskar’s X7 axe.
– Camp Coleman Axe.
– SCAXE10 11.1″ full tang Schrade axe.
– UST For Ax FS.
– Gerber Bear Gryll Survival Axe.
– Moose Crest ER-272.
– SOG Tactical Tomahawk.

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