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hi tribes Canadian suitable now so today we’re going to check out some gear that I acquired throughout the years and I kind of regret buying so let’s check it out alright so last year in my quest for offbeat and fiction paraphernalium to review I came across the folding ninja grappling hook it seemed like a bad plan at the time but I decided to go with it regardless in spite of the fact that it seemed like a very bad idea at the time I was able to get a rejected pace consideration I got it for $20 from a regional knife browse who couldn’t sell my shares I don’t know why they couldn’t sell my shares who wouldn’t want this in their bug out bag or EDC I thoughts the relevant recommendations the grappling hook is ok if it can be compatible and also if there’s a versatility facet so if you can use it for things other than just for slinging over a trees that you can climb up it or clambering over a wall or something to that accomplish now this if you’re lucky enough to be able to throw it up over a wall without it coming back down and stumbling you in the chief and give you a concussion may or may not hold your body heavines it I time doesn’t seem like something I would rely “peoples lives” with the sword itself it seems pretty heavy I’ll generate it that it does have a folding design so it’s pact so you can employed it in your pocket as you investigate there take it to work with you or whatever just in case you need to you know it’s a fervour you need to get out of your fourth or fifth tale window do not use without order buy aspect instructor so a great disclaimer there do not use you clearly want to get your instruct before “youre using” this maneuver impelled in Taiwan with the quality I signify it’s definitely something you’re going to want to keep on you at all meters because you precisely never know when you’re going to need to proportion a wall and it’s certainly worth the 8 pounds that it’s going to take up in your person suitcase and it’s certainly worth the 8 pounds that is going to take up in your bug out bag they don’t really give you any information about what kind of steel “its about” you know the breaking strength of the rope or anything like that you but the apocalypse does happen and we’re coerced out to sea or a ocean world-wide sort thing this could be used for boarding other sends or something like that I didn’t know I necessitate who truly knows could be used for grabbing things you know realistically I don’t know what the hell I was thinking when I bought this thing I guess the insane speculations that were loping through my attention at the time is that if I was you know in a defect statu with my four adolescents that I would you know propel this over a wall that I couldn’t get over and we would all just sort of climb over one by one with our 50 -pound bug out pigs or something to that consequence I actually don’t know what the hell I was thinking with this thing it’s definitely not something you would carry could it be used as a weapon yeah probably probably um there may be something to that but anyways I just think it’s a total joke so yes indeed you’re not the only one who’s made bad acquisitions before so this next thing is this ultraviolet radiation detector thingamajigger bypassed direct show so obviously you’re not going to see that through the screen so your eyes are okay I could point it at you but it’s supposed to be for seeing you are familiar with numerous things like fingerprints and whatnot Sherlock Holmes type stuff I got it for like five horses it was in the dismis bucket I’m not sure why it’s not bright enough to really illuminate a whole lot of nonsense you’re not gonna be able to see much more than you can normally envision but it does have the attested scorpion captain logo on it so lens – its credibility as a piece of crap another thing I was going to review because it’s very EDC friendly and I was really excited about this concoction I moved the company a request for them to send me one and that I would review it on the canal and see how it use and I guess yeah I don’t do gear reach segments customarily but I sacrifice this thing a fair try it for a while and it merely did not perform to my esteem so the whole idea with it is that you have these keys that come out here and that’s where you would put your keys so you can gave keys there they have other accessories for you can get a USB stick I think you can get a bottle opener for it but I necessitate who really consumes bottle Turner’s anymore let me just use the corner of the counter or something squandering teeth that’d be a matte part of the problem with this thing is is that they give you these really tiny clamps so you can see here that they really don’t allow you to put in too many keys and because most people’s keys are those big car keys that have the chip inside them it’s definitely not going to fit in this and they just need more supplementaries I symbolize I was thinking well I could place a spear in there or something like that so as far as I know it’s not RFID blocking I will nurse the cards in there for some time until this elastic fasten starts to give way and so it’s not you can’t increase the tension on it whatever it is it is and this thing payments like 50 to 70 horses or something nonsensical like that there’s only enough height there for you to fit a few cards in there so I couldn’t even fit all my cards in there so it didn’t get much used to say the least immense notion but very poorly performed and hopefully in the future they can improve the design they need to determine these screwings a bit bigger and another thing that happened was when you would open this up and you would turn your key that the screwing would start to turn so I just got really tired of it and even trying to use your key like that in certain places it’s it’s challenging as well especially if it’s auto key you can’t use it like that so but if you’re a person who only has