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hi kinfolks Canadian prepper now aims of this video is going to be to discuss subterranean bunkers more specifically to discuss the mental feelings and psychosocial challenges that may well present themself when cohabitating with others in an environment in which space is limited where supplyings need to be rationed and where the only rule of law is the ones that the inmates can uphold for themselves if suitable attention is not paid to these issues the outcome for the survivors may be as bad as the event of disasters that caused them to retreat into the bunker in the first place now in order to produce this video I chose from a couple different creeks of studies so one of these brooks is research conducted by NASA who routinely psychologically screened their cosmonauts to ensure that they can endure the rigours of spaceflight as well as research done on confinement people especially prisoners who’ve been too forced into some sort of isolation but in the general prison population as well lastly my personal background in psychology and mental health in combination with this research was mobilized in order to attempt to brainstorm about the possible challenges and coping strategies of residing in a slams the devotee bunker longterm this of course is for the sake of entertainment and abusement alone as a probability of an episode happening that would warrant the longterm unending retreat into a doomsday bunker is extremely low it would have to be a very unique confluence of factors and circumstances that make beings into these bunkers longterm which is not to say it is impossible precisely that it’s unlikely the bunker really is the ultimate bug in prep now a majority of the members of shelters of course are only intended for short term use storm shelters of course would fall into this category there are however a small minority of personal sanctuaries and most recently more largescale commercial ones which are being fashioned for extended employment this isn’t even include of course the military and government ones that we the civilian population are not privy to be informed about but the focus for this talk for the sake of interest in amusement alone is going to be the doomsday bunker so is the doomsday bunker purely some postapocalyptic isolationist fantasy in its most extreme form is it something worth the labor required to see it through these are questions perhaps for another video I’m not here to discuss the validity of longterm bunkers very the purpose of this talk generally speaking is going to be the psychology of existing and held gaps with an organization of people that you may no for prolonged periods of time and when I say prolonged periods of time I convey anything that is even over the 72 hour mark because every hour in a bunker may well feel like a epoch vary who you’re sharing the opening with now a lot of business as of late are selling room within large scale underground bunkers these are subterranean communes of sorts vivos logic incorporated in some other smaller proportion fellowships which cater to personal bunkers are spearheading a growing marketplace for doomsday bunkers now the catch with a lot of these largescale bunker structures is that they have shared facilities means that several people who do not know each other are planning on conglomerating to them in the case of a fullblown thumps a meet statu now all the companies who layout these bunkers have paid some attention to and are cognizant of the psychosocial challenges that might present themselves in these bunkers it’s important that people who are considering purchasing their own bunker or buying stake in one of these largescale projects understands the potential for things to go gravely awry within them and merely to promote a general awareness about the mental predispositions of imperfection in long term now the central premise for this talk is going to be the idea that human beings are most living things for that matter are not meant to live in held infinites we are meant to be free movement is life as the saying get but because we’re talking about a detained infinite I do believe that the most important rule above all else whether a smallscale or a largescale bunker or in any survival statu in general with large groups of parties is an agreedupon defined of rules regulations chores planneds some kind of regimen that demarcate clearcut borders on what is and what is an acceptable demeanor this is going to be absolutely essential in a situation where people must ration their resources where they are crammed together where they are deprived perhaps claustrophobic perhaps they are grieving the loss of whatever they are running from being forced to leave all the modern amenities of life behind and all the others Russ’s they might have encountered along the way that is for ik nature of the whole situation and the uncertainty of what to expect above all else order in governance will be absolutely essential if not primary to maintaining peace within this environment now unfortunately this is going to be a libertarians nightmare but the fact is people can only be free if then there physically free people trapped in a bunker cannot by definition be free without descending into chaos so within this environment order will perfectly is the need some tier of governance is going to be required psychology will play an absolutely crucial role in Bunker’s survival mental health first aid is going to be essential in fact a mental health professional may well be required in some of these larger equipment and it’s indeed something that the companies who are reaching these large bunkers ideally would like to see of course it’s highly preposterous that everybody who is planning on going to these residences is actually going to make it there but it’s reassuring for parties like myself to know who work in this field that there may actually be a very small small-minded niche marketplace for mental health practitioners in a pole collapse environment now equally important to all the lifesustaining features of a doomsday bunker is likely to be the ones that cater to maintaining the stillnes of the human mind if people cannot mentally keep it together all of the other systems are going to be in vain now imagine with you will all the little nuances of bunker life and the things that can go awry now person might freak out and break for the door someone becomes very depressed and suicidal perhaps in divulge for the