Prepping & Survival – Importance of Hunting

hey guys thanks for tuning in quick little video today um I want to talk about something that think is extremely important when it comes to being prepared so this really is this is gonna be a prepping videos geared towards all you Preppers and survivalists out there um I want to talk about hunting and how important hunting is now for a lot of you out there you know how important hunting is and I know a lot of you out there grew up hunting and have been hunting all your lives and and hunt to this day and you understand how valuable of a ability it is to know how to hunt and how valuable it is to be able to hunt whenever you want to or need to but there’s a lot of beings out there like me you are familiar with I grew up between the ages of 10 and 17 I would go hunting with family and working friends but never really placed a lot of energy or try into it I want honestly I just like going out and shooting stuff I never certainly bothered to learn how to skin a deer or to process me things that are ultimately important when it comes to learning how to hunt and then of course after the age of 17 I certainly exactly kind of stopped caring about it and it wasn’t really until the last three or four years that I got back in to hunting again realized how valuable the skillet is now I know for a lot of beings out there maybe you’re born and raised in the course of in city or suburban areas I symbolize there’s been such a thunder in the prepping society there’s so many brand-new Preppers out there and a large portion of them are people who live in areas where it’s not feasible and precisely be able to go out and hunt anytime you demand it’s something you have to plan out you have to make a trip perhaps it takes an hour two hours 10 hours to get to someplace where you can hunt and I is clear that but I actually want to encourage people especially you Preppers and survivalists and whatever you want to call yourself get out there and learn this science because it is an invaluable skill I necessitate it’s something that’s ingrained in us I mean you have to understand that we as humen have been hunting since the daybreak of duration on this earth I imply it is something that is just inherent and primal in us to hunt on its something that it used to be just something that you learned as soon as you were old enough to walk your mothers were starting to school you how to hunt and it is something that is that is just that important is it part of our human nature it is a part of our existence and especially if you’re a prepper or survivalist who who is concerned that things might get bad enough that you are able to need abilities like that this is definitely something you need to push yourself to do even though it is difficult you need to push yourself to find parties find friends family members who can take you out and learn you and evidence you what is necessary do because it is that important so anyway that’s it guys I just wanted to leant that substance out there go grab a handgun become hunting you know if you got to start tiny you know go dub hunting run duck hunting you know croak rabbit hunting but store it somewhere and start now maybe that’s it people I recognize you watching he’s as always questions commentaries leave it down below and we will talk to you later thanks

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