Prepping Items on the Cheap (UK Based)

right it’s about time with um a video on some cheap components which I believe are fairly for fund now I’ve been bitten so many times by buying some cheap stuff like little carabiners in high winds they just bend and ping apart etc um I’ve had tarps and bashes that cheaply maize and they’ve just ripped in high winds so some things are good some things are bad what I’m gonna register you now is items that I’ve found in a company brand-new K called pound lend a couple of cheap noted on P stores and some of them in Tesco’s which is a UK superstore so first off the fatty Willie’s one pound now it says they’re scarers these are pretty much a knockoff simulate of scotch-brite which I do endorse and I’ve been using since my days in the Reserve infantry back in the late 80 s to cleaning the weapons etcetera they’re perfect and every alphabet jobs truly you know scrubbing the mess tins all sorts of things you can think of you could even like fervours with these you just knocked into battery terminals that heats up Bosch you’ve got a fire so many uses and for one pound the size of these very good value for coin one two three four five six seven eight of them in there and you are eligible to apparently chipped these down to fit in survival tins et cetera et cetera et cetera anyway I’m not going to go into detail too much because we’re gonna be here for a very long video so for one pound of what they were excellent now some of you guys have come across these before and I’ve use these myself these are very nice they smack delicious these are just pretty much ready snacks okay now you know you can cook it in all sorts of ways when you understand microwave don’t let that put you off okay I did have someone actually transport me a DM on Instagram saying I met these in a supermarket they’re magnificent it’s such a chagrin that you can’t stew them it is required to microwave them so you know digits or the Box all this is its food it’s already cooked okay there’s no wall chicken in there this has already been cooked drawn down the breeze taken out pretty much sealed up and chucked in the bag that’s all it is so all you’re going to be doing is reheating it okay so you descend this in hot water doesn’t have to be boiling you can simmer it gradually whatever you miss exactly keep an eye on it okay now when it gets hot it’s just going to expand simply make sure it doesn’t get too hot and leave it and it explodes if you are worried about it there’s a little tear day you can Nick that off by about an inch or 10 mils – 20 mil along here sit it down inside your fix manoeuvre with the spray going nowhere near it and it will gently cook and the steam will come out yes if you’re worried liquidate now at ease I bought three of these today these from Tesco’s I don’t know how long these are gonna be on offer boom they’ve meatballs and all the other sorts of things a lot big-hearted follower of Meatballs himself but these are great chicken core moves lovely obviously it’s not red-hot but the flavor is really there and it’s got more calories than some of the other stuff okay so if we just gave some chili in there to make it spicy that is a lovely meal make an effort to check expired so you can have a veg rice all sorts of things now these are going for 1 pound each at the moment okay one parent each will set one dollar 45 one dollar 50 something like that so extremely very good value this pouch accommodates one dishing and what you get in yeah you’ll get in 320 calories so for one pound for 320 calories is pretty good so I’ll grab those free today utensil pate that is a pound so for two dinners you’re looking at the hydrated account cook it in it you don’t need any cooking design precisely simmering water leave leave on kill it’s the job done you got something to eat okay now these are all terribly cheap as I said you haven’t got spend a good deal fund in the pound patronize these bundles of noodles which are great because they cook in no time at all okay that was 1 pound for 5 bundles now not everyone knows this but most of us do you can actually use this block of pates to light-colored a attack with you get the whole block break it bit off or ever get your lights or under it and it will burn like a[ __] okay it’s a marvelous route of writing a 5 you don’t believe me try any noodles doesn’t matter is the overweight material as inside data burns and I’ve actually done these with potato chips or snappies in UK and it runs like a attractivenes ok so if we need to start a fire you just got noodles and ocean and a container that’s all you got the break a bit off like it get a four establish boiling liquid applied it in task done as a mill hey now that was in Poundland I anticipate for one pound now separately 420 peach you can get the same in Tesco’s they’re doing them so for one pound you can get the same but I would view with these he just got one flavor the easy