so the blizzard we had a storm last-place night about early morning and some of the reces slapped down I’m jolly frustrated with that however I’ve never seen corn grow in person so I’m pretty excited I came over here and we’re a little corn now corns bird-dogs a little corn it’ll meet the cardboard in there I’ve never seen it so I’m somewhat skittish over it I gotta get this net over it all right netting is up cuz we recognize lots of little little corn husks now and the peas are gonna start budding so we decided to articulated those net over the whole thing so I’ll do okay I’m to the point of this video I went to the dollar store today and I got some things so I’m gonna try to talk about some of these things and try to do some measures on them basically with things like this I’m just gonna kind of try to act like I don’t have anything to use right now so I’m gonna act like I am exercising it yeah precisely to see if it will you know this is how strong it is but they’re pretty strong like these are these are legit I symbolize this feels legit like I think if I were to use it it’s fine but I use these tools for archery for adjusting my our slews and material like that and then on some kowtows you can use it to adjust I don’t know if this has the so the 3/16 or something like that but it’s not like super high quality but it’s really nice and this was a dollar at the dollar tree so I think this will be really good we’re gonna keep this in my bow my bowing speciman there are still you go okay and then I got these bungee cords they’re kind of interesting because they have these secures at the end well I was testing them out more quickly and one already break its you know it’s supposed to be one on each point well this one once burst and this was the longest one this was probably gonna be the most useful one to me and it already burst so I want I can still kind of use it you are familiar with I can try to wrap it around and then I’m gonna have to like wrapper it around here a few couple day and then it might stand yeah oh no it might abide it might work but I’m not real confident in it so that’s already break but it was three for a dollar in the pack okay so these I’ve already been kind of stretching them in and out I’m afraid of it clicking with me there as you can see it’s already kind of coming out the bottom the road that this works is see it’s just you attract it out and then you’re supposed to exactly have it like that and then you’re supposed to pull it’s not supposed to come out but this one is already came to see you so oh there it departs I time break-dance another one so that’s unfortunate I mean these could still like I said technically be used in some way perhaps but I suspect that this one will too end over go if this one is starting to pop out you know I imply mondays are supposed to be able to take a lot of a lot of heavines and they’re supposed to last-place pretty good you know they’re supposed to be out stretched like that like this one is starting to come out so bungees from the dollar store not so great I’m probably just gonna throw these apart or if anybody has any other uses for these let me know or maybe a way to fix this you know I represent I continued to get something in the in the middle there maybe you know like a small hook to hook in there I don’t know so what I too got at the dollar store are these sunglasses they were a dollar now that’s had lots of cheap sunglasses in the past before I got my oh please that’s exclusively alone excuse me but I use my you are familiar with$ 5 $10 20 sunglasses and as far as I know they were fine I did try them out in the actual Sun today you know they they don’t feel of the highest quality but when I look at them in the Sun they’re somewhat lighter than my oakley’s but you know they I wasn’t squinting and I felt like they would be pretty good backup sunglasses such is entailed for my backup sunglasses that having like a hard case or something like that in my bugout bag just as backups so I’m gonna go locate a hard case and then threw it in there and then put in my bugout bag but I think this will be really good for that and you know the only reason I bought these is because I did a lot of research online and this says UV 400 protection I did a lot of research and it says that UV 400 care is sufficient protection against the UV rays that’s like the bass line that sunglasses have to be made into in order to actually fee you know good sunglasses so that’s the only reason that I bought it but yeah so for a dollar you can get a good pair of sunglasses I stick with my a seminar of that that you can get a good pair of sunglasses you know not a good duet but I sufficient it’ll do is backups kind of pairs of sunglasses and then I also got these you guys as you are familiar with I has all along been fuzz and I’m as a woman I like to keep my fuzz on my face and yeah so for a dollar you can get these and I did the stretching measure on him when I was in the accumulate and yeah so um these look like they’re pretty good but I think if they do break like if I’m like on my last-place one and and I truly need to fix them I is likely to be set superglue and time you know positioned it back together that’ll probably run so yeah but I got a lot of these these are gonna go straight my bugout bag but really good for everyday carry a bugout bag whatever so ladies and my mama bought transmitted me this the Blue Book of prolonging and this is kind of like the Bible of perpetuating and canning so I’m pretty excited to break into this and other than that yeah so these three parts you know we’re pretty good but this one not so great if anybody has any projects on how I can either fix this or repurpose this or still use it as bungees I conceive the actual bungee would work I’m I exactly not sure maybe I had to made a fasten or something but anyway so that was my Dollar Tree what I found today let me know your thoughts on anything and everything in tomorrow we’re going to the beach I’ll see you tomorrow

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