door and trying to get out of the facility they’re putting others at risk of contamination of whatever’s in the air or whatever cataclysm you’ve tried to escape perhaps disease befalls some of the inmates you know you’re faced with the decision do you deport them is there a region to quarantine them you know what if somebody becomes tyrannical or oppositional that could lead to conflict which could totally destroy the settlement from the inside out what if somebody is taking more rations than they’re entitled to what if others fall mentally ill there’s so many little nuances to bunkers survival that I don’t think a lot of beings have considered and now these things can transpire in a matter of hours never mind periods or weeks or months even times that some people are planning on residing in these bunkers for I want to turn people’s attention to the Mars one planned and this program is trying to send people to colonize Mars in 2023 it’s a operation which is going to be a oneway ticket so people aren’t going to be able to come back at least not in the foreseeable future as we don’t have information and communication technologies to bring them back hitherto but they’re trying to find suitable candidates who can not only permit the physical challenges of spaceflight but too the psychological ones of being attach into a small space for numerous many years if not decades if not the rest of their life so of course in selecting these types stringent mental testing and screening is being utilized in order to shrink a pond of over a million people down into a few dozen who will be groomed for this trip now with respect to doomsday condos the conditions are very similar it’s an enclosed space where the indulgence of leaving is not a possible now their own problems with a lot of these companies who are trying to sell these condos these doomsday condos as they call them and asset within these underground bunkers is that they don’t really care who is buying them it’s a business of course and whoever is able to buy them and whoever comes to them with money is going to get their place in this bunker there’s no screening process to determine who is psychologically fit to reside within these situates who is emotionally stable any background checks things in that quality so that is going to be a big problem I want to get one thing out of the way real quick so I’m sure some of the more graduated Preppers are thinking about this and it’s this issue that you’re going to be able to make it to this doomsday quoteunquote condo in the first place now if the affects the follower you’re lucky if you make it there in the first place and furthermore you’re lucky if the people inside who’ve stirred it there first are going to open the blastproof doors and allow you to come in certainly your coin your pink slip and any sort of honor system is not going to make a whole much of certain differences when we’re talking about with a rule of law fullblown post collapse environment type situation people would prefer that the people in charge of these facilities are going to honor their word and telling them in but the fact is that may well not be the case so I just wanted to get that out of the way right away now I want to talk a bit about this doomsday bunker demonstrate there was an episode of doomsday bunkers it could have been doomsday preppers I’m not sure but a family within that show did a trial run it was a simulation of what it would be like to stay in their bunker that they had just bought I think it was a shipping container and they outfitted it with you know furniture and a few small amenities and trash like that and I believe there is about 10 of them and after a few cases hours beings were already getting very anxious and grumpy so it didn’t really make long for provisions to approximately deteriorate within that bunker and that was only a few hours so you couldn’t really imagine you know various weeks to have the physical plans in place for that long it’s a challenge in and of itself you know to have the sceptic in the electric and the air filtration and all the other lifesustaining systems that you would need would be a major challenge in itself but to actually have to entertain all those people for that reporting period and to made to ensure that they don’t kill one another is going to be something which will be very hard to achieve now there’s going to be numerous ingredients that are related to whether or not people can endure such conditions and actually keep it coming together the first one is of course the resilience in the attitude of the people within it whether the survival situation is viewed as hopeful or hopeless or whether people are confident or cynical that’s going to make a huge inconsistency you know only the mentally strong and those who can view the situation in a rational path are going to be able to keep it together under these conditions actually any action under these conditions could be detrimental even the euphoric ones could lead to poor decisionmaking so restraining a degree foreman deterring a rational state of mind and a logical state of mind is going to be absolutely crucial now the other prophesying ingredient is people’s mental health disposition so any sort of preexisting mental health condition or diagnosis whether it be personality disorder anxiety disorder depression any sort of psychosis of sortings of beings are off their remedy and that’s going to be a big problem motivation ill is like ADHD obsessive compulsiveness these are all things that are going to significantly jolt a person’s ability to maintain a cool heading under these conditions but emotional stability will be absolutely crucial any parties too who are struggling with addiction be it element dependence or any sort of process addiction like lottery gender internet material like that they’re going to be struggling with withdrawal from some aspect of the grid so they’re definitely going to be temperamental and they’re not going to be emotionally stable so that’s something to consider now some people who are dependent on psychiatric drug will likewise go into some pattern of withdrawal and that’s going to definitely have negative mental effects other factors is people’s intellect in the problemsolving capacity which are due to be factors that offset the suffering of the situation at hand also the group’s they are able to cohesively and effectively communicate with each other is going to determine whether or not the group’s functions well or everybody’s