My survival and prepping library

how “are you doin ” guys I had identified some other videos that beings did on this issue their survival libraries and I wanted to let you guys know that when I’m not getting big I like to break a mental sweat too so I had quite a few bibles that could classify as a survival library and I have multiple lists the I is very likely part it up into self-sufficiency so like homesteading gardening you know wild edibles stuff like that – security whatever that may entail maybe it’s hiding things maybe it’s whatever to hand-to-hand combat because I was a lot of notebooks on that you are well aware did you – boxing striving anything you can think of when it comes to self-defense I’ve got some survival fiction and I have just random survival knowledge type stuff whether it’s like you you whatever but I’m just going to go through some of the books that I have that I like and that I think you guys should check out and the various categories so starting with the self-defense category I would look into the anything by celebrate Hatmaker he has a really good series of catch wrestling which is basically only another honour for submission striving and so it’s a form of submission striving face basically in the United Mood but you just wanted to you want to be um well rounded so you want to try some jiu-jitsu you want to try some striking “hes having” some works on imperfection box striking – and he emphasizes trash that works in boasts and too stuff that works in hand-to-hand combat where there used to be no regulations like a self-defense situation so you basically to be well-rounded with self-defense so you want to be able to have some artillery talents whether that’s firearms whether that’s with your bladed artilleries whether that’s with anything else puts or what it is you want to be able to have a good striking skillset whether that’s boxing in white.i even something like Taekwondo although it’s um you want to be careful for any of the emphasized just like the sports place of it and if they don’t have you don’t do full-contact and training against balk rival you’re really not going to learn what you need to do and you want to have stuff though the few guidelines is possible and if it is sport-related like even more ties is a sport but the fewer the rules the more likely it will apply to real world so but you want to have a striking artwork you want to have a grappling skill of various kinds like a stand-up grappling whether that’s a heart like traditional grappling judo something transitional to control whether the fight standing or on the foot in controlled position and then you want to have a seizing prowes whether that is some there’s some in judo likewise submission wrestling catch wrestling Brazilian Jiu Jitsu so anyways I’ve gone off on a tangent but the mark Hatmaker series is really good for that and that’s what I would recommend he has a whole series of boxing kicking confronting when it comes to survival fiction I like I like Patriots what can I say it’s it’s survival it’s porn as you’ve heard from other parties kind of unrealistic in a lot of ways mostly in how the people are totally completely cooked I symbolize like it’s possible but it’s not likely but it’s it’s fiction so you can’t be too hard on it and it is entertaining you probably needed an journalist there’s a lot of there’s like a 10 page section on like frequencies and substance like that that while may be useful it’s a fictional diary it’s a story it’s supposed to be amusement and I snapped through that duty another one would be the serial by Matthew Bracken I think there’s three diaries in the series and me assert into matchstick which is the first one which I sent to my father so I don’t have it now right now foreign foes and deserters and domestic adversaries I’ve only read the first and so far I haven’t yet started on these but I did enjoy the first one in my opinion it was a much more realistic look a possible crumbled situation and it emphasized like a cruel government side of it which i think is something that’s much more likely to happen than ended meltdown like in page it’s either one as is practicable but and they’re both story so take it with a grain of salt both of them are entertaining but I really like the Matthew Brackett one better less on the preparedness side more on them like the fighting in action side so this vehicle alright then another work that I really like which is sort of like a monstrous note manual is the Country Living encyclopedia of country living and this is it has you know tabs in now so you can flip to your area this wouldn’t substitute for actual suffer in doing the things that you need to do so you don’t want to wait until the knocks the follower to start trying to raise chickens or something but it submerges all that if you have a specific question or hadn’t come up before you really don’t remember stuff from gardening to use of tools nutrient preservation introduced to animals poultry goats cows chickens all that seeding lots of information in there and I have several records along those same orders and then the other one would be gardening when it weighs germinating menu and hard times this is a pretty interesting book you miss enough substance to cover all knowledge you may need like browning surfaces and skins that could be useful and something it’s even more useful basic slaughter so even if you are raising your animals if you haven’t been going through that before that’s something we don’t need to experience or at least have some comment I “ve got a lot” on here’s some more enduring ones pita Ragnar Benson his exhilarating possible hardcore poaching obviously this is what you would do in a existence statu not just in general wilderness evasion – hiding out in the looting pursuit at remote areas that’s pretty interesting do-it-yourself gunpowder cookbook could come in handy entertainment purposes exclusively here’s something useful confidential hiding place this I would recommend only to give you some plans about David’s toolkit Big Brother’s guide to taking out or a citizen’s guide to taking out Big Brother’s heavy weaponry this could all blow out the right my bench is up the classify is myth as an leisure survival story as well but it probably is useful – I don’t know how much of this would actually be realistic but he has spoken about how to take out barrels this is a much more realistic one if you talk about guerrilla warfare total resistance a swiss legion guy – guerrilla warfare and underground business this was actually written by people who had to do these things so then we all go to The Godfather of modern modern existence defrosts happen and he was right you can predict the foreword to this book why educate trash like that talk about why we should prepare and if you merely eliminated the numbers because he has spoken about the dead place and then everything of course the numbers are a lot smaller but if this removes the multitude the dollar value they could have been written yesterday it’s really sinister kind of and it’s also weirdly um you get a weird feeling for him because you’re like human if this is I he was right you know what I mean but this was written 30 years ago and it hasn’t happened yet I symbolize I know it’s going to happen and this speeding up but we’ve got another 30 years you are well aware so that is a possibility I certainly don’t think so but good read and he had all had he was large-hearted on me his shortcoming was probably the same as Rawls the guy who wrote patriot is it he was large-hearted on the move in the super remote neighborhood with a super survival deepen which I don’t think is the best policy and existence firearms was another one right hammer he precisely would just beat this subject to death but it is an interesting read if you’re big on shoots but he did that horses thump to a pile of pulp human like what handguns are best for the survival he does thumped the out of it so some more survival myth and these are actually written it with a much more sci-fi bend to it so if you like that and they’re much better apocalyptic in its scope of application if you’d like Lucifer’s hammer you’ll like these books by Dennis Chamberlain quantum rains abyss of infinite these are this one was first abyss of Elysium and these are all about you are well aware like tragedies that are destroying the part earth like solar massive solar flare material like that and so those are interesting look up the sequence of diaries by Dennis Chamberlain either one they’re not really consequently in order to be allowed to the kind of each one starts back over the same place and it’s two of them were feeing simultaneously so they’re really interesting the Goodreads emphatically replenished some crack in the cataclysmic learning if you like I said if you like some of Lucifer’s hammer on scrounging and recycling this is the Bible of dumpster diving this is a really interesting book the art and science of dumpster diving it’s not no longer in photograph but you are able find it on from the funny area of things you’re not going to get any better than the return of the Great Depression by container epoch and gate-crash proof 2.0 by Peter Schiff which I have given out to a friend so I don’t have a copy now both of these volumes are extremely good this box eras book runs more into history why this is happening and how it’s happening where Peter sends book plasters more on what you can do to prepare but they’re both most excellent read there are some particularly in-depth financial thoughts covered in this book and they’re interpreted extremely well so even if you don’t have any experience with economic terms and jargon you will be able to read either one of those bibles very well-written it’s true you are well aware exactly a resource of information these is advisable to textbooks in financials classroom not by Paul Krugman all right what do I got all sorts of material here human it’s pretty nonsensical those were just a few you know you’ve got your basic wilderness existence books survival manual another one I recommend not necessarily it’s just general why preparedness if you plan on masked carry obstructed handgun manual make sure you’ve got the up-to-date version and make sure you check the stuff of your commonwealth and that’s pretty much it I signify I’ve got material there’s more here you know I’ve got stuff on everything as you can see I’ve got though this thing goes all the way to the floor yep that’s it let me know what your chaps favorite bibles are preparedness and survival and what topics you think are left out of those people’s survival libraries yeah proportion statement subscribe and I’ll talk to you last-minute