got chicken and curry you can mix and match I recommend is most in the UK we never consider I don’t know how he’s gonna fare in some in the Everglades or some[ __] humid region I doubt very much they’ll be very effective but in the UK you know we get more serious but we don’t get ones like in Russia for example and then finger on cracked and big but for me so far maybe some I’ve gone out in the summer months I’ve just clothed myself smacked the hoof any nonsense last-places for four or five hours and not a single burn not a single morsel so for a pound for 25 that’s cool and in actual fact I’ll anticipate where that I’ll discovery is in pound there good-for-nothing you get two of these for a pound now so they’re not a pound each you get two of them two pound to patronize around they’re very good substance which I know myself to work and not fall apart now this is a great I’ll do I’m really liking this and some of you guys have aged recognized her referred now rep he’d very good stuff excellent and for the price one pound 25 it’s next to nothing now the reason behind this is if you’re carrying like a one blade existence notion and you’ve got the blade coated I prefer my interference made from surfaces knives because they’ve got excellent coating on there you can really abused them and give them[ __] and a varnish doesn’t come off it stay on there so we’ve got to do is protect the edge now the edge is only gonna be two to three millimeters participating in the chipping tie-in for the blade now if something like this a loop pen can go into most Chiefs or anywhere genuinely for the size of it merely present it a shake press it down and you precisely move your Lube along the cutting edge we will blade and put it away that would ensure that you all know if there’s not blight that in the following areas and for that expenditure of a net width excellent I’ve had some really gone expensive high quality carbon blades after 24 hours in the field and it’s sultry we’ll come back and it’s rusted even worse undoubtedly paracetamol as well they’re going cheap coughing I’ll select them up for 20 cent 25 paint sits so you can get four of these for one pound and it doesn’t really content about them use by appointments on these things okay no matter what it says I conceived if you can see on there yeah 2020 so that’s a long time away and I suspect they will last further than that okay same aged wall when you’re store food or meds keep them in a cool darknes region so we got these now that for 2014 extra that was one pound no these have so many exerts you can use these as a a spark thrower excellent you merely hold that down put a lot of about six inches in front and you’ll get a nice decent flame to start a fire for self-defense all sorts of things just check out the wd-4 0 website and check what sort of uses you can use with this stuff and something that length and for that rate one pound in your bug out bag you have to consider it at least okay so they’re out there in the pound browses just for you we have some time you go and check them all out now this was good as well I’m Farley like this well I’m sure this yet so I can’t really recommend it it I simply slaughter lethal for look at that that’s high temperature make-up which they claim goes up to 600 Celsius now I’m not sure what periods I’m fair like probably a thousand Fahrenheit or something daft I’m not sure but that’s quite immature paint and it’s matte color as “youre seeing” so when I lastly get around to modifying and finishing off my 10 heater my ammo container I’ve got a stainless steel shiny pipe sticking at the top now I’m just gonna leave that a whack all over it and out pretty much that’s going to get hotter than 600 see we’ll visualize so you want to find out but for to paranoia that is very confirming it because it’s a lot of stove colour for that temperature you could easily triple that cost genuinely so for to paranoia stronghold was excellent right we just cleared all that a lot of way to come along your film we continue these four one-pound are excellent value okay now shop around when you hear things of this when there are around POIs is like this or even less if you’re lucky get them they last-place I don’t know how many is as long as you keep them out the course of Sun okay merely maintain Matt sunlight keep them closed if you can they will last-place ages so for a quit I’ve already take a few of these anyway but I just like to keep the stock of them now every time you’re going out tenting or learning bellow to call it for handbag out experiences it’s great you know to keep yourself and clean all right you don’t know grime and grease and gunk all on your bark for dates on end because you know your body’s going to overheat and it’s not going to breathe properly because you’re soiled continue self clean also you can use these for cleanup ruin all sorts of things why they’re luminous especially for a pound each one