November Prepper Gear Box un-boxing and review

hey guys Malcolm here survival now Helen today we’re taking a look at the November or prepper gear box this box is all about fire starting in a very cool renewable light source stay chanted you oh alright so let’s hop right in you open up the box and the first thing you get “re kind of” a card illustrating all the different pieces you get this month I don’t want to botch them just yet though so let’s made this aside for now next up we have another informational poster so if you remember your initial prep your gear box you got a two placards in this little carabiner to contain them so we had to make a how to make a solar still and some pressure qualities and now we get to add a placard all about how to gathering fat would so if that grove is resin saturated timber that is great for shoot starting you can go and harvest it yourself so this has some really cool information about that and we will be adding this to our collecting of useful knowledge from proper gear box awesome so this month this is the only way have two components but these are more highvalue items than usual right so instead of getting a couple of lower value items so we’re getting to very high value items and the first one is the lumen abetted now if this looks familiar you may have seen this on shark tank that’s where I was first exposed to this and it is a renewable light source right so it’s you charge us in the daytime and then you have flame in the night so I’m pretty excited about this because I’m a big shark tank fam so let’s open this up and check it out alright so we open her up in the first thing that you notice it’s just how compact this is but if we unstrap it here it looks like it expands looks like we gotta blow this chap up okay alright cool so get like a little cute thing going on oh look at that and this turns into the lantern holder and look at that you got a really nifty omnidirectional Lantern right here you know this is perfect for the dominance runs out if you’re going on a camping outing so this little guy i’ll furnish you up to 12 hours of light-footed but it only takes you about seven hours of sunrise to actually blame it so I’m nice excited with this in my own preps i have several crank flashlights right i love the idea that you can never run out of power with her you don’t worry about artilleries don’t know about worry about it being stored for a year and then you ultimately get wise out and influence croaks out and your artilleries are dead you know you just kind of crank it up and this is very similar in that you don’t have to worry about the batteries ever dying you know if you’re without influence for a week no problem and you charge us in the daytime and then a nighttime meter you get all the illuminated that is necessary 12 hours of light-colored is practice more than enough and like I said I first witnessed these on shark barrel and they were really pitching these as a style of equipping light-footed to like thermal countries like in Africa because they’re they’re very affordable and their renewable which is also so it looks like it has two or more lighting creates now as well as a blink placing if you’re in a national disaster type situation so this is awesome prepper gearbox thank you I’m too excited about playing around with this guy I will definitely be adding this to my my influence outage bag right this thing is perfect for it so like I said this month we’re getting two components and that is the first item and the next component is by livefyre so this is the live flaming disaster fire starter duo so live fuel um you might recognize them as being the company that reaches the 550 line with the red rope inside they can pull that strand out and that frost as a flaming starter right it’s very cool I’ve got a cluster of that I really like it live fuels company you know they get a great reputation I’ve never had any issues with them so let’s open this chap up and learn what these two flame starters are so it looks like they both are now in individual tins now and it looks a lot like the front of tin slithers right open so let’s find a way to add a few glints of this and you know envision what happens all right so got my more pitch-black here it’s got a little barrage starter on the side let’s throw throw a few shadings on there and watch what happens hey so it looks like you had a kind of fluff it up a little bit of scatter some kind of cloth and they gotta kind of break up the fibers a little bit all right so that’s a really easy style to get your campfire goin but let’s uh try to slide this chap back on there view we can’t framed this chap out alright so that’s it for the November prepper gear box only to recap you get two of these barrage starter gears by livefyre which is awesome I have a lot of recreation with these you get one of these omnidirectional LED solar powered lights also inflatable which is really awesome I’m pretty excited about that one and then lastly you get a solid would informational card so very cool if you guys are interested in any of the gear in this video I’ll have links all of them in the description below if you guys demand your own proper gear box delivered to your mansion every month get a proper gear box not Tom and go check them out they are very affordable and you know what Manus is fun it’s just fun every month to get some new playthings play games with some new gear got to go in the field and a test and venture with if you guys are new to my direct affected that big-hearted cherry-red agree button down below a new videos about prepping and survival and don’t forget people lovely you

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