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hi kinfolks Canadian prepper here so in this installment of the after the collapse series we’re going to discuss ten different approaches that you can utilize in order to survive a berth grid down statu in an urban environment so let’s get to it don’t forget that you can show your support for the after the clop succession by affection noting and sharing these videos on other social media scaffolds experience the video alright so now that springtime is here I’ve started jogging once again a lot and it’s usually at night when all the kids are asleep and I find myself ever assessing and surveying what’s available in the environment and I always make a habit of trying to take a different superhighway each time I go for a jog because you want to know your neighbourhood through and through you want to know what’s available you want to know where certain resources might be located who might be problematic in your place and of course all the back roads and regions of egress in case “youve been” did actually have to bug out so I’ve broken down the results of what I discovered into ten broad-minded categories it’s actually a lot more than ten things it’s just that I like the count ten and so I had to pull a few things together in order to get that count it’s really a lot more than that so let’s just jumping right in now so multitude ten is what I call the public to private ethical principle and what this necessitates basically is that there’s an abundance of public belonging nonsense that was made by your tax dollars has become a municipal regional or federal that’s available in the city countryside for the taking when the gettin’ does bad the thing is who’s going to take it firstly now I want to say from the get-go that I don’t condone any illegal task whatsoever I can’t be held accountable whether in a grid up or grid down place you’re gonna have to use your discretion and potentially face the consequences for your acts were you to violate utilize or expend anything that’s available in the public space that’s it it’s far better ethical I think to take from the public space than it would be the private space unless we’re talking about resources that are in the public globule that are being allocated to people who perhaps didn’t prepare that’s another thing I should be noted that plainly as Preppers we should already “ve got a lot” of this substance but if you know that it’s going to be grid down indefinitely and doesn’t matter how much material you’ve prepped you’re gonna have to be thinking long term and get proactive on some of the stuff I’m going to talk about so the public-private principle is very simple it’s more ethical to take from the public sphere than it is the private because privately-owned stuff is you know it’s mostly stealing right and it is stealing to some extent when you’re talking about you know do things that are owned by public duty dollars nonetheless in that instance it’s you or somebody else it’s not like you’re stealing directly from one person you’re kind of stealing from everybody but the fact is is that that’s going to be gobbled up by mortal then why not be you so what I’m talking about here is any sort of administrative university any sort of building which is funded by tax dollars I make say for example that[ __] actually stumbled the supporter in a bad way and police headquarters fire stations schools and government structures were expelled altogether there might be a lot of useful resources within those homes that you might want to tap first without having it affect your ethics and morality I imply after that if you want to break off into the corporate sector into the Walmarts and all the rest and that’s fine but as I’m going to talk about next that may not be the best course of action if you made the decision to anyways digit nine is the principle of going to the root of the supply chain so this symbolizes not just focusing on all the low-hanging fruit firstly but going for the high-pitched hanging fresh fruit and if you look at any give series mostly it runs from raw material to product and manufacturing to warehouses and distribution including render trucks which a great deal of parties are going to overlook and then finally it goes to retailers which is where you determine the bulk of the looting in a grid down statu so you always see it in the storefronts you know the big-box collects and all the rest that’s where people are clambering for stuff when the reality is there’s a lot more stuff that preceded that in the process of the afford bond so going for the repositories spread centers and some of those afford trucks even trains with send containers might be carrying useful commodities that you could put to use for survival roles leading so far up the process you can even look into some of the production and manufacturing sectors so those are the places that are constituting the eat that are processing all the meat mostly making raw materials and converting it into stuff before it goes to the warehouse and distribution center now the need to exploit this may not come up until certainly all the warehouses and distribution centers ought to have exhausted as well but what you want to do is get the jump on this nonsense so while beings are looting the Walmart’s and whatnot granted that the government or powers-that-be don’t previously have the warehouses and distribution centers on lockdown which they very well may because I’m pretty sure they have contingency plans to preserve a lot of the vital infrastructure but in these cases that they leave a few of those regions unguarded oh your opportunity to get that and then when everybody eventually starts to go for that high-pitched hanging result are beginning to raid these places in mass amounts that’s when you want to be thinking even further back in the supply chain towards the production and constructing position and then even acces back to the raw materials vistum right figure eight is going to be exploiting construction sites now now you’re probably going to be infringing on some private property so you’re going to have to manage the consequences of that if you did get caught it may go against your own conscience to do so but construction sites can be a bounty of all the various tools and raw materials you might need to reinforce your own domain that you may want to harden for the coming shtf storm of robbed and frantic souls in these places there may well be heavy machinery also that still has fuel in the container fairly perhaps to do a bit of serious succeed coming that from target A to detail B of course is another issue absolutely but in the very least these machines will be great sources for ga and not many parties are going to think that’s happening beings are now going to tapping automobiles they’re not gonna be thinking about all the big-hearted dolls and even a lot of the semi trucks for that matter will be overlooked simply because people will be so fixated on the idea of siphoning gas from a car that they won’t be able to imagine anything else another thing you can get at construction sites is generators and possibly some kind of fuel source as well so if the[ __] goes down tomorrow you know of some major construction commodities in your locality framed those on the