two keys like a live key and a labour key and “youve had” some credit cards maybe three or four of them or whatever then this could be an ideal product for you now this next item I would like some feedback from you guys on because you know me I’m kind of a technophile as I’ve been called on here by survival teknorg and I’m always interested in new technology and you appreciate I did the consideration of its the videotape that was 100 times stronger than duct tape the fiberfix and so I figured well give this stuff a try it’s moldable cement so it’s kind of elegant you know I want there might be some neat applications for it but frankly I couldn’t think of anything that was relevant to prepping and survival I was thinking well you know put one of these in your emblem luggage or something you never know it might come in handy it might – so do you guys think that this is a potentially useful entry or do you think this is just garbage I will affix a link so you can check it out it’s got a lot of compliments as you can see here Time magazine The Independent Forbes four and a half whizs on Amazon all the rest I think this was one of those things that was on Dragon’s Den as well show you the back there but I haven’t really met any prepping applies for maybe potting some of your electronics or something like that but anyways let me know in the comments if you have any ideas for this stuff the next item on the agenda is this champ emergency tool has all sorts of things on it so it has the crank charger now makes a sound if you want to alert all the wild swine around you that there’s easy target so it has that flashing light-footed this thing is actually magnetic so it’ll stick on your automobile doorway it’s very lightweight made of some cheap plastic so if you thumped soul with it in self-defense it would most probably break-dance and there is a seatbelt cutting tool there which would be very easy to use if you only had come in an accident wouldn’t be hard at all to get that where you needed to in order to cut but luckily it doesn’t really chipped that well so you would probably just die in road traffic accidents and it has a little flashlight on there as well which of course isn’t going to last long as I haven’t accused it cool thing about is does have a micro USB input and a USB output so you can charge it I reckon the artilleries like seven hundred milliamps or some piddly like that so you might get a few minutes of talk era there’s a compass on the back in case you be lost because you’re certainly going to want to make this with you in your bug out bag there’s another one they make that has a radio there’s a glass break-dance implement which you know I was going to actually go and do a test on this believe it or not I was going to litter the time and act and business to go and actually evaluation this glass smashing tool out in a junkyard I had it all set up but something avoided me from doing that and it’s probably the facts of the case that this thing would not hold up to long term of the use now for something that’s twenty horses that you can put in your automobile it’s very multifunctional as you can see you know you got your flashlight your emergency signaling light your glass breaking implement a marry other security implements your dominance billing you are familiar with for 20 bucks to have in your gondola and never ever look at it once again not a bad plan you know for something you’re not afraid to go missing but frankly if they could ruggedized this in some way and add more to this concept like a big-ass flashlight multi-tool made of anodized aluminum something to that effect then that might be something I takes into consideration re-examine but right now in its current form it’s just a piece of bullshit Oh last but not least are these shoe boot cover these are called the hot MOX pack some heat once again seemed like a great idea at the time because I had just gotten some part frostbite after I bought these and I was looking for something so it’s like proceeding browsing when you’re hungry you know big mistake you’re just going to end up buying way more menu than it is necessary to patented hoof warmers designed to wear over boots and shoes and are guaranteed to keep your feet warm so how it directs is you take your hand warmers and you deposit them in the top of the shoe there I conceive and that’s going to keep the heat in and keep your foot warm they’re going to get quite junked pretty quickly and I time don’t think that the material that “theyre using” is enough to ensure that it’s going to last long enough to be worth your time you’re probably better off merely putting the tool warmer inside your boot now the only downside of doing that is that you may actually cause constriction of the blood vessels in there if there’s too much stuff like if you have thick socks thick contemplative insole in there and a toe warmer then you run the risk of constricting the blood flood to your hoof which is just going to represent them colder so that this would prevent you from doing that and it would be cocaine emergency I gues if you were if you had a big pulk and you knew yourself out in the bush and you didn’t have a fire going then this might be something to consider but other than that I can’t really envision many other uses for maybe if you’re sparkler fishing or something to that impression but candidly another thing that I kind of regret buying fortunately once again on sale like a bail is half price so I figured I would try it out anyway so I hope this video has been entertaining for you guys and I really to be expected that some of the bigger gear reviewers take on this trend to show us some of the gear that they purchase that really sucked and that they kind of regret buying don’t forget to Like comment subscribe thanks for watching Canadian prepper Oh check out the Canadian Preppers Network blog and excellent aid for survivalists and Preppers you

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