the issue is a pound as well and for some of you people who aren’t thinking at the box don’t be alarmed by trash with minors boxing on okay nine times out of ten you do exactly the same if not better because it’s more cleaner more controlled created but it manipulates just as good okay even with like face cleans and body whoops it’s actually kid stuff it’s exactly the same so don’t worry about all the little municipal emblazons and whatnot it will do a bright task so things that is for mosquitoes and insects for a size of it for a pound that’s what fifty penny a lodge worker you can’t really go wrong and if you if you’re really like I’m offended by DEET there’s no beat in there once again like I said earlier these probably won’t be that good in proper tropical parts but for the UK they’re great not absolutely convinced Scotland Scotland’s totally different in England I know all about bugs in Scotland believe me so I determined one in Scotland is willing to look around something like this in apparel and or whatever if you’ve got that out there check it out and cause us know if it wreaks okay if he’s passed the test in Scotland that’s excellent news if it doesn’t then plainly there’s probably just for England and Wales right and what’s it earlier about those tea tree cleans sorry the the insect repellent mops it wasn’t – for a pound they were a pound each these ones a – for a pound okay now I really really dig these tea tree now if you don’t know about tea tree I’m just doing a Google search on it and find out all of the different benefits that tea tree actually offers I actually carry a small bottle of a hundred fragrance unadulterated I’m shambled about with petroleum of tea tree in my cleanlines kit will beer all day talking about it but trust me Google research into tea tree and the facial wipes they used to be a little bit bigger than this like body heaviness but now I is impossible to find facial cleans so I’d enjoy it if they found bigger ones but I propagandized these sizings they’re still good okay you’ll need about two or three to do a whole torso bath and there’s 25 is 50 there for a pound so you can appreciate you is a lot of them moves and purifies are those were babies now there’s two parts which I will show you which I do not endorse which is this free spray it’s absolutely turd accompanying on holiday getting myself used to Brecon Beacons when I go out there in October I suffer from cramps okay so for our try this I’m some cold nonsense so soon as I’ve done some walk in and I’m inactive I’ve sprayed ladens of this all over my legs and I convey consignments of it was likely emptied approximately one quarter of a can all over my legs and it didn’t really do anything at all useless okay so if you see this don’t think our pound great bypassed it it’s[ __] okay so I’m just letting you know that one the same again for this heat rub now this nonsense I merely employed probably the dimensions of the our the know a 10 cent piece probably like that about three millimeters thick not a great deal merely rubbed it into my car you sit wrap it all over the place so it is all of them disbursed it more evenly and that didn’t do nothing at all now what I’ve done then I’ll squirt probably about a three inch long path of his nonsense over one calf muscle scratched it all over it and it felt a insignificant little bit like DP but I want a unusually very tiny feeling compared to DP it was next to nothing to be honest but the the sad thing was was the ointment didn’t suck into my bark it stayed on my leg for about an hour and I’ll still touched it and it’s still greasy and grim so I can’t recommend this either even though sit for a pound if you can heat rub that’s turd it doesn’t heat up nowhere near as like it is desirable to and it doesn’t soak into the skin so if you want to rub something into your scalp like this and grant it like 30 seconds to a time and put your invests on he will be recruiting it with this okay it’s just gonna stick to you like[ __] to a rug and I ain’t no recreation so I can’t recommend these two they’re rubbish get rid of those two pound squandered but everything else I’ve present you in this video what I’ve seen so far apart from the decorate is a fairly good value for fund okay and that’s the end of this video I hope it’s helped and engendered you thinking outside the box thanks for watching people and bide funky


What are UK Preppers?

Also known as ‘preppers’, many in the UK are joining the movement to learn how to portion food – the best way to preserve items and food that will keep for years.

How do I prepare for SHTF on a budget?

Tackling a small budget: 11 tips for saving
– Research and make a plan.
– Create a budget.
– Start with food and water.
– Set your priorities.
– Get it right the first time.
– Find groups to join.
– Often picks up little things.
– Practice basic survival skills.

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