HowTo: Survive – Apokalypse [deutsch/german|HD] #5 Prepping Kit

hello and warm I wish you and how to have us here in a little video it’s been a long time I’ve already got it title I tried to do it again for a very long time but I can’t really get it on yet namely how to crumble you are able ascertain the whole playlist below ascertain attached if you don’t know what it is Now those who previously know this is a well-known fact that I don’t have to do that again and I wanted to start right away because I don’t have that much go yes today i’ll evidence you the materials i’m so brand-new to it I rallied them very useful during an apocalypse we have a hygiene cause with a small one the allotment a pair of scissors and a clipper we go is relatively important it should be clear who will live more hygienically less sick and is accordingly survive better in an apocalypse of course, that you are away for a short time then I still have toilet paper in here a small bag put in the bag is inscribed now so that the toilet paper roll does not get damp So the working paper could get stuck in the paper and then mold more generate or something like that and to get around that I simply have it now I packed this bag in then I previously know a small cooker in the back there were the competitors so the equals “re around” and yes I have already explained to you how it directs then too merely cook it in the video I have a small tape measure completely normal a very simple one for some that can be rolled up is a meter or a meters fifty or so long if you want to identify something very useful and I’ve just added that now in my opinion very important now candles are no electricity need candles in total I have four candles I know there were only three the fourth candle is here in the survival kit again these are normal tea ignites there is a pack of fifty for 1 euro or something you can just get it to explain it here i have the second largest child well have that again revamped a few basic things are of course still there Of direction you have to show it to yourself now, once here is the mirror You can still remove the safety film on it but I don’t have to more because there is still no jeopardy now we have a note of humor can write down whether you were injured and where you were injured now bribes and paper here we have the candle next standard credential with safety pins wadding a die I took the dice to bridge some time if you had a while you can have with the dice and on the other hand you are eligible to make decisions with it For sample, slams 1 to 3, up to and including 3, you do this and that and from four to six, for example, something different or something, I still have one tiny examine standard material cable safety pins now i have too Turn a small bolt to screw things on a small one flashlight “thats really not” so luminous but it is enough in case of a event off to turn on some flare and yes quite nice but it is just truly only in an emergency because i have a little gift here i am actually close to it you can eat things if you have a can somehow you can also get it if you get it is a small can opener included and yes, you can only be very interesting But you don’t have to have a security doubt do you know other accords so coincides a pen the fish secure everything is really already here a little compass that really is to the north who evidences such tiny pacts I actually never trust genuinely on it and there are enough ways to find out which counseling is north, hence, is relatively meaningless if I ever got that on, I have a little cream that you can use probably is recognized that when you are sick you still have it as small children Its such a nice cream strapped on your dresser so that you get better can breathe this is such a ointment gilded stellar balsam it says these are these small-minded seeds “ive had” the Unfortunately forgotten identifies can also be bought certainly cheaply from asians 30 40 cents dearest to buy something you can just take with you and make not much space then I have a completely normal garbage bag there retain things in there or whatever you should do with it and no Throw in scrap, of course, and otherwise you can use it for very small ones Build shelter because they are relatively large and more quite stable cool you are able to always have it with you then I have another big one here bag inside you should actually is a well-known fact that that it is completely normal trash bag is transparent and completely normal cheap propped a water bottle here big flaming sword and small-time pierce and here there is also a small ardour metal jug so you can gave it in the fire can request yes that’s it actually so far from this video gave them things that I have now collected together if you still have any interests that I should tell in the video or something special attention should then be able to do that readily I would be happy if you have any further gratuities if i have forgotten something i know for sure So first abetted kit could be added, but the parts are there too expire and I would then just take it from home with you home but not what a weidmann I hope so has to talk a lot with the future until the next

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