doomsday resource map now there’s a lot of different things that are available an environment that you can use for the purpose of creating some sort of barricade – perhaps block a street off so that you can funnel people into another direction and parties are prone to taking the path of least resistance it’s just something that people commonly do and you can perhaps even disguise it as though it’s not a fortification you can make it look like a just a natural fortification like you know it was something that just happened like get a few gondolas that got no gas left in the tank and move them into position if you wanted to do something more obvious of course you could use things like trash barrel you could replenish those garbage cans with nonsense so they can’t be easily moved or attracted away by a truck one other thing that I thought of recently is that you can actually use things like street lights trees basically just cut them down or take the rods out of the streets brightness propagandize them down on the street that’s going to create you know like a 1 paw barrier that lots of vehicles with lower clearance aren’t going to be able to get over at least not readily without doing some damage to their suspension anyways and if you down a lot of those street lights and a great deal of those trees and whatever you can imagine you know even really power cable poles and trash like that and that would at least impede people’s have entered into your opening I was thinking that you can even use power lines to a certain degree to sabotage you could also use sandbags and the parking restrains if you can find a way to move them into position now I would invite you to consider the reinforced garbage can as a possible lozenge casket or fort defensive slot in the city scenery the great thing about these I’m sure you could rig up some sort of dolly like method to move them from here to there wherever you wanted them perhaps at the entry points or strangle extents of certain areas that you’re trying to defend so a reinforced sword garbage can perhaps with some sandbags in there something like that to stop the higher caliber rounds could very well make for a great little ground-level defensive orientation now in terms of what kind of building would be easiest to defend in a without rule of law urban environment let’s take a look at Fort Knox so Fort Knox mostly they have a line of sight out for I consider at least a mile probably a lot more than that actually you know it’s a moderately open space and there’s no big barricades and stuff like that it’s just an open space that you can see for a long distance so you can see if parties are coming you certainly don’t want to situate yourself in the midst of very tall structures or other obstructions that beings could conceal in and come and get you like take for instance Alexandria from a logistical position you know there’s so many regions they can be invaded because of all the trees even though they have tall lookout towers the trees basically provide invaders concealment something like that would not be good now if you think about situates like Walmart and a lot of those suburban big-box accumulations they are able to various kinds of be standard for this situation for one if you ever looked at a Walmart there’s not a whole lot of windows on it this is mainly because it costs money to give windows in and why have windows where you don’t need them also if you look at a lot of industrial structures it’s mostly merely those big-hearted garage doors maybe a few curious spaces in the place gap those would be very easy to defend more and also because you can see for a long distance it’s not surrounded by a lot of tall builds and frequently in industrial areas there’s not a lot of towering trees to obstruct your view too so that’s something to keep in mind is that no windows and also things that are made of concrete brick mortar steel things that you’re going to be buying enormous flameproof so that if you were besieged with Molotov concoctions or something to that effect that you would get lit up and you could stay in there would have that capability to defend now in terms of fortifying just something like a mansion you know you could look into of course sandbags I’m also thinking you could take the lids off those big metal dumpsters I’m not sure if they use them where you are but in Canada we still have some trash bin like that although they’re gradually being come to an end but you could take those and those might provide some protection from a small bore certainly I’m not sure about a large bore rifle probably not but they will provide you some shield so you know you could probably reinforce some parts of your opening with that if “youre supposed to” basically anything metal that you can get your hands on you are well aware like there’s all sorts of clues like large-scale clues around the city those are just large-scale membranes of metal you know if you set a few of those back-to-back that might give you some ballistic shelter don’t mention me on that I know that civil advantage did it test formerly with ship containers and he found that he was able to pierce one intention of a shipping container with five five six I do conceive but it didn’t go through two sides so if you could maybe reinforce that then you know you might have a chance of sustaining some ardour and getting away with it another venue you might want to consider is an underground parking perhaps that is your castling impede so to speak and the thing with a common abet once again of course a lot of ballpark aide-de-camps are downtown unfortunately or in infirmaries or places where there’s a lot of traffic so you might not be able to have all the trappings of a good position to fortify but it would be a good place to keep your most vital resources often there’s only a duet ways in and a pair ways out there’s absolutely no openings and it’s built to resist a lot of damage so underground parkade would definitely be something worth considering one last-place approach that I’m going to include in this list is something I’ve heard on many occasions before and that’s that you can use the railroad tracks in most municipals as a nature to bug out if the roads are choked because frequently railroad tracks are without blockages of course not the ones that are going over city streets but in a lot of cases specially if you have a 4×4 vehicle you could probably drive for a significant length of duration on a railroad track what’s more is that a lot of these railroad tracks are probably going to lead to some sort of distribution hub of course studies carry a lot of baggage so it’s another potential locate to find all manner of supplies because studies not only haul treated goods they too carry non-processed raw materials but only make sure if you envision ratifies say terminus on them you probably want to turn around and go back the other way alright so remain tuned for part 2 of metropolitan existence approaches and don’t forget to get your entry in for the Apollo tactical bow structure I will announce a relation now and in the description thanks for watching Canadian prepper Oh check out the Canadian Preppers Network blog an excellent reserve for survivalists and Preppers

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