What do most preppers forget?

Legal documents and identity documents. Legal documents and ID cards are important, but they’re also fragile.
– Photos of family members (hard copies) This is important in case one of your family members goes missing.
– Species.
– Extra batteries or a solar charger.
– Toilet paper or towels.
– layers.
– Insect repellent.
– Radio.

What should a prepper buy first?

Prep Checklist for Beginners: The Essentials
– Waterfall. Always keep a supply of water on hand.
– Eat. New trainers shouldn’t start feedings for more than 30 days.
– First aid and personal hygiene. It goes without saying that you should always have a first aid kit on hand.
– shelter.
– Other important things.

What every doomsday prepper should have?

This is what you need:
– High quality and reliable flashlight. One of the most common emergencies is a power outage, so having a quality and reliable flashlight is a no-brainer.
– At least 10 liters of water per person.
– Canned and long-life foods.
– Durable backpack.
– Radio.
– Batteries.
– Loaded power banks.
– Swiss Army knife or multitool.

What is the best preppers guide?

Preparation starts at home!
– Just In Case: how to be self-sufficient when the unexpected happens.
– US Air Force Survival Manual.
– SAS survival guide.
– Camping and Wilderness Survival: The Ultimate Outdoor Book.
– The definitive guide to survival medicine.
– Desert first aid guide.
– Field Dress Up Game Pocket Guide.

What is the most important food to stockpile?

What to always have in the pantry
– Peanut butter.
– Wholemeal biscuits.
– Trail mix and dried fruit.
– Grain.
– Cereal bars and energy bars.
– Nuts such as apricots and raisins.
– Canned tuna, salmon, chicken or turkey.
– Canned vegetables such as green beans, carrots and peas.

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