at each other’s throats and trying to kill each other so the politics and the hierarchy of bunker must be as democratic safarus at least perceived to be as democratic as possible in order to foster peace additionally some kind of simulated night and day sleep cycle if we’re talking underground is going to have to be simulated in order to foster social balance based on some psychological studies they’ve done in the past they know that human beings circadian rhythm is actually 25 hours not 24 hours and braids been demonstrated in studies where people are not exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods of time they go on a 24 hour sleep cycles/second so there’s going to have to be some sort of a score upon night and day within the where things are powered down and of course during the day things would be during the simulated period things would be powered up and you are able to or may not be in sync what’s happening topside and it’s not going to be long before parties lose track of time of course so this is definitely going to be essential of course novel sensory stimuli is going to be required to keep people’s minds busy so entertainment will be absolutely essential if you’re talking about a situation like this the lack of stimulation is going to cause parties to go crazy literally and there’s a really simple lane of understanding this and it’s that if there’s nowhere to go outside the only lieu to go is inside so entertainment is not only a convenient luxury if you’re talking about a longterm statu with large number of parties in a limited seat it’s an absolute need indeed idle time is the devil’s plaything if you want to know how things might play out if you didn’t have that adequate position of recreation watch the movie called the divide that might give you a theoretical understanding of how that situation could play out if people did not have something to occupy their epoch additionally shortfall of sunlight is going to contribute to mood illness there is a psychological illness announced seasonal affective disorder and mostly it’s a result of the lack of sunlight the winter so beings tend to get more chilled in the winter now if you’re talking about permanent paucity of sunlight you’re going to have to have some really gone natural lighting structures in there to simulate the sunlight in order to enhance the serotonin production in the psyche and serotonin is just sort of a feelgood chemical which is kind of offsetting the depressed mood of it that everybody’s probably going to be in if they’re in that situation and of course if beings are slipping into hollow you’re looking at issues like suicide and selfharm and now another thing that’s going to compromise the situation might be the uncertainty factor and that’s going to amount to the lack of information about what’s going on side the lack of in and having to reside within this enclosed space for an indeterminate length of age is going to elevate the stress height of all the people who are in there whereas if they had some sort of goal about when they would be getting out of this shelter it might provide some psychological ease maybe not even a aim related to when they’re getting out of the shelter but really a group goal period anything to orient the group towards the future and get them working towards something perhaps greater than themselves would probably take beings out of that depressed state and get them nonetheless current realities is likely that in the majority instances where you’re going to be forced into a long term bunker risks are you’re not going to have the indulgence of knowing what’s going on topside in addition to this any uncertainty means that there’s gonna “ve got to be” hand-pickeds that are made by the group and when you have selects that need to be made that’s going to require deliberation and of course the freeing can potentially lead to conflicts which can potentially lead to conflict and of course that can definitely destroy the province from the inside out so any sort of pre established procedures that people can agree upon when doing these deliberations would benefit really in case things did get out of hand and this process should strive to be as democratic as possible as mentioned before now of course the amount of space and compartmentalization within a bunker and the oddity of the contents therein may offset some of the above-mentioned challenges although this may not be realistically achievable for the average person probabilities are you’re going to have four walls and you’re going to be forced to reside within it but the bigger and more diverse the bunker can be the better and I considered that goes without saying as for the operational security aspects of bunkering in what to do in terms of what’s happening topside I’m going to leave that to the military strategist to belief on now the quality in this video is just to get beings familiar with the realities of residing within a bunker long term hopefully open some routes of communication and thought about the matter because every hour and a bunker is certainly potentially going to feel like a epoch and I really look forward to hearing your guys’s comments on this because I’m sure there’s a lot here that I haven’t considered there’s a lot that could go awry and you know there’s a lot of ways to mitigate and offset those issues which could develop so let me know what your thoughts are in the comment section I do look forward to reading them and hopefully reacting and one last-place thing I want to say about this whole idea of bunkering in is that we still are in the embryonic period of prepping so the doomsday bunker is kind of on par with the inch luggage in areas of its sophistication and exaggeration so living indefinitely out of a bugout bag or living in a loophole in the soil for years at a time are both quixotic situations and I think we are starting to move away from that now if anything a bunker is a great storage facility it’s a great last ditch castle maintain so to speak but depending on it exclusively for you or OPSEC in a pole breakdown environment may well be your demise if you don’t consider these psychological parts that I’ve just discussed so I hope this has been a thoughtprovoking video by all means like explain subscribe share all that good nonsense thanks for watching Canadian prepper out check out the Canadian prepper Network blog an excellent asset for Canadian survivalists and Preppers

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