Survival Tip – Water storage using recycle 2 liter coke bottles – prepping series

hey everybody it’s got to hear today hope you guys are doing great this is just going to be kind of quick one of those common sense type of videos and it’s about employing 2-liter bottles for irrigate storage if you guys can see here I’ve got about 20 of them made up and I imbibe Dr Pepper that’s my drink of option and that nice teeth but when I want to so desert Dr Pepper so instead of throwing out to the bottles in the litter and incorporated into landfills one of the things that I do is I recycle the bottles and I use them for water storage now this is real simple real easy you’ve already paid for the bottles right so you may as well use them get some apply out of them so what I do is I is taking my bottles here and after I’ve use them for my Frank Vala Dr Pepper out of them I make them and I rinse them out real good I bathe the detonator in the boundary and then I get some hot water and I cleanse the bottles out you can also wash them if you want to with soap and spray I do sometimes sometimes I don’t precisely depends on what humor I’m in but I do rinse them out real good and make them dry and then I fill them back up with sea so this way if we ever have an issue with the irrigate then I’ve already got some made up this is also a good way for people who can’t afford to buy you know the big-hearted expensive like cask type liquid container structures this is a way that you can do this economically and still remains to some water on hand now one thing I want to say is is that a couple of things with this you can use this waddle waddle waddle waddle waddle you can use this water as either clean drinking water or you can use it for like drying robes or you know cooking scavenge anything like that you can also use it for your bathroom let’s say you have an issue natural disaster or whatever and “youve had” the water supply has run out for whatever reason you’re cut off the irrigate if you need this for your toilet you can use this just dump it into the bottle or into the tank and then you can flush so there you go for drinking water what I do let me to tell you what I do with these for drinking water one when I fill them up now this will be depending on where you’re going to store these I collect some of my water bottles in a ensure receptacle outside so for that reason in the winter some of this could freeze so I don’t feel my water bottles all the way full I eliminating them to about there sometimes there I exactly depends that course if they freeze the frost will have room to expand without busting the bottle out now if I was going to use this for clean drinking water what I would do is I is able to contributed a couple of declines of bleach just plain pure break bleach if I was not secure that it was safe to drink this should be shouldn’t be a problem but if I wasn’t sure I is able to included a couple of sags of bleach shake it up real good and then that would purify the spray too beings said talk about when you’re remodel ocean like this the water gets a little stale well one thing that you can do and “its also” another the reason why I don’t fill these all the way to the top is because if you’ve got irrigate like this it’s been sitting for a few months and it’s going to go stale if you’ll exactly shake it up real good it’s real quick what that does is that’s putting froths back into the water and that’s put oxygen back into it and it’ll penchant just fine so just wanted to share that tip with you guys and it’s a good efficient mode to store up some extra spray that you may need on hand you’ve already got a product that you’ve already paid for you’ve consumed that make now you’ve got the receptacle and you can just reuse it and then if anything happens you’ve already get ocean on hand for you and their own families I do rotate my spray about every six months I take it and I dump it all out and then refill these bottles I do that just to kind of ensure better freshness if you’re going to do that time a gratuity and this is just kind of a Treehugger kind of thing don’t dump it down the drain drop it outside if you’ve got blooms if you’ve got a garden if you’ve got trees shrubs grass whatever you use it outside because you don’t want to just drop it down the subside let it get some used only for your bushes outside so regardless that’s it people I hope this helps and God bless we’ll talk to you later bye for now


How do you store water in a 2 liter bottle?

Close the container tightly with the original lid. Be careful not to contaminate the lid by touching the inside with your fingers. Write a date on the outside of the container so you know when you’ve filled it. Store in a cool dark place.

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